Chapter One

A Misson

Hinata threw out the left over cake. Her 23rd birthday had been yesterday and she had celebrated with Sakura, Ino, and TenTen.

Hinata jumped as the phone rang.

"Hello?" She said.

"Hi Hinata." Said the Hokage.

"Do you need to see me Lady Tsunade-Sama?" Hinata asked.

"Yes I do I need you to do a misson." She replied.

"No problem I'll be there in a few minutes." Hinata said cheerfully.

"See you later!" Said Lady Tsunade.

"Bye." Said Hinata.

Hinata put on her Jonin vest, black underarmor, and black waterproof leggings.

She packed some kunais and Shirkins in her bag and left with a hurry.

Hinata ran into Naruto on her way to the Hokages office.

"Hi Hinata!" Said her ex-boyfriend.

"Hi Naruto!" Hinata said friendly. Hinata and Naruto had dated for a month but broke up so they wouldn't ruin they're friendship.

"Where are you going?" He said.

"To Lady Tsunades' office." She said.

"Tell grandma I say hi 'kay?" Nauto said.

"Sure, bye!" Said Hinata.

They both left they're separate ways when Naruto turned around and said, "Oh and Happy Birthday Hinata!"

"Thank you!" Hinata shouted for they were far from eachother.

Hinata went into Lady Tsunades office.

"Hello Lady Tsunade-sama. Naruto says hi by the way." She said.

Lady Tsunade rolled her eyes, "Did he say 'tell grandma?' "

Hinata laughed, "Yeah."

"Well back to business. I need you to go to the Sand Village and deliver this message to the Kazekage." Lady Tsunade stated.

Hinata smiled, "No problem."

"But be careful," the Hokage warned her, "there have been reports of bandits in the area your traveling."

Hinata nodded.

"Shizune give her the message." Barked Lady Tsunade.

Shizune came in with a small scroll. "Here you are Hinata."

Hinata put them small scroll in her bag.

"Goodbye Lady Tsunade-sama." Said Hinata.

"Bye, and good luck!" She replied.

Kisame coughed violenatly. "You'll just have to go to the Sand Village by yourself."

Itachi shrugged, "Ok, feel better though."

Kisame coughed again, "Thanks."

Itachi put his akutskie coat on and left the room.

He left the Akutskie hide out and started walking towards the Sand Village.

Itachi's POV

Does Pein have no heart? Sending me to set a bomb in a village? God, So many people will be killed…. Whatever I don't have time to feel pity for the villagers.

I ran quickly down the path to the sand village when I heard some one scream and the voice sounded familiar….

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