Beautiful Nightmare
(part two)

(Warning: There IS mature content in this chapter. If you are a rabid hater of Shadouge or that kind of thing offends, disturbs or disgusts you than I totally respect your beliefs but would highly recommend you stay away from this. Either way, the first part can be read without needing to read this one....and once again I have TRIED MY HARDEST TO KEEP THEM IN CHARACTER! But if you spot any OOCness please don't hesitate to point it out...
If you are choosing to stay...enjoy...)

It was a night like any other. The streets were quiet save for the distant melancholy buzz of a street lamp or the whistle of the wind as it swept over the gleaming metal walkways that seemed to glitter under the gaze of the stars and glowing moon. And every Mobian in the city was sleeping peacefully...well almost every Mobian.

Upstairs in the guest room of Club Rouge, unknown to all, lay Rouge the bat and that alone wasn't exactly rare...what one might consider strange, shocking and totally unbelievable was that Shadow the Hedgehog was there too...lying above her...kissing her.

She had never, ever thought this would happen.
After he had saved her from being a card that time and they had the chance to see into their future, she would have never believed it even if she had seen it. Not in a million years and not even for all the jewels in Mobius....ok, well maybe.
His kisses were far from loving and tender and sweet.
They were fierce and hasty and powerful, as if he was trying to pour every last drop of emotion he had been holding back into her all at once. What he lacked in "experience" and "skill" with this sort of thing, he clearly made up for in sheer passion.

Shadow knelt up, finally breaking the kiss and taking a sharp breath of icy air between his teeth.
Rouge stared at his half-lit face in the darkness and watched his beguiling, crimson eyes flicker and his white, furry chest rise and fall as he tried to catch his breath.
She was panting too but she could feel the breath rattling through her chest with each desperate inhalation.
This whole thing was so surreal...too perfect...too unreal.

He looked down at her, raising a brow slightly. "Hm?" His voice was still ragged and deep.
"Am I dreaming?" she asked with a smile curving across shiny, pink lips.
"This whole thing does seem fairly unbelievable doesn't it?" he mused. "But seeing as I, for one, am awake and well...I highly doubt that this is all a figment of your imagination, ally."

Her smile stretched.
He spoke in his usual gruff, low, husky voice but there was something about it she had only barely noticed before...something seductive about the way he spoke...something kind of sexy.
The ebony hedgehog's eyes were tainted with seductive charm as he looked down at her. Not in the usual way he would look at her: the dismissive way if he was giving an order or the cold way he would look at her if she disobeyed or tried to stray away from the point of the mission, (it was all business with that hedgehog sometimes.)
Sometimes it even felt like he was looking straight through her.
But not this time. No, he was looking straight at her.

Rouge couldn't help herself, gazing into that darkly handsome face from leaning up and planting another series of soft, glossy kisses against his mouth and muzzle.
He writhed, shutting his eyes at first as if he was enjoying it but then froze and ripped himself away from her and sat up again.
She followed his movements, confused. Her wings folded in behind her, almost indignantly.
"Shadow...what's wrong? What did I do wrong?"
He leered back at her over his quills with burning red eyes. Eyes that burned with the same vengeance and ferocity he carried in battle and that set her off trembling all over, despite her normally headstrong, self-assured attitude.

Shadow growled. "You...confuse me."
"How am I doing that?" she asked, trying to disguise the desperation in her voice. She was now willing to admit it: she wanted him. She'd always wanted him but never as much as this. The huntress had finally had the Ultimate life form with her and now at last there was no duty, no mission or life threatening monster/situation to block that impossible-to-deny chemistry and romantic tension between them.
"I confuse you? How?"
He nodded. "You make me feel things that I don't recognise...things I thought Maria had explained to me once before, but it would appear..." He growled. "I still don't understand them..."

She moved closer to him, cautiously. "What don't you understand? Talk to me Shadow. You said I've always been there for let me be there for you now."
Rouge could taste the power and sweetness of the words she was saying on the tip of her tongue; she had never been this sensitive to anyone else's feelings before.
Shadow took a deep breath. "I once asked Maria to explain the concept of love to me."
Rouge's eyes widened a little and her breath just about stopped in her throat. "Go on."

"She said it was a special warm feeling you get for someone else. That it goes beyond "affection" and it makes you want to do anything to make that person happy...I felt this love for Maria and now...I think I'm feeling it...for's not the same's different."
Now she really couldn't believe her own ears. Was SHADOW trying to say he LOVED her?
"Sh-Shadow, I-"
He cut across her. "I know..." He swallowed. "I know there is a different kind of love that organic beings experience...the doctor made me so that I could "experience" it too...the instinct is my mind...but, I don't know how to res-respond to this..."

