The word repeated itself over and over again in Nowaki's mind, like a mantra. Beautiful. He let himself into his small, one room apartment; the key shaking slightly in his hand in his excitement. Beautiful. He locked the door behind himself, and as soon as he did, an overwhelming urge came to him suddenly.

I need to masturbate.

So he flopped down on the bed, hands scrabbling frantically at the front of his pants. He managed to get them open, then his eyes rolled back in his head as he slipped one hand inside and fondled his already rock hard member. A moan escaped his lips, and he stroked himself.

Of course, the image dancing before his eyes was that of a certain brunet he had just met that day. He didn't think he would ever be able to forget how he felt when he locked eyes with the man in the park. He had just been cheerfully running after his rocket, which had landed near the park benches. It wasn't until he looked up and noticed not only that the most beautiful creature that had ever existed was right in front of him, but also that said creature was very clearly crying his eyes out, that Nowaki's heart skipped a beat.

He was stunned for a moment as the gorgeous man frantically wiped his eyes and tried to act like nothing was wrong. But Nowaki had already made up his mind.

This beautiful creature...would be his.

All his.

He had never felt seriously attracted to another person. He just didn't have the time for it. He had too many part time jobs, and the spare time he did have was spent like it was today: helping out the various people he met. He had arranged a little rocket launching party for the CEO of the grocery store chain that he worked for. It was a long story of how he, a lowly bag boy, had made the acquaintance of the top man of the company, but it didn't matter; at any rate, Nowaki was spending the afternoon in the park with him and some other old men he knew, indulging in a little fun.

People always asked Nowaki why he bothered to do things for people like that. He was always going out of his way to do favors for people, and he never expected anything in return. In fact, he would vehemently turn down any kind of payment or reward for said favors. Nowaki wasn't ever exactly sure why he did the favors. He guessed it was just good karma or something.

But then, on that sunny afternoon, Nowaki believed in karma more than he ever had. For his favor for an old man had made him cross paths with this heavenly, beautiful, crying angel.

Nowaki groaned and shoved his pants down on his hips, giving himself freer access to his swollen, aching cock. He rubbed it urgently, whispering Hiro-san, Hiro-san.

Nowaki had pulled the beautiful man off of the bench and made him join the party. Nowaki actually wanted to scoop the man up and run off somewhere with him, but he knew that he had an obligation to finish the party that he had started. So he brought the gorgeous stranger to the group, who had all welcomed him warmly. The man looked skeptical nonetheless, so Nowaki ruffled his hair and told him it was okay.

Nowaki panted and pumped at himself faster. Oh, how silky and perfect his head had felt. Like heaven in between his fingers. And the look of utter surprise across his face...beautiful.

Nowaki was relieved that the man stayed for the whole party. He found out from the old men that the gorgeous creature was named Hiroki Kamijou, and had been dubbed "Hiro-tan" by the group. Nowaki took that nickname and made it a little more proper, calling his new found angel "Hiro-san" instead.

After the party was over though, Hiro-san had left abruptly. Nowaki followed him down the street, which provoked suspicion and then anger in the man. Nowaki had expressed concern, and when that was blown off, he implored Hiro-san to be his tutor so that he could pass the high school proficiency exam.

Of course that was blown off too. Nowaki quickly learned that Hiro-san was a devil with an angel's face. Not that it made him any less attractive. It just made Nowaki want to cuddle him up even more and wipe that angry scowl off of his face. Even though he knew such an action would probably get him killed.

Nowaki still couldn't resist grabbing onto Hiro-san's arm and earnestly asking him again. Hiro-san had tried to pull away and then quickened his pace up to his apartment. Nowaki held fast, begging and pleading the whole way. Hiro-san had slammed the door in his face...but not without leaving the key in the lock.

Thinking quickly, Nowaki removed it and fled. He knew what he was doing was wrong and probably illegal, but he was desperate. He had to do something, anything, to stay with Hiro-san. He had thought about going inside after the man, but he knew he would probably call the police, and then it would all be over. So Nowaki retreated for the time being to hatch a plan.

But there were no plans being hatched. Instead, Nowaki was writhing, half dressed, on the bed, jacking off frantically. Images of Hiro-san floated through his head; his gorgeous little pink lips, his big brown eyes, his softly waving brown hair framing his face, the different expressions Nowaki had seen - despair, surprise, annoyance...all of it was dancing around as Nowaki pumped himself and licked his lips over and over.

"Nnnn...oh God, Hiro-san," Nowaki moaned loudly, and came all over himself. He had to just lay still for several minutes afterwards, his body overcome with amazing feelings. First of all, it had been nearly a year since he had masturbated properly, so he was pretty pent up. He had wet dreams about nothing in particular every so often; just his body releasing tension, but he had never masturbated while thinking of someone. And for that someone to be as beautiful and sexy as Hiro-san...he just couldn't control himself.

Which was how he found himself on his knees just ten minutes later, stroking his recovered erection. He threw his head back and groaned Hiro-san's name. He imagined the slim, attractive man crawling towards him on the bed, looking up through those long dark lashes, and then wrapping a hand around his cock.

Nowaki let out a soft squeal as he came again suddenly. The idea of Hiro-san touching him in a sexual way was too incredibly erotic. He trembled as he collapsed down to the bed, hugging the pillow and happily whispering Hiro-san's name over and over.

He drifted off for an untold amount of time, and dreamed of his beautiful new friend. (Though Hiro-san would undoubtedly argue the title of "friend.") He dreamt of Hiro-san underneath him, blushing and whispering Nowaki's name. They were kissing and rubbing their bodies together, and it was wonderful. Hiro-san's lips were incredibly soft, moaning sweetly. Then Nowaki saw Hiro-san's face contorted in pleasure, and those beautiful lips were screaming Nowaki's name in ecstasy.

Nowaki woke up, and immediately began pumping at his surging, rock hard erection. "Hiro-san, Hiro-san," he whined, his breathing ragged. He released powerfully, and shuddered as he pulled every last drop out.

He then noticed it was now very dark outside, but he still hadn't had dinner. He pulled his pants back up and went over to his tiny little kitchenette, preparing some food.

Which he abandoned halfway through eating to masturbate right at the table. He bucked his hips into his hand, now imagining Hiro-san on his hands and knees with him behind, penetrating him. Nowaki had never done such a thing and really couldn't remember where he had seen it, maybe in a book, but all he knew was that it was what he wanted to do to Hiro-san.

Over, and over, and over again.

Nowaki cried out as he came for the fourth time that evening, then he fell back into the chair, totally spent. He wiped himself up with his paper towel, and shakily went back to eating.

As he settled down into bed that night, he resolved to wake up early. As soon as he was done with his paper route, he would let himself into Hiroki's apartment. Hopefully the man wasn't an early riser, and Nowaki could slip in, then make him some breakfast. That would surely get them started off on a better foot.

Nowaki hugged the blanket around himself. "Hiro-san..." he sighed happily, then fell asleep blissful.