STORY TITLE: Gryffindor for the Win

CHAPTER ONE: Hidden Desire


WARNING: Turn back now; this story will contain sex, BOY ON BOY! This means if you can't handle, scram!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay, so originally I wrote this whole "one-shot" in ONE document, however that made it somewhere around 17 pages and over 10, 000 words. In the beginning it happened to be something just to make me happy since I had stumbled upon this pairing and desired to write something about it, then my friend decided she wanted to read it, so I mainly wrote it for her, but since I spent a little over three days on it and I quite like it I am willing to share it with you guys. C: So, since I am also a reader on her I get annoyed with insanely long chapters because it makes my eyes hurt for some reason, so I decided to split it up into five chapters. Therefore, please forgive the possible awful transitions between chapters and literally no plot line since, in the beginning this was just written for my friend and IS MEANT TO BE A ONE-SHOT. Enjoy you little slash whores like me. ;]

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Fred waltzes up to the natural brunette, noting with a smile that currently Harry is under a transfiguration spell allowing him to conceal his identity to outsiders just looking to butt into The Golden Boy's private life. "Harry, not that we mind you working here, but George and I worry about you. We don't like that you feel you have to hide yourself, not that we would mind the extra business you would attract if The Daily Prophet had word that you work here…Joking!" Fred dodges the punch aimed jokingly at his stomach, and instead wraps an arm around Harry's shoulders, assessing that male as he rings up a customer's purchase. The red head can't help but frown at Harry's choice of a disguise, in place of the usual chocolate locks there is yellow-ish blonde hair instead, and his deep sparkling emerald green eyes that Fred loves so much are now a dull hazel. His scar that had always been so prominent is now hidden and his once naturally tan skin is a few shades lighter.

The war had changed them all, Fred had narrowly escaped death, and only after months had he been able to get up from bed. George had lost an ear, but now he grows his hair longer on that side to hide the hole. Harry had broken up with Ginny the second he had the chance, preferring to be by himself while he worked out all his twisted thoughts. The Weasley family and Harry had been pretty shocked when their youngest son declared to them that he had broken up with Hermione, is gay, and is going out with someone from their year at school, not that he was going to share until their little get together this weekend. Hermione had seemed to know for quite some time, and seemed perfectly okay when Harry had called on her later. She was even going out with someone new already.

The party this weekend is just something Mrs. Weasley set up in an attempt to get all her children back home for three days and to just make everyone remember what it is like to be surrounded by friends and family. The news buzzing around says that she is inviting quite a gathering.

"It's times like this that I wish I had someone to go home to every night." Harry murmurs, ringing up a customer's purchase as Fred mulls over his words. The arm that had been previously around Harry's shoulders moved to wrap now around the deceptively slim waist. Even though Harry never seemed to gain weight, he was quite the bundle of muscles, his whole body being trained for a solid feeling under the skin.

Harry turns in Fred's arms, leaning back just enough so he can catch Fred's face. One of those red eyebrows is nestled higher up on the male's forehead in an unmistakably quizzical expression. "I think I might have an idea." Fred looks around the room to make sure there are no customers waiting on Harry to be rung up, before dipping his head and snagging the transfigured males lips in his own. Somewhere along the way of their very passionate kiss, Fred mutters a finite, and Harry's transfigured features turn back into his own. The brunette's hands are trapped between their chests, useless unless he wants to push the red haired male away.

Does he want to push Fred away? Harry stands there responding mildly to the assault of his lips, debating to himself. In all reality, he doesn't know whether he wants this to continue or not.

"Harry, I believe there is someone here to interrupt us." Fred whispers in between nips along The Golden Boy's jaw and throat. Harry pulls back immediately, looking around frightened.

"Oh, don't stop on my account. Though…I wouldn't mind you call me next time Harry, when you decide to have another go later on." George smirks widely, stepping up to the other side of the counter, it being the only barrier between him and Harry. The red head is unhappy with the fact that Harry is still so tightly clutched in Fred's arms, and gently winds his fingers into the brunette locks, yanking back so he can see the green-eyed man's face. "I don't like to be left out in affairs that concern you, Harry." The chocolate-locked man nearly tears up at the way the scarred man utters his name. He can barely shiver before another man once again catches his lips, but this time it is George massaging his mouth and tongue instead of Fred.