Rouge's mouth was dry, her heart was buzzing and her mind was plunged into her own thoughts again. She knew what he was trying to say but...SHADOW, of all people.
And he was now saying he loved her?
After all the times they had spent together, fighting together, searching together, being together...she had never once thought it would ever even be possible.
"And maybe that's what held me back," she thought. "Thinking he was a weapon. Knowing that I could never come before his soul-searching life goals...before revenge, before Maria...but now he's talking to me like this..."

"How do you feel now Shadow?" she whispered, leaning her mouth in close to the velvety tip of his ear. "How do you really want t-to respond to th-this?"
She was genuinely nervous of his response but nothing on Earth or Mobius could have prepared her for it.

He seized both her bare, tan arms in a tight, gloveless grasp and knelt up above her so that his lips dangled above the rim of her own ivory ear. She could still see his eyes though, beneath her long sooty eyelashes, glowing like rubies in a dark cave.
His voice was deep and dark with a threatening note like always but his words were what sent shivers back down Rouge's spine.
"I desire you, bat-girl."
"I despise you too, for making me want you so badly." His voice became fierce. "I have never felt this for another before. It angers me and confuses me and yet...I don't want this feeling to end..."
Rouge leaned up against him, feeling a burning sensation beneath her skin, (in some places more than others), and whispered again: "Then let's not let it end."

She closed her eyes and leaned against his soft furry chest but not before taking his bare hand in hers. "I need you, Shadow the Hedgehog. Ultimate weapon or not, you've always been a dear friend and team-mate to me and I need you."

The first thing she felt were his fingers close down on hers.
The first thing she saw as she opened her eyes slowly was a tiny smirk on Shadow's face.
The first thing she heard was Shadow give a deep, breathless chuckle, saying: "I thought so."

Rouge looked up, for the first time a shred of the fearless, narcissist treasure hunter leaping back into her, and said "You thought so? Is that all you-"
He silenced her, closing his mouth over hers and diving back into another soft yet powerful kiss.
She could no longer suppress the moan building up in her throat as she felt his hands lightly skim down over waist and past her tail. He didn't protest when she dug her hands deeper into his quills and pulled herself even more tightly against him.
Shadow shakily raised a hand and ran it along Rouge's back, along the sensitive spot between her neatly folded wings and to the nape of her neck.

"Ahh!" She gave a tiny gasp of pain and Shadow immediately withdrew, mouth surprised but eyes glowing with concern.
"It's alright," she winced. "I just got a bit of a whack today off'a one of Eggie's robots and it left me with a nice bruise back there."
Wordlessly, Shadow pushed her head forward, on to his shoulder and pressed his lips to the wound. Rouge gave a tiny gasp of ecstasy, feeling his tongue glaze over the tender spot.
"Feel better?" he whispered softly.
"Much better, thanks," was her breathless reply.

With that, the Ultimate lifeform forcibly dived back into another kiss.
Rouge bent to his will, submitting herself in a way she thought she never would have been able to before. She trailed a hand gently down his chest, gently stroking the fur and caressing each layer of sleek, firm muscle.
Then she froze, feeling something hard poke into her stomach.
Her icy, aqua eyes dived downwards, recoiling a little in surprise; he was, well...larger than expected. "Sh-Shadow?!" she couldn't help but smirk teasingly. "Oh Shadow..."
Shadow gave a gruff cry of surprise as his muzzle turned about 20 different shades of red, but his eyes remained fixed and firm. "I told you the doctor...made me like that."

The bat-girl's heart gave a flutter as she felt a knot that was slowly forming down below get considerably tighter. She trailed a hand slowly up and down his length and felt him moan and shudder under her touch. His entire body seemed to go limp, (well most of his entire body), as if for a brief moment, letting her take control.
She moved up closer to him, grasping his member and listening to the swallowed grunts and murmurs that ensued. Rouge could hear his breath rattle through his teeth, almost like a hiss, as the Ultimate Lifeform desperately tried to keep control of his "Ultimate Weapon."

"Rouge...," he growled, eyes suddenly squeezing shut. "Ugh...I c-can't be like this...I..."
She planted a kiss gently on his upturned lips and then, took his hands and guided them to trail down her body , all the way down to the lacy, silken hem of her night-gown.
Taking over his own body again, Shadow's fingers skimmed along the hem, to the back where her tail peeked out from beneath and then, hesitantly...underneath so his knuckles could trace the bare skin of her thighs.
The bat placed her hands over his and slowly moved them to the waistband of her panties, the soaked-satin rim.
"Do you understand, Shadow?" she whispered, so quietly that he could pretend not to have heard if he wanted to. She had a reason to put the question, because well...maybe he hadn't learned about this, the way she had.
He froze and then nodded, pulling back so that their eyes met again, hands still gripping her hips and waist beneath the nightgown. "Yes...and you want this Rouge?"
She pulled herself against him, almost ashamed of the desperation in her voice. "Yes Shadow, more than anything..." Then thinking, she added "But maybe we should re-conveniate to my room..."
After all, the guest bed was single, tiny and not to mention the room was right ne
"Heh," Shadow smirked darkly. "Alright..."

