Well here it is. I've finally written a proper prologue for this series. I know it's something I should have written to begin with, but I skipped over it due to writer's block (Terrible thing, writer's block) Anyway, enjoy. The true first chapter of Dragon Ball GT Remastered.

"How could the granddaughter of the world champion be such a freak?" It was just another torturous day at herculopolis elementary. Just another dull day of being insulted, bullied, and harassed. And still three more months until the end of the school year. Three more endless months of being pushed around by teacher and student alike for being so freaky and abnormal.

"I'd beat them all up, but I promised my parents I wouldn't." She said to herself pitifully during the last class for the day as the kids behind her threw wadded up paper and some hard things she couldn't identify by feel alone. There were even wads of gum in her already messy hair. Just when she was on the verge of tears, the bell rang.

"Thank god." She whispered to herself as she dashed out of the school as fast as she could, ignoring the teachers telling her not to run in the hall. Once she was freed from the school boundaries, she took off into the air, where she was soon accompanied by her life-long best friend, Bra.

"Hey Pan. Tough day?" Her blue-haired friend asked as they flew high in the cloud over herculopolis.

"You have no idea." Pan sighed irritably. She took an orange bandana from her pocket and tied it around the top of her head.

"Why do you wear that thing, Pan?" Bra asked, looking at the bandana with a hint of disgust. Pan had no idea why she held on to this dirty thing. Not only was it a loud shade of orange, but it looked terrible on her, especially when she wore it on her head like she was now. She couldn't even remember where she got it from, but she felt the need to wear it outside school, no matter how bad it made her look.

"I don't know." Pan said flatly. "Piccolo said it could have something to do with grandpa, but I can't possibly see how." She sighed again. She desperately missed her grandfather, the would-be legendary Son Goku. He was a kind, caring man, though about in his late fifties by now, he still looked like he was only in his twenties, and acted as though he were the same age as Pan at times. Pan absolutely adored her grandfather, but much to her sadness, he left her and his entire family to train a young boy named Uub, and the only time Pan had seen him in the last six years since was at the Tenkaichi Budokai three years ago. Though they had a lot of fun, she cried when he had to leave again.

"Hey, Pan. You know what's happening next week?" Bra asked, excitedly.

"No. What?" Pan asked dully.

"Oh come on! The one day every three years that you can never contain your excitement about." Pan looked confused. Then it dawned on her. Though she would feel even better if she heard it out loud from her friend.

"So come on. What's happening next week?" She asked. Bra gave an exasperated sigh.

"It's the 30th annual Tenkaichi Budokai!" She said brightly. Pan cheered with delight, squeezing Bra too tightly, and laughed heartily.

"I can finally see Grandpa again." She smiled, her spirits at all-time high. "And from what Uncle Goten's been saying, he'll be coming back to stay for good!" She turned slightly and shouted to the sky, "Kinto'un!" Suddenly a small yellow cloud shot towards them and stopped right in front of Pan.

"Kinto'un? But you can fly faster without it, can't you?" Said Bra. "I mean, what's your world record now?"

"Two minutes, but I'd rather fly nice and easy today." Pan answered with some satisfaction. "I'm gonna go train with dad today, and I don't want to get worn out too soon. He can be pretty tough."

"Your dad?" Bra repeated. "Why would you train with that coke-bottle glasses nerd? No offense." She added quickly.

"No, I'm with you. Dad's a real geek, but when he's in the right mood, you have no idea how tough he can get." Pan explained. "He's probably the second most powerful person I've trained with so far."

"I think I can guess who the first is." Bra smiled. "Wait, you've trained with other people too?"

"Yeah, ever since grandpa left, I didn't know who to train with, so I just trained with everyone. I've trained with 18, Old man Roshi, Krillin, Yamcha, some weirdo name Tenshinhan or something like that, Mr. Buu, Uncle Goten, dad, mom, Mr. Piccolo, he's probably my favorite, even grandma." Bra blinked at her.

"Your grandma's trained you?" Though Son Goku was one of the two strongest fighters in the universe, his wife was anything but a fighter, and was very strict about letting her children fight.

"Yeah, grandma's stronger than you think, very powerful for her age, and you'd be surprised what kind of martial arts she knows." Said Pan. "Oh, I can't wait for the tournament. I hope I can win the whole thing. I bet grandpa Hercule'll let me win if I ask him nicely." Bra smiled helplessly at her friend.

"You know, Pan, you're not going to win any boys with martial arts." She said. Pan looked back at her.

"Whoever said I wanted boys?" She replied. Bra simply sighed, then smiled and laughed helplessly.

"Is something wrong, Mr. Briefs?"

"No, ma'am." Trunks sighed to his secretary. When she wasn't droning on and on about what work he had to do as Capsule Corp President, she was snipping at him for being lazy and 'uncooperative', which she was currently doing now.

"Now, we have a massive order to fill for Enron,"

"They're still in business?" Trunks interjected.

