Nowaki settled down behind Hiroki in the bed with a happy sigh. "I'm so glad you could sleep over, Hiro-san."

"Whatever," Hiroki muttered, wriggling back into Nowaki's warmth. "You'd better go to sleep. You've got your first day of class tomorrow and you've already fucked around too much tonight!" He blushed as he remembered the exact details of said fucking around, and they involved himself splayed on the bed and moaning like cat in heat.

"Yes, I'm sorry. But I just cannot resist Hiro-san when he is touching himself. Ow, that hurt." Nowaki only winced slightly as Hiroki gave him a half hearted kick.

"Just shut up and go to sleep."

"Yes, Hiro-san. I love you. Good night." Nowaki nuzzled Hiroki's hair, and then fell asleep happily.

The next morning, Hiroki awoke to Nowaki kissing him on the lips and saying goodbye. Hiroki resisted the urge to curse the man out for doing something as sappy as giving him a goodbye kiss, and instead moved his lips in a half kiss as he pretended to be asleep and therefore unaware of what he was doing.

Hiroki rolled around on the futon for about half an hour, then sat up and scratched his belly lazily. He paused for a moment, then picked up Nowaki's pillow and inhaled it deeply. It smelled just like Nowaki ... soft and sweet and manly. Hiroki realized with a blush that he had gotten an erection just from the scent alone. He reached into the oversized boxers he was wearing, fiddling with it slightly.

Hiroki dropped Nowaki's pillow back onto the futon, then got face down on it, breathing in on it as he stroked himself slowly. The sensation was just heavenly - not as good of course as the actual thing, but there was something so naughty and secretive about it that turned Hiroki on even more. He thought about the way that Nowaki seemed to find all of his sensitive spots...licking and kissing and pinching them. Nowaki knew Hiroki's body better than the man himself did.

Hiroki pumped at himself a little harder, biting his lower lip. He closed his eyes and inhaled the heavenly scent coming off of Nowaki's pillow, then he felt that familiar tingle in the head of his member. A few more pulls was all it took to make himself erupt gloriously. "God, I'm so fucked up," he groaned, hand on his head, as he removed his nose from Nowaki's pillow.

He wallowed in the sheets for a while, then got up and cleaned himself off. As he was pitching a tissue in the trash, he noticed that Nowaki had left him a note, weighted down with a key. He picked it up and his eyes scanned the familiar handwriting he had graded so many times.

"Hiro-san, Here's the key. Just stick it in my mail slot when you leave. Or you can take it and make a copy of it...if you want...just make sure you bring the original back so that I can get in tonight! Anyway...please don't accidentally take my sleep clothes home again...I am running out of clothes to wear! See you later. I love you. - Nowaki."

Hiroki blushed and crumpled up the note, only to smooth it out again. "Like I'd want to make a copy of his house key," he scoffed. He slipped it in his pocket as he tried to remember if that old hardware store near the library had a keysmith. "And who said I was going to take his clothes home?" he muttered to himself, rolling his eyes as he lifted the hem of Nowaki's shirt up and smelled it deeply. He dropped it guiltily and threw the note down. "Whatever!" he laughed awkwardly. "I only have a little bit of his clothes at my place...okay, I have five or six sets..."

Hiroki wandered around the apartment, touching things absentmindedly for a little while. Then he realized that he was all alone in Nowaki's apartment for the first time...what better time to snoop and find out all his dark, dirty secrets?

Thirty minutes later, Hiroki had turned every drawer upside down and had found ... nothing. No dirty magazines, no love letters from old lovers, no strange news clippings about serial murders ... just nothing. Hiroki was both relieved and annoyed. He had really thought he would find something scandalous, but the kid didn't seem to have any secrets. "I at least expected to find a diary full of nonsense ramblings about all the ways he wanted to make love to me... not that I WANTED to find it or anything."

Hiroki puttered to the closet and thumbed through the hangers of clothes. There were several different work uniforms, reflecting Nowaki's multiple jobs, but other than that...there weren't many clothes. Just a few shirts and a couple pairs of pants. Hiroki then went back to Nowaki's top dresser drawer and counted the pairs of underwear there. He was embarrassed to find only a half dozen pairs. "God, and I've been hoarding his stuff..." Hiroki groaned to himself.