Rouge tried to slip out of his arms but he only grabbed her tighter against him. A smile crept across her face.
"You're kind of making this difficult for me, Shadow..."
"Hmpf...I've got a faster way..."
He reached across to the bedside table and pulled something bright and glowing from the drawer.
"A chaos emerald?!"
Shadow held up the emerald to illuminate his rather evil looking grin.
"Shall we?"
Strangely enough, Rouge's eyes were no longer locked on the precious, powerful stone she would have killed to possess but on the face of the new "object" she wanted to possess.

Mysterious brilliance....

He held her tightly against him and her heart leapt, hearing him softly shout the familiar words. "Chaos Control!"
Chaos energy shot through both of their bodies and the next time the albino-furred bat opened her eyes, they were both kneeling on her bed, face to face in the dim, silver moonlight.
For a moment all the two could do was stare at each other in awe and numb disbelief, and then...a kiss...

"I love you, Shadow the Hedgehog...thank god for you and your nightmares..."
A deeper kiss followed and the ebony hedgehog could wait no longer.

Smiling darkly, Shadow pushed her head in against his chest and began to slip her panties down over her hips. She shivered at the first contact of bare flesh and then melted into his arms as her nightdress was swiftly removed, revealing every inch of her to him. Red eyes widened slightly as they traced the angelic figure before them.
Rouge moaned beneath his touch as he caressed every inch of the gleaming tanned skin that was exposed. She slipped her hand down to his shaft and felt his long, hardened form probe into her abdomen. He gasped in both pleasure and protest, before kneeling up above the bat-girl and whispering delicately into her ear: "Lie back."

Her wings folded in around herself once more as she spread herself back against the smooth lilac sheets, eyes glittering in anticipation at the sight of the dark male hedgehog positioning himself above her. His eyes were overcast with lust, yet something softer shone beneath- something Rouge had never seen before.
Shadow's arms pinned her down on both sides, both glistening black biceps brushing against the sides of her face which he brought his own down to meet and adorn with kisses and tiny cat-licks once more.
Rouge gave a gasp, feeling his member tease the outside of her rapidly-moistening entrance.
And Shadow COULD tease when he wanted to.

He ran a hand down her cheek, under her neck, over her breasts, across her hips and along one thigh which he lifted and wrapped around his waist. The Ultimate Lifeform caught her eye and smirked again- making her want him more.
Rouge draped a hand over his back, stroking his quills and pressing their bodies closer together.

Shadow lifted her neck, tilting her chin up to meet his eyes. ""
She smiled. "Whenever you are."

And with that, he swiftly pushed himself inside of her.
He let out what sounded like a deep growl, his sharp teeth gritting against Rouge's lips.
His first thrust was sharp- Shadow didn't do gentle- and unsure. His second was more confident, harder still and rhythmic. By his third, neither could contain the screams of ecstasy they had been refusing to let out before.

Along with a sharp pain, interwoven with extreme pleasure and her own strangled cries of passion, Rouge would recall Shadow's own soft moans above her-sounding like as if something had just awoken inside of him. As if gears in a machine were whirring slowly to life.
Or a fire had just been ignited from a tiny spark.

Both learned something surprising about the other that night: Rouge-while naturally a bit vain and selfish- could definitely appreciate the needs and beauty of another if needed.
And Shadow-despite being one of the fastest beings on earth and Mobius- definitely knew when to take things slowly and make them last.

That moment did last.
The two of them, the ivory bat and ebony hedgehog, hot and shimmering under a sheen of purple satin and sweat could have sworn it lasted an eternity. An amazing, surreal, unbelievable eternity.
Until they both let out a final cry and released themselves into the other, surrendering themselves to a force that neither could fight.

Under night-time's serene veil of moonlight, the treasure huntress and Ultimate Lifeform lay together, entwined beneath the bedsheets.
Shadow gazed down at the silvery-furred beauty beside him and smiled.
"This is what you meant, isn't it Maria?"

He stroked her forehead, watching her chest rise and fall with each of her soft breaths as she slept.
Bringing his head down to hers, he gently nuzzled the side of her face, breathing in her sweet-perfumey scent and letting himself know that she was still there, with him.
His ally. His team-mate. His friend.

"I love you too, Rouge."

Unknown to the hedgehog as he turned over to sleep, a pair of glossy pink lips stretched into a smile.