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It was Friday night, the time designed solely for social interaction amongst teenagers. School was over for the week and students were free to procrastinate to their hearts content, opting to go out on the town rather than do their assignments. Nate was kind of overwhelmed. He sat in the center of the game room, slouched lazily on a plush couch, watching the whirlwind of activity unfurl around him. A couple was kissing fervently in the corner, others were viciously ripping each other apart on Halo 3, and even more were simply bunched in groups around the room, talking at speeds beyond regular comprehension.

Nate had never really been in this sort of situation. He'd been in some incredibly drastic situations where life and death were hanging in the balance, but never had he been in a room of so many teenagers. Sure he'd dated Talia, but they'd known one another since infancy. By the time Nate was supposed to enter high school, and began coming into his hormones, the world had already been taken over, leaving no room for any real teen interaction.

"Hey!" a voice called. He turned to see Lorna make her way through the crowd, her green hair pulled back in a messy pony tail, light sweat gleaming on her forehead. "What's up?" she asked, plopping down next to him on the couch. Nate sighed; time to make something else up. He was getting sick of making up fake details about his life, using a fake last name, and being unable to tell anyone anything without the risk of pulling them into his fight. Above all he was sick of hiding his love for his parents and family, and being unable to show them any kind of meaningful affection.

"Nothing really, I just feel really out of place here." Lorna's oddly colored eyebrows raised with an odd expression.

"This your first high school party or something?" Nate nodded, answering his future aunt's question.

"I was homeschooled for most of my life; this is the first high school I've ever been to." This wasn't a total lie. He had been homeschooled, his home just happened to also be a school. "It doesn't help that I don't know anyone here, well apart from you." Most of the teenagers in the room he knew, but he knew them when they were older, and were not students but members of the X-corps, the X-men's global organization.

Lorna gave him a kind understanding smile, something she gave to very few.

"I know what you mean, I never had many friends, mostly because they were freaked out by my hair," she said, running her fingers through the green locks.

"Has it always been that color?" he asked, though he already knew the answer; he had to keep his cover. Lorna nodded.

"Yeah, Dr. McCoy told me it was my 'changeling' mutation, the part of it I was born with. It's always freaked people out, but I like it too much to dye it. All the 'normal hair' colors are boring anyway," and they both laughed, barely audible over the chatter of the surrounding crowd. "That's part of your powers too, right?" she asked, flicking at the solitary snow white lock hanging in the time traveler's face.

"Uh huh, my mom tried cutting it when I was younger, but it grew back in a few minutes. She gave up pretty quickly."

"I didn't know hair had anything to do with psychic powers," Lorna commented.

"I didn't know hair had anything to do with magnetic powers," he shot back with a grin; bringing forth more laughter from them both.

"Come on," Lorna said grabbing his hand and pulling him off the couch. "I'm not letting you waste your time away. Everyone's doing something tonight, heck; even the teachers are having date night."

"Date night?" Nate queried as she pulled him out of the room.

"Yep, they all went out to celebrate Cyclops and Miss Grey's engagement, you did hear about that, didn't you?"

"Of course I have, it's all everyone's been talking about lately. But did they really leave the school completely unsupervised just to go celebrate?" Lorna rolled her eyes.

"Oh yeah, Nate, they're just going to leave a bunch of super powered teenagers alone," she drawled sarcastically. "I think Professor X is in his office, doing paperwork or something like that, leaving the front door wide open," she said cheekily as she pointed down the main staircase at the schools ornate front doors. Nate stared at her for a moment before he understood what she meant.

"You want to sneak out, don't you?" he asked, rubbing his temples anxiously. His aunt Lorna wouldn't change much over the years, and would remain the same thrill seeking maniac throughout the years. He could see now what his Uncle Alex, the stereotypical surfer-dude, saw in her.

"Well duh, it's Friday night, what else would we do? Stay at school like 'good little boys and girls'? I think you know that's not my thing."

She started down the stairs, dragging Nate by the forearm behind her, a lavish grin on her face. The psychic gave little resistance, knowing that it was ultimately futile; he'd never escape the mistress of magnetism. Lorna turned the metal doorknob and swung the door open with the flick of a wrist and forced Nate through it onto the darkened front drive of the institute.