"Apparently." His secretary said dully. "Anyways, we also need your approval for the following procedures," She continued as she piled mountain upon mountain of paperwork onto Trunks' desk."Oh, come on. I just had that desk cleaned up." He whined in an undertone as his secretary continued to chatter on and on. "God, how many trees did you kill to torture me like this?"

"And when you're done with all of that, for god's sake have that desk cleaned! Its messiness is getting way out of hand. Do you understand Mr. Briefs?" No answer. "Mr. Briefs?" Again no answer. Trunks had crouched under the desk, crawled quietly to a window, and was about ready to open it when a loud voice on the P.A. blared,

"TRUUUNKS! What the HELL do you think you're doing?" His eyes darted to the intercom, then at his secretary who was glaring at him with the greatest look of anger on her face, then at a corner of the ceiling, which had a big mechanical eye glaring madly at him. He sighed. He was afraid of this. His mother, Bulma, the former head of Capsule Corp, had taken to keeping a very close eye on him, as he typically made a habit of escaping the tedious work of being Capsule Corp. President. Bulma obviously didn't like this, and she was always kicking the security in his office up a notch with every one of his successful escapes. She had even magnetically sealed the windows so that ki blasts would simply ricochet off of them. Trunks stood up and moved towards the window.

"Mr. Briefs, where do you think you are going?" His secretary asked, a vein showing in her temple.

"Just getting a drink." Trunks lied, giving a sigh. He took a small drink from the water cooler.

"Now take your seat, Mr. Briefs!" She demanded.

"Interesting proposal." Trunks smirked. "But I have a better idea. How about you get the hell out of my office?" The secretary looked as though she had just been slapped in the face.

"Now you listen to me, young man!" She growled, stomping towards Trunks, who smirked as he flicked a switch. The room went dark. "You will turn the lights back on, get back to your seat, do your paperwork and stop being such a juvenile..."

"Whoops, wrong switch." Trunks whispered to himself. He flicked the lights back on and flipped the one next to it. Two trap doors fell open, one of which was right under the secretary's fancily high-heeled feet. She fell through it, screaming and cutting off her furious ranting. The second trap door, which was built into the top of Trunks' desk, fell open, dumping papers on top of her, and she continued to scream and yell at Trunks, who blasted a hole in the wall and flew off to freedom, the sound of Bulma screaming through the intercom fading the further he flew. "Note to self, move the trapdoor switch closer to my seat." He told himself, laughing as he changed into some casual clothes he took from a capsule. He then flew out into town, searching for his best friend, Goten.

"Goten! Over here!" Goten turned to see a girl waving to him. She had long, wavy golden-red hair, brilliant green eyes, and a cute, pretty face that no boy can say no to.

"Hey Valese!" He called.

"Hey, sorry, Goten, I need to cancel our movie date." Valese said regretfully. "My parents want me to be back home soon, so we only have a little bit of time together."

"That's okay." Said Goten.

"I'm just glad you could make the time to be with me. So what do you want to do?" Valese looked around, thinking for a moment. Then she pointed to a burger joint. "Why don't we eat there?" She suggested. Goten raised an eyebrow.

"Not exactly the best place for a date, but okay." He thought. "Uh, okay. That sounds good." He said awkwardly. They went inside and ordered, though it took Valese a while to decide, because she seemed unused to the location of the menu and the lack of waiters, noting that the restraint was 'very odd.' In the end, they both got a plain burger. As they sat, Valese stared at Goten very intently, as though he seemed weird.

"Um, Something wrong, Valese?" Goten asked curiously.

"Say, Goten? Why is your hair always so long? It looks very uncomfortable." Asked Valese, running her fingers through her boyfriend's long, shaggy black hair.

"It kinda is." Goten admitted. "But my mom wants me to keep it long like this so I don't get confused with my dad."

"Come to think of it, why haven't I met your parents yet, Goten? I've introduced you to mine." Asked Valese.

"Well, um, I don't know how my mom would react if she knew about our relationship, so I've never even told her about it, and I'd love to introduce you to my dad, but I have no idea where he is." Goten explained.

"Does your dad do a lot of business trips?" Asked Valese.

"Uh, yeah, something like that." Goten answered awkwardly. "What's up?" He added, seeing Valese looking somewhat troubled.

"Could you please go ask somebody for a fork?" She said. Goten chuckled.

"You haven't ever eaten a hamburger before, have you?" He grinned.

"No. My family is so rich and stuffy, they always tell me never to eat this kind of food. They say it's garbage." She told him.

"If you eat too much of it on a regular basis, yeah, but not as a sometimes thing." Said Goten. (Listen to him! Don't make the same mistake I have!) "And you don't need a fork, you just use your hands." Valese blinked blankly at her burger.

"That's a little strange." She remarked. She tore off a small piece of the burger with her fingers and ate it. "This is good." She smiled, pulling off another piece.

"Not really what I meant, but okay." Thought Goten, taking a bite of his own burger. "Hm, what could I talk to her about?" He thought, feeling awkward. "I'd talk to her about martial arts, but I don't think many girls like that kind of thing and..."

"So Goten, did you hear the world martial arts tournament is staring soon?" Said Valese. Goten choked on his burger from the irony. Then, after freeing his air passage, said,

"I didn't think you would be into that kind of thing."

