Author's Note: For the E/O Challenge and Yohko Bennington's Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The word is "brand". Yohko likes Castiel and pranks. I'm not very good at pranks. But then again, neither is Castiel.

Disclaimer: Supernatural is REALLY my cup of tea... but it's in the Kripke cookbook you find the recipe.

Word Count: 100 words

Warnings: Set after season 3.

Sam put some toothpaste on his toothbrush, tunelessly humming.

In the bedroom Castiel suddenly appeared, making Dean jump and count to 10.

Instead of launching into a speech Castiel looked excitedly towards the bathroom. Dean frowned, about to ask when Sam came out.

"Notice anything… strange?" Castiel asked.

Sam traded a puzzled look with Dean.

"Ha!" Castiel said, uncertainly. "Got you" Faced with two uncomprehending Winchesters he admitted; "I exchanged the toothpaste. For another brand. January's fool!?"

"Cas" Dean said kindly, "that's for the first of April. And… "

Sam shook with silent laughter as Dean tried explaining the basics.

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