"You, wanna drive, or you wanna fly?" she asked, releasing him at last from her iron grip. "You can fly, right? Telekinesis can do that?" Nate glared, rubbing his sore arm and adjusting the sleeve of his jacket.

"Of course it can, but reminds me, how does magnetism make you fly?" He'd always wondered this, but never asked in either time period.

"I'm not sure, actually" she replied. "I think it has something to do the natural magnetic fields of the planet. So, are you coming or not?" she rose several feet into the air.

Nate stepped forward reluctantly, preparing to take to the sky. All of a sudden, Lorna squealed as she was involuntarily forced to the ground, tumbling backward into the cool grass, psychic energy flaring around her. Nate did a one eighty in mid air, turning to see the mousy haired Quentin Quire approach, his hand raised, lime green psionic lightning twisting through his fingers.

"I don't believe you were given permission to leave campus, Nathan" Quentin said calmly, pushing his horn-rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose. "Nor you, Lorna, I doubt the Professor will be lenient in punishing you for this transgression, considering how rude you are to the majority of the staff" he added, glancing at the fallen magnetic mutant.

"What do you want Quentin?" Nate asked lowering himself to the ground. The way Quentin spoke baffled him, using far too complicated sentence structure for a regular teenager. Then again Kid Omega wasn't exactly normal; he was a super-genius Omega-level mutant.

"He's come to turn us in, the little teacher's pet" Lorna growled as she stood up, anger flickering in her eyes.

"That's quite an assumption, Lorna" Quentin said, feigning offence. "However you've assumed wrong. I've come to accompany you on your excursion." Lorna fell over again, quite literally tripping over her now dropped jaw.

"What?" Nate asked dumbfounded.

"You heard me, Nathan. I wish to come with you, there is little entertainment to be found here…. And…." Genuine sadness washed over his features, though he quickly regained his composure. "And there seems to be no one here who wishes to acquire my friendship… even Sophie."

"You can't really blame her though," Lorna said climbing to her feet once more."Who'd want to hang out with a creep like you? Ow!" Nate quickly smacked her upside the head, eyeing Quentin with sympathetic eyes. He'd seen how Quentin looked longingly at Sophie Cuckoo, leader of the quintuple hive mind. Sophie herself either hadn't noticed or didn't care.

As Nate knew the future, he also knew what toll this unrequited affection would reap. Madness, hatred, rage. Kid Omega would take the school by storm, manipulate its feeble minded yet stoic bodied students, and kidnap the Professor in a drug crazed riot. To put it simply, he would go bat-shit crazy. Would having a single friend make a difference? It was worth a try.

"Sure, you can come with us." It was impossible to tell who was more surprised by this statement, Lorna or Quentin. "We haven't decided where exactly were going, any ideas?" he gave him a friendly smile.

"Uh, uh," Quentin babbled, still shocked by the acceptance of his fellow psychic. "We could go see a film or something of that nature."

"Great" Nate said grinning, rising back into the air, gesturing to Lorna to do the same. She looked ready to burst. Had her friend really just invited the creepiest kid on campus to come with them?

"You aren't serious, are you?" she pleaded with him, giving no effort to being tactful in Quentin's presence. Her words were met with a sharp look that was so intense; she lost the will to protest any further.

"Damn psychics" she thought loudly. Both boys laughed, earning each of them a glare.

"Let's get going. Miss Frost taught you to hide your psychic signature, right? Otherwise the Professor will know we've left." Quentin nodded meekly, excitement evident in his face. He rose from the ground, and the three teens took off into the sky.

"Maybe I really am making a difference" Nate thought within his shielded mind.


"I don't know how you do it, Charles" the thickly accented voice of Moira McTaggert reverberated out of the receiver into the Professors ear. "How can you manage more than a hundred students with less than a dozen staff members? And mutant students at that." She sounded utterly baffled. Charles chuckled lightly.