"Are you kidding? Of course! I LOVE martial arts!" Said Valese very enthusiastically. "I tried to take some classes, but my parents tell me it's a waste of time, but I love to watch the world tournament, it's so incredible; some of the people who participate, I wish I could do that cool spiky, gold hair thing." She ran her fingers through her own hair. "I wonder, does their hair just naturally do that, or do they use some kind of product?"

"It naturally does that... sort of." Goten answered.

"How do you know that?" Asked Valese, very interested.

"Uh-oh. She's got me cornered." Goten thought. Valese gave a gasp of realization.

"Goten, can you do that too!" Totally unable think of any excuse out of this, Goten sighed and answered,

"Yeah, you don't think I'm some kind of freak or..."

"No, I think it's really cool! Can you show me?" Asked Valese, excitedly.

"Maybe another time. I don't want to attract too much attention to myself." Said Goten.

"Oh, okay. maybe later." Said Valese, a note of disappointment in her voice.

"So, do you plan to enter this year?" Goten nodded.

"Sure do."

"Can you train me?" Valese asked, suddenly very excited. Goten looked very taken aback at this question.

"Um, what?" He said lamely.

"I want you to train me." Valese repeated. "Ever since my parents took me to the world tournament sixteen years ago, I saw these two boys fight in the junior division, this was back when they had a junior division; I've always wanted to be part of it! It was so amazing! Where you there? Did you see? Those kids have to have been more powerful than any adult." Goten blinked at her. Evidently she either never caught those boys' names or just forgot, because Goten himself was one of them, the other being Trunks.

"Yeah, you could say I was as close to the action as you can get." Goten said with an awkward laugh.

"Please, Goten! I'm begging you! Train me so I can enter the tournament!" Goten wanted to say no, but he just couldn't with her looking up at him with those large, shining, beautiful green eyes.

"Okay. Meet me in the woods in the outskirts of town tomorrow at noon." He gave in. Valese squealed with delight, hugging him and giving him a loving kiss.

"I'll be there. Later." She said, blowing him a kiss as she left. Goten just blinked at her.

"Girls are a strange thing." He said to himself.

"Sure are." Goten whipped around to see Trunks. "Hey, wha'cha doin'?" Trunks waved casually.

"Just finished having the weirdest date ever." Goten answered simply. Trunks raised an eyebrow. "You know that girl Valese?"

"Long, wavy golden-red hair, gorgeous green eyes, a little on the ditzy side?" Said Trunks, listing features he thought distinguished her.

"Yeah, that's her." Said Goten, blushing slightly. "Anyways, did you know she's never eaten food without silverware before?" Trunks just blinked at this statement.

"Seriously?" He replied blankly. Goten nodded.

"So, you ready for the Budokai next week?" Asked Goten.

"I think so." Said Trunks. "If dad doesn't kill me first. He's pretty psyched about it. By the way, want to come over tomorrow and train with us?"

"Pass." Said Goten flatly. "I'd rather not train with Vegeta, especially not after last time." Trunks cringed.

"Yeah, 'nuff said." He muttered to himself.

"And anyway, I have a date tomorrow." Said Goten. "Valese wants me to train her so she can participate in the tournament." A small buzz came from Trunks' pocket. He answered his cell phone, and then told Goten,

"Sorry, but dad wants me home ASAP, and unlike mom, Dad's not someone who's very forgiving for tardiness." He gave Goten a patronizing pat on the shoulder. "Good luck with your little date tomorrow." And he flew off.

The next day, Goten dressed in his usual gi, one his father used to wear with a light blue top, white belt, dark teal pants, and light orange leg wrappings and wristbands. Just as he stepped out the door however, something large collided painfully with him, knocking him to the ground.

"Ugh. Sorry, Goten." Gohan panted as he picked himself up off of Goten.

"Come on, dad! I'm not even tired yet." Pan called energetically.

"Wow. You seem to have your hands full." Goten remarked, seeing Gohan and Pan spar madly, Gohan eventually getting uppercutted by Pan, who was hopping around, laughing with amusement.

"PAN!" She stopped as she saw Videl, her mom, walking out with a stern frown on her face.

"Mom! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt dad," Pan insisted, frightened. "it's just..."

"FIGHT ME OR YOU'RE GROUNDED!" Videl shouted. Pan froze and blinked at her.

"Um... what?" They broke into a fight, Pan at the advantage.

"Kid's gonna leave me in the dust if I'm not careful." Goten said to himself. He was about to fly off when Gohan stopped him.

"Where're you going?" He asked.

"Um, nothing, just gonna walk 'round town." Goten invented feebly.

"In an outfit like that?" Gohan retorted. Goten sighed. He never was a very good lair. He took a deep breath, and then said very fast in a low voice.

"I'mtrainingmylong-timegirlfriend,butIcan'tletmomknowcauseIdunnohowshe'llreact,sopleasedon'ttellanyoneplease!" After Gohan registered this sentence with no spaces, he grinned and said,

"No problem, bro. Your secret's safe with me." Goten felt a little relieved.

