Chapter 19

An Anbu member walked in, the mask of a cow covered his face. Shino quickly jumped down and knocked him out with a swift blow to the neck. The man crumbled to the floor.

"Let's get out of here!" Kiba stage whispered. They poofed away quickly with a teleportation jutsu. They were standing out of the building and ran into the forest and out of the town, the sound of screaming sirens died away as they further distanced themselves from Konoha.

"Come one! Hopefully we won't have to deal with some pesky Anbus," Ten Ten shouted as she back flipped over the barbed wire fence. Hinata and Sakura were low on energy and chakra due to the chakra sucking chains, however they managed to jump over the fence while only ripping a small bit of their clothing.

They ran as quickly as they could, going deeper and deeper into the woods.

"Itachi-san do it now! Lee has given me the signal!" Shikimaru's voice sounded was slightly garbled due to the distance between them.

Itachi said into his own comn, "Got it Shikimaru-san." Itachi waited for a second until he sensed multiple unrecognizable chakras headed towards him. He set up a genjutsu that would make anyone who saw it think that they see Sakura, Hinata, and Ten Ten running east of the village. In reality they were running west.

"I see the prisoners! Everyone go after them!" The Anbus ran quickly after there targets and would not realize that their search was fruitless till hours later.

Itachi then took a ripped piece of Kisame's Akutsuki cloak, and buried it deep enough so it wouldn't get burnt and high enough so dogs could smell it.

"Shikimaru, we're ready for stage two," Shikimaru heard Itachi's gruff voice on his comn.

"Ten Ten, are you far enough from the explosion?"

"Yea we're almost at the rendevous point." He could barely hear her voice; She was so far away.

"Kiba? Shino?"


"Lee? Have you made it out of the building?"


Shikimaru nodded towards Neji.

Neji slowly said, "Detonating in 3, 2, 1!"

A huge boom shook the earth.

"Shizune, what was that?"

"I don't know . . ."

"Well find out damn it!"

Shizune squeaked and ran to find out what the loud explosion was. However she did hear "Tsunade" say as she ran out, "God I need some Sake."

When Shizune ran out of ear shot Orochimaru promptly spit out the alcoholic beverage.

"Can't allow myself to get drunk at a time like this…"

Even though Shizune didn't hear her say that . . . Kakashi did.

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