By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O 100 word challenge. Word: Brand. Happy Birthday, Yohko -- wish well!

(Yokho likes humorous non-angsty drabbles, with adorablness and drunkeness, and pranks. She also really likes Castiel)

Disclaimer: Not the owner.

Slam bam -- he hit the bottle.

"What are you doing?" An irritated voice came from behind

"Writing a song."

"Above the urinal in the men's room?"


"What's in the glass?"


"What brand?"


"Awesome, you got drunk on Baskin Robins tenth flavor," Dean grumbled. "Come on, taking you to the motel."

"I can get there on my own."

"Dude, you're too drunk to fly." Dean wrapped an arm around Castiel, marching him out of the men's room. "Damn cherub, you're falling all over the place."

"You're an asshole, Dean."

"And you're an angel in my hell, Cas."