"Thanks Gohan." He said, flying off to the place he promised to meet Valese.

He set down in the woods outside the city by a large, distinctive rock where Valese stood leaning against.

"Sorry I'm late. I got a little held up." Said Goten.

"Don't worry, I just got here myself." Valese said, waving a hand. A short pause followed.

"So... where should we begin?" Goten asked, more to himself than anyone.

"How about showing me how you do that spiky gold hair thing?" Valese suggested.

"Nah, that's something you're kind of born being able to do." Said Goten. "How about..." He paused for a moment, thinking. "How about controlling ki." Valese gave him a confused look. "What's that?" She asked.

"It's uh, well, it's like an energy that resides within you that, uh, well, if you know how to control it, you can fire blasts, you can become stronger, you can even fly." Valese looked very interested when she heard 'fly'. "But before you can do any of that you have to be able to feel, focus, and control it."

"So, how do I do that?" Asked Valese, feeling rather confused now. Goten thought about this for a moment.

"I should know how to do this, I was there with Gohan when he taught Videl." He thought. "Oh, that's right; I was too busy playing around! I wasn't paying the slightest bit of attention to those two. Oh, what am I going to do?"

"Is this how you do it?" Asked Valese, and to Goten's absolute amazement, He saw Valese holding a baseball-sized silvery blue ball of ki between both hands. Goten's jaw dropped. "Uhhhhh... yeah, that's what ki is." Valese smiled brightly and giggled triumphantly. "That makes this a little easier. Now, to fly, you have to concentrate your ki evenly around your legs and feet and, uh, sort of..."

"Like this?" Once again, Goten was flabbergasted by what Valese could do. Though she was having trouble keeping steady, Valese was floating about a foot in the air.

"Valese," Said Goten seriously. "Where did you learn to do this?" Valese lost her concentration and dropped to the ground feet first.

"What do you mean?" She asked, sounding somewhat afraid, as though she did something wrong.

"Well, you can already manipulate ki to a certain level. That's not something that normal people can do without a lot of training and hard work." Said Goten. "So who taught you to so that?" Valese started to look confused as she took a while to think.

"Umm, sorry, but I don't remember." She said at last. And so, Goten proceeded to training Valese throughout the week, and she became more and more talented at ki manipulation, she and Goten even sometimes flew races from one end of the city and back.

"Ah, such a peaceful day." Piccolo thought serenely to himself as he meditated high above the ground nearby a vast waterfall, one day before the tournament. "I could get lost in that sound for days." he paused and opened an eye and looked behind himself. "That's strange. She should have been here by now." All of a sudden he was knocked from his meditative position and fell a few feet before catching himself, massaging the back of his head, which hurt sharply from whatever it was that hit him there, his turban lop-sided. "What was that!" He asked out loud.

"Ow, ooo, sorry about that Mr. Piccolo." It was Pan. She was wearing a dark violet outfit with a thick scarf-like neck piece and a bright red sash very similar to the one Piccolo himself wore, though it looked like she put it on in a real hurry, because a bit of the thick neck piece was caught just above her left ear, her sash was loose and poorly tied to the point that her pants even fell down, revealing a pair of vertically-striped blue and white boxers.

"Boxers? I thought she was more the panties type." Piccolo thought as she saw this. He shook his head vigorously. "Damn it, I'm sounding like that perverted old coot."

"You're an hour late, Pan." Piccolo said aloud. "I've never known you to be late for any of my training sessions." To most people, this simple statement would have sounded very angry and threatening coming from Piccolo's very deep, heavy voice, but Pan, who had taken a liking to Piccolo since she was six, knew better.

"I'm, sorry Mr. Piccolo, I got held up." She apologized, hitching up her pants and fixing her sash.

"Your grandmother?" Piccolo sighed, knowing how Chi-chi commonly held people up like this.

"Grandma." Pan sighed, nodding and fixing the neck piece. Piccolo's attention then fell on her outfit.

"Where did you get those clothes?" He asked her.

"Oh, these? Dad gave them to me." Pan replied, her pants falling down again. Piccolo chuckled.

"I'm not surprised that your father would still have that garment." He said. Ever since he was four, Gohan had a true idolization for Piccolo, and as such regularly wore an outfit that resembled his own throughout most of his childhood, one that perfectly fitted Pan now.

"So, what are we going to do today, Mr. Piccolo?" Pan asked, once she had finished fixing her gi.

"We're just going to spar today." Piccolo answered. Pan blinked.

"That's it? But that's no fun." She said in a rather childish manner.

"I think it's best we don't do anything too exhausting for today." Said Piccolo with a smile. "Besides, tomorrow's the big day."

"What big d..."asked Pan before breaking off and suddenly realizing what Piccolo meant."Oh, right! THAT big day!"

After a few hours of training with Piccolo, Pan returned home with her favorite teacher following close behind to find the Son Residence more crowded than it should be. Probably everyone Son Goku had ever known was gathered here, From Krillin and Yamcha to Vegeta and Trunks, and everyone in between.

