Ok, this idea has been floating in my head since forever, and I've wasted almost my entire winter break. It's my first Evolution story and I'm nervous about juggling all the characters, well here it goes. My line breaks are going to be the words LINEBREAK, since for some reason my lines never show up on this site.

There was a light crunch as a lone figure padded softly across the rubble covered street. That's all there really was on the ground these days, ruble, debris, the remains of what once was. Both sides of the road were littered with the skeletal remnants of long ruined structures.

There were no people left in this town. Most had been killed, others fled in terror. Only those deemed "worthy" were allowed to live. Survival of the fittest; that was the law of the land. The figure appeared to be a boy about seventeen years old, though his face was etched with experiences far beyond what an man should have to endure.

He wore simple pants that extended just past the top of his thick leather boots. With this he wore a blue leather jacket, streaked with golden yellow on the sides, with an X insignia on the breast. He had piercing blue eyes and messy brown hair, with a single white lock hanging in his face. He wore a backpack, which held very little.

He was following a particular road, which ran alongside Main Street. To most people his presence here would seem odd. What would a teenage boy be searching for in a war-torn, desolate, deserted town? As he continued on the elevation slowly began to rise, until he was walking up a true hill. The hill curved to the right as he walked, steepening slightly as he went, passing the ruins of dozens of homes. Nearly half an hour had passed before the terrain leveled out, and his destination was in sight.

Atop another smaller hill stood the charred, scattered remains of what was once a grand estate. The main building was completely gone, while several of the smaller surrounding buildings were simply piles of rocks and timber.

At the foot of the long driveway was what was left of an iron gate, a tangle mass of blackened metal. As the boy approached his left eye began to glow a bright white. The metal instantly began to disentangle itself at incredibly speed, and within seconds the gate was completely reassembled as if it had never been destroyed. He pushed the gate open and began the trek up the drive, walking at a slow pace, as if he were trying to delay his arrival at the top of the hill. The faint outline of where the main building was still visible, though nothing else remained.

He took a deep breath as he stepped up to the place where the large ornate double doors once stood, and with great effort, stepped over the threshold. He was frozen in place for a moment, considering what to do next.

His left eye once again began to glow, and he 'watched' as the psychic residue accumulated over many years gathered, and then filled his mind. Memories of hundred of individuals filled his mind. All the emotions they felt, love, laughter, pain, hatred, came rushing into his mind. He 'saw' teens pass through the once glorious halls as they learned to harness their incredible inborn abilities.

Then he saw a final image of all the owns he once knew and loved gathered around him as he blew out the candles of his tenth birthday cake, laughing gleefully as his parents and sister smiled lovingly at him.

He ripped of the connection suddenly and violently. The images of the past left his mind, and he once again stood in the ruins of the Xavier Institute. He felt a tear fall down he cheek, and his wrist jerked upward to cast it away.

"This isn't the time, Nate" he told himself aloud. "You've got to keep moving."

Nate moved across what was once the entrance hall, past where the large staircases leading to the upper floors once stood. He searched for several minutes, finding it hard to identify with the places without any of the walls or familiar features remaining.

"Well, if I can't find the elevator, I'll make one" he mused to himself. His eye glowed, and the flooring beneath him began to crack in a circular shape around him. Once the circle was complete, it began to descend into the lower levels of the institute.

As his eyes past the floor he was thrown into darkness, his surroundings illuminated only by the light given off by his eye. His floating platform set down in the middle of a steel corridor, lined with dozens of secondary sleeping chambers used in case there was something wrong with the rooms above ground.

The hall was thickly coated in dust, giving a dark gray tint to the usually shiny steel walls and floor. Nate set off at a brisk pace, until he came to a large circular chamber. This had once been the war room, and it contained a massive circular table that was still littered with old papers. Four halls diverged from this room, one to the hangar, another to the danger room and it's supporting hardware, another to the lab, and the last to Cerebra. Nate turned down the left path towards the lab, now jogging at a mild pace. The lab was a huge room filled to the brim with technology that wouldn't normally be accessible to the common man. In the center were long work tables once used by Hank McCoy; bits of metal and electronic components still spread over their surface.

The walls were covered by diagrams and blueprints for new devices. Prototypes hung proudly in glass cases, and pictures of friends and acquaintances hung in their frames. One wall however was occupied by a massive computer monitor that reached the ceiling, and had a single black leather swivel chair set before its controls. Nate felt odd as he slowly set himself down in the chair that to him would always rightfully belong to another. He placed his backpack to the side and then turned back to the computer. With a quick jolt of telekinesis the main power switch was flicked on, and the giant screen came to life. Thirty second later, the following message appeared on screen.


His fingers flew across the keyboard as he entered.


The screen went blank for a moment before giving the verbal command.

"VOICEPRINT TEST: State your name and powers".

