A month had passed. Erika waited anxiously by the door, looking for cars on the road.

"I talked to him yesterday," Selene said, hugging her. "He's fine. I'm sure he'll be here soon."

"I know, I'm being overprotective. It's just that Clayton's so young…I worry."

"He's fine," Selene smiled. "I'm sure of it."

"Selene!" Khan called. "Michael's left again."

"Not again," both ladies said.

"Slipped away while Raize was in the loo," Khan said, smirking. "It's worse than having teenagers, I swear it."

"I'll find him," she said, grabbing her cloak. "Tell Clayton I'll talk to him when I get back. Did he go on foot or take the car, Khan?"

"He's footing it today. Headed east."

Selene nodded and took off out of the front door. She ran at speeds too fast for any mortal to see, following her ex-lover's scent. She ran him down after about thirty minutes, cannoning into him and pinning him to a tree. "Where the hell do you think you're going?"

"Get off me!"

"Are you doing this just to piss me off? Because it's working."

"Why else would I be doing it? Get off!"

Selene let go, forgetting that she had been hovering when she caught him. She watched him fall a few feet. "Come on, we're going home. The recon team's back and I have work to do."

Michael stared at her for a second, before following silently.


"It's ridiculous William!" Selene raged. "I can't control him. No one can. I've started tailing him myself, because I feel horrible asking my team to be babysitters."

"You're doing all you can," William said. "I know. But you have to remember, his Immortality is new. He's impulsive. I daresay all new Immortals are. You killed every Lycan in sight when you were turned. Erika was…er…a very amorous addition to the coven. We all were a bit reckless."

"But most of us didn't start killing people to satisfy our blood lust."

"True. Very true. But I think—"

A knock at the door interrupted them. Khan stuck his head into the office. "Sorry, my lord, but we need you. It's urgent." He waited for them to follow him and led them upstairs. "Michael's been feeding again," he said, opening the door to one of the rooms.

A woman lay on the bed, bloody and obviously struggling for life. Erika sat by her side, trying to bandage her up. "Turn her," she said when she spotted Selene.

Selene looked at the woman, and flinched. "I've kind of lost my appetite. Not gentle, was he?"

"She's suffering," Erika said. "But it doesn't look like she's going to die. So unless you feel like killing her, I suggest you get to it."

Selene nodded and knelt next to the bed and bit the woman. It didn't take long for her breathing to ease. Sitting back, Selene wiped her mouth and asked, "Where is he?"

"Don't know," Khan said. "In his room, I suppose."

Selene stormed out, with William at her heels. She pounded on Michael's door a minute later.

"MICHAEL!" William roared.

Not dumb enough to ignore an elder, Michael opened the door.

"Enough is enough," William growled. "You are on house arrest until further notice. If I so much as hear that you've opened a window, you will feel my ire. If you step outside, you will be banished from the coven." With that, he pulled the door closed and called for guards.

Selene walked back to the new Vampire's room. "Has she spoken yet?" she asked Erika.

"No. She's asleep."

Selene pulled Erika into a hug. "He's under house arrest now. William's deciding what to do."

"Let's hope it's something drastic. Michael's out of control."


Days passed, and Selene heard nothing from or about the Hybrid. She was walking down to the library to find Erika when she passed one of the servants going up. Selene recognized her as Tonya, one of Erika's friends. She bowed and smiled at her. "Taking dinner to Markus?"

"To Michael, actually."

"I see. Carry on, I didn't mean to keep you." She continued down the stairs and into the library. It took her a few minutes to find her fiancé, as she was hidden in a back corner surrounded by books. "There you are. What are you doing?"

"Researching how many people were killed during the City Battle," Erika said. "It's quiet horrible, actually."

"It was. Still working on Tanis's project then?"

"Yeah. Will you help me? I've still got three books and a database to go through," she said, nodding at the computer screen.

They worked in silence for about fifteen minutes. Selene was taking some notes when she heard a scream, then a growl, and then a crash. Rushing to the stairs, she heard a commotion on the third landing. "Michael." She made it to his room at a sprint. "What was that scream."

"Keep Erika out," Khan said.

"Why? What's…" Selene trailed off as she saw the scene in the bedroom. Tonya was lying on the floor, clothes ripped off of her. She was bloody, and looked to be expiring rapidly. There were gashes on her neck and stomach that weren't regenerating fast enough, despite the attention of the coven's doctors. Selene turned and caught Erika around the waist, pulling her away before the blonde could see.

"Selene what's wrong?" she asked. "What's he done now?" She looked into Selene's stricken face. "Where's Clay—"

"It's not Clayton. Michael's…he's killed Tonya."


William appeared then, looking into the room and grimacing. "He's no longer a part of this coven. Do all of you hear me? Consider him a Renegade. Tell your Death Dealers, Selene. If he appears anywhere near this house, you're to shoot him on sight."

"Yes, William."


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