"What are you guys doing here?" Asked Pan.

"Whad'ya think wer doin here? Wer here t'see Son." Said a woman with curly blonde hair and a mean-looking face. She then sneezed, and her appearance changed drastically. Her hair became longer and dark blue, her physique turned from an iron-pumper to normal, and her mean, frowning face became kind and smiling. She looked around, very confused. "Oh my. Where am I now? Oh, look at all the people! Are we having a picnic?" She asked with a mix of pleasantness and confusion.

"What are all these people here for grandma?" Pan asked Chichi, who was talking very pleasantly with a girl with long red hair Pan had never seen before.

"Didn't you hear? Today's the day my wonderful husband finally comes home." Said Chichi dreamily. Pan looked oddly at her.

"Uh, Grandma? Are you feeling okay?" She asked. Normally, Chichi was a rather strict person who would be simply fuming at the dozens of people overcrowding her home.

"Pan, my favorite granddaughter, I couldn't be feeling better." She said, taking a swig from a dark green bottle. Pan then noticed that her face was a little reddened, and that her usually tightly-bunned hair and stuffy home attire was replaced with something a little more... relaxed.

"I see now." Pan muttered, inching away as Chichi continued to tell the red-haired woman in a clumsy voice,

"You know something, Suno? I think you may have made Goku a better wife than me. I-I don't know why, but I think you two were made for each other more than me." Suno simply nodded and pretended she was taking Chichi seriously. After about an hour, everyone suddenly went quiet, and Pan soon saw why as she heard a man's voice call,

"Hey Everyone! I'm back!"

Son Goku had returned.

Everyone gathered around Goku, cheering, asking him questions about his time away, and hugging him.

"Everyone. I'd like to introduce you to someone." Goku said at last, quieting all the excited people. He gestured to a boy standing next to him. He was about fifteen years old with dark skin, a black, spiky Mohawk, a finely toned physique, and a blue and yellow outfit identical to Goku's. "This is Uub. He's my first true student and a new friend of ours." Everyone then began welcoming Uub, everyone except for Pan, who sat by herself, feeling sad and unnoticed for most of the night. At around midnight, she decided to go to bed, but someone stopped her. "Pan? Is that you?" She turned to see Goku, smiling as broadly as ever. "Grandpa? Grandpa!" Pan jumped and hugged Goku tight around the neck, tears in her eyes. "Didja miss me, Pan?"

"YEEEESS!" Pan cried.

"I'm sorry I never visited. I really am." Said Goku gently. He knew Pan adored him and that she was simply heartbroken that he almost never took a break from training Uub to see his family. "Is there anything I can do to make you forgive me?" He wiped the tears from Pan's eyes, and she said,

"Could we have a bath together later?" Goku smiled. This was one of Pan's favorite things to do.

"Sure thing." He said. It was almost three in the morning when the party ended and everyone finally returned home. Pan was so tired at this point that she refused at first, but after getting into the hot water, she was so wide awake that she stayed up with Goku for hours.

"So Pan, I've seen you wearing Piccolo's outfit." Said Goku, looking at the dark violet clothes on the ground next to the hot tub.

"Yeah. Piccolo's the greatest." Pan replied. Goku smiled at her.

"I thought you'd get to like him. You know your dad's been his number one fan for about his entire life." Pan shook her head.

"Not anymore. Now he's his number 2 fan." They both laughed.

"Hey, uh, grandpa? Are there any clothes of yours that I could where tomorrow?" Pan asked a bit more seriously. Goku thought for a second.

"Well, I do, but I really don't think you want to wear it yourself. It's so ruined and ragged that it'd probably fall right off you if you wore them."

"Well, Piccolo's pants do the same thing if I don't tie the belt just right." Pan noted. Though Gohan's old Piccolo gi fit him perfectly, the pants were a little too big for the underdeveloped Pan.

"AH-HA!" Goku shouted as he came to a sudden realization, making Pan jump. "Be right back." He jumped out of the tub and ran into the house in his birthday suit, running just as fast back out with something blue under his arm. "I don't know if it's quite your size, but here." He said, holding out an all blue gi with a white belt and red wristbands. "I used to wear something just like this when I was your age." Pan hopped out of the bath and put it on. It was a tad baggy, but otherwise fit her almost perfectly.

"Oops." Pan squeaked as the sash and pants fell to the ground exposing her naked butt. She yanked them back up, and blushed as Goku laughed softly.

"The sash is a bit different." Said Goku. "You tie it something like this." He tied it in a bow-like fashion. "There. How's that?" Pan hopped around a little, and then cheered,

"Yay! No more pants malfunction!" Her sash snagged on something, causing the pants to fall and yet again expose her naked butt. She yanked them up and attempted to retie the belt. "How does this keep happening?" She asked in flustering embarrassment. "I don't understand it. My pants keep falling down on me every time! Is this the kind of problem the person who invented dresses had? Maybe I should just give up on pants!" Goku laughed as she continued to fix the belt.

"Keep your pants on, Pan!" he laughed loudly.