That evening, Nowaki unlocked his mailbox and retrieved his apartment key, then climbed the stairs and entered his home. He had half hoped Hiro-san would still be there, but it had been quite some time, and he couldn't possibly expect the man to hang around in a place with no TV or computer for that long.

He went into his closet to hang up his flower shop apron, and was surprised to see that it seemed fuller. He moved the hangers back and forth, and was dumbfounded to see brand new shirts that he didn't recognize. He checked the tags, and sure enough, they were just his size. He hurried out to his dresser and checked the clothing in there, and sure enough, there were brand new pairs of underwear and undershirts.

Nowaki glanced over to the kitchen table, and his heart leapt when he saw a piece of paper there. Scurrying over, he snatched up the paper and excitedly read it.

"Nowaki - I'll just trade you for the ratty ones then. - Kamijou."

Nowaki smiled, holding the note against his chest.

Two weeks later was the spring festival at Nowaki's community college, and after much coaxing, Hiroki agreed to go. He shuffled along behind Nowaki as they walked between booths. Nowaki excitedly pointed out all the buildings that he had his classes in.

"Ah, Kusama-kun?" a woman's voice called. Nowaki turned, and was soon in cheerful conversation with a middle aged woman.

"Hiro-san, this is Yoshiaki-senpai... she is studying to be a teacher."

"Raised a whole gaggle of kids and figured I'd try teaching now!" the woman said, smiling.

Hiroki gave her a half hearted hello, then gasped as Nowaki put a big arm around him lovingly. "And Yoshiaki-senpai, this is Hiro-san. I mean, Hiroki Kamijou. He's a graduate student at M University, studying classic literature."

Just as Hiroki was about to say, "How do you do," in a flat voice, Nowaki continued talking.

"Hiro-san is my boyfriend!" he exclaimed cheerfully.

The woman's eyebrows raised slightly, and she seemed to be caught off guard, but she smiled. "Oh. Well, aren't you a cute couple? Oh, shoot, there's my daughter waving to me. Gotta go! See you in class on Monday!"

As she hurried off, Hiroki punched Nowaki in the arm. "What the hell?" he hissed.

"What, Hiro-san?" Nowaki asked, rubbing his sore shoulder.

"You don't TELL people that we're ... going... whatever!" Hiroki wasn't even able to say it out loud.

Nowaki cocked his head slightly. "But why not?"

"Because! It's not normal for two guys to go out! People are going to think you're weird!"

Nowaki looked crestfallen. " you think it's weird?"

Hiroki gave an aggravated sigh. "I didn't say that... listen... it's just that I don't want people judging you..."

Nowaki shrugged. "I really don't care. Because Hiro-san is the most important thing in the world, and if people can't accept that you're my boyfriend, then they aren't worth my time anyway." He gave a decisive nod.

"You're so lame..." Hiroki muttered, his cheeks suddenly rosy.

Nowaki just grinned. "Maybe so. But that's all right with me. Hey, can I buy you something to eat, Hiro-san?" he offered, gesturing towards the tents serving festival food.

"I'm not hungry," Hiroki said carelessly, but his eye was fixed on the takoyaki tent.

"Oh, okay," Nowaki said. "Hmm, I feel like takoyaki." He approached the stand and purchased an extra large order, then sat on a nearby bench and allowed Hiroki to pick the tray clean.

They strolled around the festival for a while longer, then walked for Nowaki's apartment. Inside, Nowaki kissed Hiroki's neck gently in the darkened room as he carefully unbuttoned the man's shirt. " know I would never be embarrassed for anyone to know we are together." Nowaki peppered Hiroki's collarbone with a series of light kisses. "In fact, I am so proud of you." He kissed Hiroki's now bare chest as he pushed him back on the futon. "You're so beautiful, and smart, and amazing...I want to tell everyone in the world that we're in love."

Hiroki trembled terribly under Nowaki. "I've never..." He trailed off.

"Hmm, Hiro-san?" Nowaki asked while unfastening his lover's pants. Hiroki mumbled something in response, and Nowaki had to ask again.