"Nathan Christopher-Charles Summers, telepathic telekinetic" he replied to the computer. The machine clicked and beeped as it processed the voice pattern.

"Age of mutant manifestation?"

"Nine" he replied for a second time. There was another pause.

"The file on NATHAN CHRISTOPHER-CHARLES SUMMERS indicates you are a psychic, please give a sample of your power for identification".

A small pad folded out from the keyboard, and Nate placed his hand on it, pouring a pulse of psychic energy into it. The computer paused one last time, and then the desktop appeared. Nate worked quickly, transferring dozens of files into a portable data storage device. When this task was completed, he reached down to place the device in the backpack, but reconsidered, instead placed it in his right pocket. Turning back to the computer, he pulled up a set of blue prints he knew wouldn't be on the wall. He printed them out and took a closer look at them.

He placed them on the work table in the center of the room. Then his eye glowed and he twitched a finger, as he set to work. The components needed flew from all directions, bursting out of cabinets, ripping out drawers, and pulled themselves free from already built devices. The pieces swirled in a mechanical whirlwind as Nate assembled them telekinetically. When they finally settled, Nate held a large boxy shaped device that had pulsing wires and made loud clicking noises in his palm. He leapt into the air, taking flight at great speed, he was in a real hurry now.

He rushed past the war room, and burst into the large circular chamber that was Cerebra. He landed, and with a simple thought the chair placed in front of the machine was moved aside, and he went to work. The young psychic set about configuring the device into the interworkings of cerebra's systems.

"Ok," he said aloud as he stood up from his work, reattaching the control panel. "Well, here goes everything." He sat down, and the cerebra helmet rose from its resting place, and placed itself upon his head. He took a deep breath, and prepared to let his power flow.

His eye filled with light once again, shining much brighter than before. Psionic energy flowed through him, arching out of his eye like lightning. The entire room began to shake, and several of the glass panels that lined the room fell to the ground with a shatter.

The spherical walls suddenly began to glow as well, a bright purple contrasting the bright white of Nathan's eye. He rose out of the chair, floating to the center of the room, still wearing the helmet. His arms rose, and as they did energy crackled around him as the entire room began to become lost in the brightness.

The walls dissolved, as did the helmet, and suddenly the room opened up and became a massive worm tunnel. Nate was flung forward through the swirling pink and purple vortex, arms raised high as he commanded the pure flow of psychic energy. He turned around as he zoomed forward, reaching his hands forward, and then pulling them into his body. The back of the vortex seemed to collapse, as he pulled the very existence he once inhabited with him.

Nate let out a great groan as he felt a massive power source approach, his mind screaming from sensory overload. He twisted around in all directions, and what he saw was the exact opposite of what he wanted. To his right floated a being precisely the same size as him. He was garbed in sharp silver armor that covered his entire body, wore a helmet covered his face, and had large blades atop both his shoulders.

"Hello, Nathan" he said slyly, obviously grinning through his helmet.

"Stryfe!" Nate bellowed angrily, his voice echoing through the energy stream.

"Oh so you're surprised to see me, are you Nathan?" Stryfe asked wryly. "Did you really think I'd let you manipulate time without me? My father always thought you would try something like this, so he told me to follow you back to your pathetic little institute where Xavier preached of peace and equality."

"Well your father's a fool then!" Nate screamed angrily. "I'm pulling the old timeline with me, he's still a corpse where were going, he won't exist anymore!"

"Oh yes, I'm perfectly aware that father's in a rather embarrassing state right now, and that I'd be a stranger to him. That's why I brought him with me". Reaching into his armor, Stryfe withdrew a baseball sized jet black crystal.

"It's easy to destroy the body, but very difficult indeed to destroy the soul" Stryfe said amusedly as he took in the look of shock and horror on Nate's face. "My father will know all about our time, for the minds of both timelines will become one, it seems plans will be a little ahead of schedule this time around."

Nathan opened his mouth to reply but the vortex suddenly convulsed and twisted, and a golden light suddenly appeared at the end.

"Well," Stryfe said, "It seems we've arrived, goodbye Nathan." He dove to the side, breaking through the side of the vortex, diverging into a new path.

"Damn it!" Nate swore loudly. Now they'd come out at different points, but the same time. He was expelled from the tunnel with the velocity of a cannon, and he landed roughly on the ground, bouncing several times before coming to a stop when he suddenly hit something. He groaned and held his head in pain as he took in his surroundings.

He was in a forest, and had apparently crashed into a tree. There was a large gash in the dirt where he'd skid. Clambering to his feet, he rose into the air and looked around. It was night, and the moon was huge and full in the sky. He turned in midair, and looked into the distance. The Xavier institute shined brightly in the night, the lights from its windows glowing like beacons.

"Well, I'd better get going" he whispered aloud and took off into the night.

Now, comic readers will get several references there, if not some of this may be a little weird. But don't worry thing will all eventually be explained. Happy reading!