"Not funny, Grandpa!" Pan shouted, also laughing. She gave up, let her clothes fall to the ground, and leapt back into the tub. They played all night, no getting so much as a wink of sleep.

They were so drowsy that they had to have senzu beans for breakfast the next morning to make up for the lack of sleep.

"At least I didn't have to cook this morning." Chichi remarked hoarsely, holding an ice pack tight to her head.

"Maybe you should stay home today, Chichi." Said Videl in a low voice.

"Not so loud, Gohan." Chichi groaned. Videl sighed.

"I think I should stay behind today and keep you company. Is that okay?" She asked, but Chichi was fast asleep, muttering soundly,

"Yes, Mr. Polar bear. I'd love some of you tasty beverage."

"And now, the 30th Tenkaichi Budokai can finally BEGGIIIIIIN!" The announcer shouted through his microphone. "Now to the first round. Today we welcome a new comer to the Budokai. She's the daughter of Ranfan, a contestant from the 21st Tenkaichi, everyone welcome Langfan!" There was applause from the crowd, but it was mostly from the men, and Goku saw why: She was pretty enough make any straight single man want bent hand over heels to. "And we welcome back a true veteran to the Budokai." The announcer continued. "A man who's participated in every tournament since he was only twelve years old, and at the age of eighteen, even became world champion of the 23rd. Everyone welcome back Son Goku!" The audience cheered again.

"Ready! GO!" Goku stood in a defensive stance, wanting Langfan to make the first move, but she just stood and gave Goku a flirtatious look. Then she fumbled with the buttons of her shirt and said.

"Hey, Goku. Could I ask you a question?" This surprised Goku, but he moved out of his stance and stood upright.

"Um, Okay. Ask away." He replied. Suddenly, Langfan threw her shirt and pants off, leaving her in nothing but a matching pink bra and panties.

"Do you think I look good in pink?" She asked, very seductively. There were many loud whistles and flirty sounds from the men in the audience, followed by a bunch of sounds of pain as those men were beaten by their wives and girlfriends. Goku just looked at her with a very confused look.

"Why would you ask me something like that in the middle of a match?" He asked. Langfan stared unbelievingly at him. "Don't tell me this guy's gay!" She thought.

"It looks like Langfan doesn't know that Goku's already a married man!" The announcer said, with a hint of a laugh in his voice. "He even proposed to his fine wife Chichi in this very arena." A note of 'aaaawww!' rang out in the stadium, mixed with a hint of laughter.

"Dad proposed to mom in the middle of a match!" Said Gohan.

"That's just like grandpa!" Pan laughed.

"Well, even if you are married," Said Langfan, undoing her bra. "No man can resist this." She let her bra fall to the ground and was about to move her hands from her breasts when the announcer cleared his through importantly.

"Due to the tournament regulation and law, we cannot permit any indecent exposure." He stated clearly. "I'm afraid that you will have to be disqualified. Due to Langfan's disqualification, Son Goku wins by default." Many men booed in anger at this statement, only to be beaten once again by their girlfriends and wives. Langfan looked disappointed as she gathered up her clothes and left the stage. She looked back at Goku with a mischievous look in her eyes and told him in a low, dangerous whisper,

"I don't care if you ARE married. One day, you WILL be mine!" Goku gave a mixed expression of fear and confusion.

"What was that all about?" He asked himself.

"And now to the next match." The announcer addressed the audience moments later. "Our first contestant is a student to Son Goku and one of our youngest entries, participating in the 28th Budokai at the age of ten. Let's meet Uub!" applause filled the stadium. And our second contestant, by far the youngest entry in the history of the Budokai, entering at the bright and early age of four, and the granddaughter of the world champion Herucle." Applause rang out again. "Let's give it up for the champion's legacy, SON PAN!" If somebody was just entering the stadium, they would have thought an explosion had gone off in the stadium.

"Ready! GO!"

At precisely the same time, Pan and Uub had fired a punch at one another, their fists colliding head on with each other. They broke apart and Uub tried to grab Pan around the middle, but she broke loose and kicked him right behind the knee, making him fall to his knees. She aimed another kick at Uub's head, but he gave a sweep kick, tripping her. He then caught her by the arm and made to throw her off the arena, but she stopped in mid air mere feet from the edge and Uub caught her saying,

"Kaaaa meeee... Haaaaa...meeee..." Uub started to do the same, but too late before he even had the time to say the first syllable, Pan had unleashed her attack with a loud, "HHAAAA!" The blast hit Uub before he even had the chance to dodge. He fell to the ground. Pan looked curiously at him as the announcer began the ten-count. She stepped up to him and asked,

"Why are you going so easy on me?"


"I think Goku would be mad if his favorite granddaughter got hurt because of me." Said Uub lamely.


"And anyway, he told me I should never hit a girl." Pan laughed.

"I think I like you already." She giggled.


"This is the Tenkaichi Budokai. It's okay if you want to hit me. I'm okay with it. If you don't want to punch or kick me, that's fine too, just don't go easy on me." Uub looked up at Pan's boyishly smiling face.

"FIVE!" Uub smiled back.