"I've never been anyone's boyfriend!" Hiroki shouted.

"Eh?" Nowaki paused in undressing him, utterly shocked. "But, I thought... I mean, you and Usami-san..."

Hiroki glowered at the mention of his airheaded friend. "We never went out...not properly...I mean, yeah, we did it, but..." Nowaki frowned slightly, and Hiroki slapped a hand over his face. "Shit, I mean, no...ugh..." He flailed for words, then gave up entirely and folded his arms over his chest defensively. "Look, don't give me a hard time about it! Yeah, I fucked around ... a lot ... in the past. But don't you dare judge me!"

"Hiro-san, I would never judge you..."

"Anyway, the point is, I've never actually gone out with anyone, so please fucking excuse me if I don't know how to act. God!" Hiroki rolled onto his side with an aggravated huff, and waited nervously for Nowaki's response.

"Oh, Hiro-san," the younger man sighed, kissing at Hiroki's shoulder. "I love you so much. And I am so lucky to be your first boyfriend." Hiroki shuddered in relief, and rolled back to face his lover. Their mouths met, clashing hot and desperately. Hiroki tugged down on Nowaki's pants, urgently trying to free him from them.

Within a minute, they were both completely undressed. "Let me get on top," Hiroki whispered breathlessly, pushing Nowaki on his back and clambering on top of him.

"But I want to taste you first," Nowaki insisted, taking Hiroki by the hips and urging him up his body, closer to his face.

"Ah...Nowaki..." Hiroki gasped, sliding upwards. The head of his cock reached Nowaki's lips, and Hiroki moaned helplessly as it was lovingly suckled. "Mmm...yes..."

Nowaki watched Hiroki's face in rapture, enjoying the beautiful expressions on it. For him, that was almost as enjoyable if not more so than getting pleasure himself. He felt like he could easily do things to Hiroki for hours, just to watch him squirm and moan. He wished he could videotape the experience, and then play it back to himself over and over again whenever he couldn't see his Hiro-san.

Nowaki's daydreams were cut off as Hiroki began moaning more loudly and thrusting into Nowaki's mouth. "God...oh yes. Mmm...haaaa..." Hiroki made a soft whimpering noise. "If you don't stop...I'm going to cum..."

Nowaki locked eyes with him to let him know that was exactly what he wanted, and Hiroki released with a happy groan. Nowaki swallowed every drop, then guided Hiroki back down to his lap. "Are you still up to being on top?"

"Mmm?" Hiroki lifted his head from Nowaki's chest and looked up at him in blissful confusion. "Oh yeah." He spread his legs wider. "Where's the lube?"

"It's here," Nowaki said, reaching out and snagging it from between the futon and the nightstand. Hiroki took it from him, covered his palm, and then slicked Nowaki down entirely with a few pumps of his hand. Nowaki trembled in pleasurable anticipation, and licked his lips as he watched Hiroki inserting slippery fingers in his own ass. The way the man opened his mouth and moaned quietly as his eyes was simply beautiful.

After a few moments, Hiroki was ready, and he began to sit down on Nowaki's cock, which Nowaki was helpfully propping up straight. "Oh, yessss...." Hiroki hissed happily as he eased it inside.

"Hiro-san," Nowaki gasped, watching in reverent amazement as his cock was engulfed by that tight, hot space, "You are so beautiful."

"No." Hiroki's protest was half hearted and there was a slight smile curling the edge of his lip as he rode Nowaki's cock.

"Yes. You are the most beautiful creature on earth."

"Whatever." Hiroki placed his hands on Nowaki's firm abdomen and then began lifting and lowering himself rapidly.

"Ahhhhh, Hiro-san! That's soooo good!" Nowaki cried out breathlessly. "I'm going to cum!"

"Cum inside of me, Nowaki..." Hiroki begged, locking eyes with his lover for a moment. Nowaki got pleasurable chills up his spine.

"Hiro-san! Hiro-san!" he screamed, filling Hiroki up inside. They shuddered together in the aftermath, then cuddled down in the sheets after a quick clean up.

Nowaki pulled Hiroki close, trying to kiss every strand of hair on his head as they drifted off to sleep together.