Prompt: Brand

Count: 100

Written especially too Yohko Bennington! Happy Birthday!

Summary: Total Crack! Between Yellow Eyes and Dean. It's all-dramatic until they get a little side tracked. Takes place in the Season 2 finale.

A Demon is Bribing Me!

Azazel groaned, "You again."

Dean grinned a triumphent smile, "Me again."

"What can I honestly do to make you go away?" The demon asked, flickering his bright yellow eyes.

"Nothin at all. I guess your stuck with me."

"How bout if I buy you a Red ferrari?"

Dean shook his head, "Not my type of brand."

"Then what is?"

"I ain't giving up my baby."


"Yes. Have you seen my car?"

"Actually you did I nice job on the repairs after I had one of my friends smash a truck into it."

"Enough chit chat." Dean fired the colt.