"Okay then! Let's do it. For real this time." Pan offered Uub a hand up, which Uub gladly took. There was a note of approval among the audience.

"Well this is something, folks." Said the announcer. "Who ever said there's no love on the battlefield was a big fat liar!"

"Ready?" Asked Pan.

"Ready!" Uub nodded. And with that, the battle ensued for ten minutes, both sides giving all they had. Though Uub was doing all he could to keep from punching or kicking Pan directly, he was still giving Pan a hard time, whether he was trying to toss her out of bounds, or firing energy attacks at her with great speed and power.

"This guy's amazing!" Pan thought to herself. "He hasn't kicked or punched me once, and yet he's tearing me apart. I can see why grandpa wanted to train him so bad. He's incredible."

"We are soon reaching the end of our twenty minute time limit, only one minute left on the clock!" The announcer blared on the microphone. "But neither of these contestants is showing any interest of backing down. Which one of these super-powered youngsters will come out on top?"

At the same time, Uub and Pan had begun charging their final attacks.

"Kaaa... mmeeeee... Haaa... meeee... HAAAAA!" They yelled in unison. Both attacks collided, shattering the floor of the arena where they hit. Both kamehamehas were locked, the place where the attacks met remaining perfectly stationary in the middle of the ring. Eventually the power built up to the point that neither side could keep up with it, and the beams cross cut, taking both fighters out and creating a tremendous explosion. When the dust cleared, Uub and Pan were both out cold on the ground.

"OUT OF BOUNDS! Pan has fallen out of the ring, making Uub the winner by default!" There was a mix of cheers and jeers from the audience. Clearly, most of them were rooting for Hercule's granddaughter. Uub stood up with some difficulty and looked over the edge of the ring where Pan was sprawled on the ground.

"You okay, Pan?" He asked.

"I'll live." Pan grunted as she tried to pull herself up.

"Sorry about that. I didn't mean to..."

"Don't be so stupid, Uub. That was a lot of fun." Pan interrupted, hopping back onto the arena. "I don't care that I just lost. In fact, I'm really glad I did." This threw Uub for a loop, but he smiled and offered Pan a hand up, which she took. They shook hands and left the arena. "The fact that you won means that your time with grandpa was well spent." Said Pan. "If I had won, then I would have been mad." They exchanged a friendly laugh.

"Our next match is between a newcomer to the Tenkaichi Budokai. Everyone give a welcoming hand to Valese!" The crowd applauded as Valese took the stage with Goten. She wore a sleeveless orange gi with a black belt, one that Goten had given to her since it no longer fit himself. "And her opponent, the runner-up from the junior division of the 26th Budokai, Son Goten." As applause rang out, Valese's eyes went wide.

"You? YOU'RE one of the kids who fought in the finals that day?" She asked Goten. He smiled and nodded. She stared up at him with a look of utter infatuation and then kissed him hard on the lips.

"Looks like its Son Goten's lucky day." the announcer chuckled teasingly. "Better treat that little lady well now." Goten flushed a fine red.

"Ready! GO!"

Though Goten had trained and prepared to fight anyone in the Budokai, from a cocky yellow belt to the brutal prince of all saiyans, nothing had prepared him for fighting against his worst opponent yet: his girlfriend. There was simply now way he could fight her, no way he could even touch her in the ring. A sharp pain struck out on his cheek. Valese had just punched him. She continued relentlessly, hitting him everywhere she could reach, she even landed a kick right in his dragon balls, causing him to collapse to the floor. She would have been disqualified if it wasn't an accident, which the announcer sharply pointed out.

"Goten, what's going on?" Valese asked Goten in a low whisper.

"I can't hit you. I'm too strong. Why don't I just forfeit? I'd just feel bad if I even touched you here."

"Goten! If you forfeit, I'm breaking up with you. And anyway, I think you deserve to win more than me." Valese whispered sharply. "Besides, you can actually handle that Vegeta guy." Goten's eyes went wide. He hadn't thought of Vegeta, who's fight he was sure to win, would be opposing the winner of this match. And he hadn't even thought of what he might do to Valese, though he was sure she would get hurt.

"Together then." Goten muttered to her after a long moment of though.


"Let's take a dive together." Said Goten. "That way, I don't have to hurt you, and neither of us will have to face Vegeta." Valese smiled at him. "That's a great idea, but how do we do it?" She asked. Goten took another moment of thought, and then snapped his fingers. "Got it." He whispered. "Follow my lead." He stepped to the other end of the ring to face Valese. "That nut-cracker you hit me with really pissed me off!" He shouted, using really terrible acting. "You're gonna pay for that!" He turned super saiyan, his long hair shot straight up and his eyes became light green. Valese looked very satisfied. She had always admired the super saiyan hairstyle. Goten then fired a ki blast, but didn't aim it at Valese. Instead, he aimed it at somebody passed her. The blast rocketed past Valese inches from her ear, and hit Vegeta, who was watching from the audience. Irritated, he too became a super saiyan and fired a yellow beam straight at Goten, who ran unrealistically slowly towards Valese. If he had acted a second later, Valese would have been vaporized. Goten leapt and grabbed Valese, pulling both of them away from the blast. Both of them landed in the grass outside the ring.