"Things have only been going smoothly so far, Moira. Something's bound to go wrong eventually." Moira laughed lightly

"I suppose you're right, although things may be easier if you were to let Rahne teach" she put nagging emphasis on the last part. Charles gave the tiniest of groans, suppressing it enough so that Moira wouldn't hear it on the other end. He had gotten enough heat about this from the New Mutants themselves without having to get it from their parents as well.

"I'll tell you what I told her, Moira, she must complete her senior year first, as must all of those wishing to take a teachers position." There was a long silence before Charles heard her sigh dejectedly.

"Well that is only another year. Is Rahne still courting that Madrox lad?"

"Yes, I believe she is. The two seem very happy together." Moira moaned.

"I suppose men are where her intelligence fails." Charles opened his mouth to reply but was cut short by a knock at his office door, a psychic presence pulling at his nerve endings.

"I'm afraid I'll have to call you back, Moira duty calls. Please do remember to send over those new research files, I look forward to reading them. "

"Of course, good night, Charles, give Rahne my love."

"I will, good night." He hung up the phone and looked up at the door. "Come in."The doors swung open and the Stepford Cuckoos entered single file forming a semicircle around the large oak desk, their eyes shining a dim shade of blue.

"Good evening, Professor" the said in the same monotone voice. The Professor smiled.

"Good, evening ladies. What can I do for you?"

"For us?" Sophie asked quizzically, head cocking to the side. "I'm afraid it isn't us who has business with you tonight. It is our mistress." The Professor stared. Mistress?

"Mistress? I-'m afraid I don't know what you mean young lad-" Suddenly he felt himself being flung from his wheelchair by a telekinetic wallop. He slammed into the eastern wall, which cracked and splintered on impact. He slid to the floor, and lifted his head in the direction of his assaulters. The cuckoo's hair began to blow wildly behind them, their skin turned the pale white of diamond, and their eyes were flashing deep shades of purple.

A strange violet fog seemed to emanate from them, forming a cloud which began to take the shape of a distinctively feminine form, with a bald head and a feral gaze.

Charles could feel the attack coming, and rose his mental shields to protect his mind. However he wasn't fast enough to block the entirety of the attack, and two simple words branded themselves into his mind.

"Hello, brother."


"It's about time you two!" Kitty told the newly engaged couple for the umpteenth time, nods of agreement arising around her. The two gave a simultaneous sigh, though they were both smiling. They were never going to hear the end of it. The newly engaged couple sat beside one another at one of several large circular tables situated in the secluded corner of a magnificent dining hall, their friends and fellow X-men seated around them.

All of those in attendance were still astonished that the Professor was able to get them reservations at Per Se, one of the nicest and most expensive restaurants in Manhattan; though it wasn't as surprising when you considered the fact that he was a well respected billionaire. This made Jean and Scott al the more saddened when they learned that the Professor would be unable to accompany them for the celebration, as he was busy with school paperwork, as well as supervising the students.

Per Se was a dazzling spectacle, beautifully decorated with the most lavish of fabrics, floral arrangements and lighting fixtures, treating the eyes of its customers to delights equal to if not greater than those it brought to the mouth. Rich smells filled every nostril, and some of the male X-men, such as Kurt, Logan, Hank, and Remy were literally salivating in anticipation, licking their lips hungrily.

"I thought you were above such animalistic behavior, Henry" Emma commented from beside the blue furred mutant, an amused smirk gracing her lips. A light chuckle spread around the table as Beast hastily whipped the excess drool from his fanged mouth, looking thoroughly embarrassed

"I apologize, Emma. It's quite difficult to remain dignified in a place with such... exotic scents."

"Don't feel too embarrassed, Hank" Ororo told him from the opposite side of the table next to Wolverine, as far away from Emma as possible. "Logan's getting rather restless as well" she elbowed Logan lightly in the ribs, grinning playfully. The clawed mutant gave only a minute grunt in response, his eyes firmly locked on the kitchen doors across the room.

"Remy wishes dat they'd hurry up wit de grub," said Gambit, rubbing his stomach lightly for emphasis.

"How can you be so hungry?" Rogue asked incredulously. "Ah saw you eat no less than three sandwiches before we left." Gambit shrugged

"A guy's got to eat, Cherie."

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