"Goten, that was so stupid." Valese muttered firmly.

"Sorry." Said Goten, guiltily.

"Unfortunately for both of us, I LOVE stupid." Valese snickered, seeing Goten's look of fright. He stared at her with a mix of relief and surprise.

"Really?" He said lamely. Valese kissed him again.

"Really." She repeated.

"OUT OF BOUNDS! Both Valese and Goten are disqualified. The match is a tie, and neither contestant will proceed." The announcer shouted.

"Well, that was smooth." Gohan smirked as Goten and Valese sat nearby in the stands.

"Goten and Valese sitting in a tree!" Pan sang teasingly. "K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, Then comes... umm, uh, darn it, I forgot how the rest goes." Valese giggled while Goten looked away, blushing.

"And now, for that last round of the preliminaries," The announcer stated later. "Our first contestant is the champion of the junior division from the 26th Budokai, hoping for a victory playing with the big boys, Trunks Briefs." The crowd applauded.

"So your friend was the one who won that day?" Said Valese.

"Yup." Goten nodded.

"And his father, Vegeta." More applause.

"That's really the best introduction I get?" Vegeta grunted irritably at the announcer, who shrugged apologetically.

"Ready! GO!" Though to Trunks the fight felt like forever, in real time, it was practically over before it even started. Trunks turned super saiyan and tried to fight defensively, but to no effect. Vegeta was simply far more powerful, bursting through his defenses without even transforming, and in a single blast, Trunks was down for a ten-count.

"Trunks is down for the count! Vegeta will proceed to battle the winner of the semi-finals!" The announcer shouted. "That's all for today. We'll be back tomorrow for the semi-finals, the finals, and the title match against world champion Hercule! See you all tomorrow." And with that, the stadium emptied as the people left for the day.

"More please." One saiyan had an appetite to put a restraint out of business and still have room for dessert, but the appetite of seven saiyans put together is far more than any single food establishment can handle. Knowing for over forty years the kind of hunger Son Goku has, and knowing that he had family with the same type of ravenous hunger, the tenkaichi had multiple restraints deliver food to feed the two saiyan families.

"You okay, Pan? You look pretty beat up." Asked Goku, noting Pan's battle damage from battling Uub.

"It's no problem. A little sleep and I'll be feeling perfect." She said brightly. After a long, feasty dinner which would cost normal families hundreds of thousands of zeni, everyone went to bed, everyone but Uub, who was sitting wide awake outside his room, thinking about the match next morning.

"Hey, Uub. What's got you so downy?" Pan asked him.

"Why are you up so late?" Asked Uub.

"Bathroom." Pan shrugged. "But unlike you, I don't have a match to fight tomorrow. You should be in bed."

"I can't sleep." Said Uub dully.

"You're not actually afraid are you?" Said Pan. Uub looked away. "Come on, if you can beat me, then your time with grandpa wasn't wasted. I know that you'll pass tomorrow. You just have to give it all you've got. But first, you need to get as much sleep as you can get." Uub seemed surprised at this statement at first, then smiled, nodded, and was about to head to bed but then he saw a shadowy figure sneaking into Goku's room. "I saw it too." Whispered Pan. They both slipped in after the mysterious stranger and saw a woman stripping right next to Goku's bed. "Stop right there!" Pan whispered loudly to her. The woman shrieked, refastening her unhooked bra. Though this scream would undoubtedly wake an ordinary person up, giving them a heart attack in the process, Goku remained as fast asleep as ever.

"What the hell do you brats want?" It was Lang Fan, the woman that tried to seduce Goku during their match. "Who are you?"

"I'm his granddaughter." Said Pan coolly. Langfan looked at her bewildered, then at the man sleeping soundly, then back at Pan.

"He's a... grandfather?" She muttered. "He's had... kids?" Pan nodded, holding up two fingers. Langfan's eyes went very wide, not with shock, fright, or disgust like Pan and Uub expected, but with utter infatuation and glee. "Oh, this makes it even better!" She sighed ecstatically. "Married, with children, AND a grandchild? Oh, this is so perfect!" She held Pan in a loving embrace. "Hello honey, please to meet you, I'm your new grand mommy."

"Get out." Pan and Uub said flatly in unison, both of them booting Langfan out of the room and shutting the door.

"Don't think this is the end! I will have you, Goku my darling." They heard her say as she walked away.

"Geez, what a whore." Pan whispered. Uub nodded. They both laughed as they headed back to their rooms to go to sleep. "Night Uub. Good luck tomorrow." Said Pan as they parted ways.

"And now, to begin the semi-final round!" The tenkaichi announcer declared the next day. "Today, we have a battle between a master and student, Son Goku vs. Uub. Will Son take home the trophy, or will the student surpass the master?"

"Good luck, Uub. I want you to give it all you've got." Said Goku encouragingly.

"You got it, Goku." Uub replied proudly as they both took their fighting positions.

"Ready! GO!"

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