"Was little George-y jealous of my wins?" Fred hisses out, causing Harry to suddenly remember himself. Deftly unwrapping himself from the red head's arms he backs away from the two, exiting the space behind the counter and edging towards the door.

Tears sprinkle in his eyes as he throws the apron he is required to wear, down on the ground. "I am not a possession; I just wanted someone, someone that loves me." Fred and George come to stand next to each other and watch the departure of the brunette, silently ashamed of themselves for acting as such. Tomorrow is Thursday and Harry only works Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays so they will not be seeing Harry until Friday when they all would arrive at Mrs. Weasley's party.


"HARRY, GET UP ME MUM'S PARTY IS TODAY YOU DEAD BLOKE!" Ron yells around the spacious house, noting the warm colors and comfortable atmosphere. He shakes his head sadly, wondering why Harry doesn't have someone serious in his life yet. Of course, Ron is bouncing off the wall to get to the party for his boyfriend is showing up later and Ron is going to introduce him to everyone at the party.

Harry shakes the sleep out of his system and takes a quick shower, noticing when he comes out of the bathroom to grab his clothes; Ron is lying on his messy bed lazily. Thankfully, the brunette had wrapped the towel around his waist before exiting the steamy room. Ron looks up and smirks, turning his attention back to the window to his right. Harry smiles for the first time in two days, the pressing matter of seeing Fred and George for the first time since Wednesday, tonight, is seemingly weighing heavy on The Golden Boy's mind. Moving quickly he gets dressed and brushes his teeth, before attempting to brush his hair, but failing, he trapezes outside with Ron after grabbing his suitcase. They both disappear on spot, apparating to the family home.

Ron looks a little green as he lands in front of a house he has only known for a short time. Ever since Bellatrix and Fenrir destroyed their other one…

Those dark thoughts are suddenly pushed away though, as one of his best friends wraps an arm around his shoulder and leads him towards the house, banishing the looming depression wanting to work him up. The brilliant smile on Harry's face promises for a good night, and Ron shoves all his black thoughts out of his mind, reminding himself he is revealing his boyfriend and he should be concentrating on that. The red head smirks lightly, liking the fact that he had thought ahead and sent his luggage, instead of having to carry it in like Harry.

However, Harry stops Ron short and turns him to look back down the dirt road leading to the front door of the Weasley Residence. "It's Blaise Zabini, isn't it?" Ron just gapes in amazement, for Harry's voice didn't even make it sound like a question, just a statement of fact.

"Er—yeah, how do you think the family and friends are going to take it?" He feels his head drop, and notes that the dirt has been disturbed by feet and a few cars.

"Ron, we all love you, everyone is going to take it fine." Harry soothes his fiery tempered best friend, and smiles kindly, wondering just when the red head had realized his attraction to the dark Slytherin. "So when did you two realize you liked each other?" Harry hears himself asking before he can close his mouth.

"Oh well. We haven't told anyone this, and I did convince the other two that you should definitely be let in one the loop, but Herm is a little worried how it will look if word gets out, do please don't be mad at her and me for not telling you sooner.—"

"Yeah so what is it?" Harry cuts off, too excited at the news to be anything but interested.

"Well Blaise and I got together in sixth year believe it or not, and Hermione knew it when we were going out…she was actually the one that set us up, but then we agreed that we didn't think it would be good to let anyone know we were breaking up since everyone thought we were going to be together 'forever'. So, we decided to keep it a secret, and I saw Blaise with her knowledge, we were more like friends even though 'Mione and I were technically going out, but Blaise and I—woah, it was just…hot—" Ron is cut off by a fit of laughter.

"Oh bloody hell, Ron best of luck to you and Blaise. I actually knew about you two since late sixth year because once I went looking for you and found you two snogging." Harry laughs again and pats his blushing mates back. "Well you should probably go join the family, I can feel them spying from the windows."

Ron laughs too, turning around and letting Harry lead them up the wooden steps to an already open door. Inside they are covered in hugs and kisses, Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley each gives them a huge hug, the woman making sure to smear their faces with her pale pink lipstick as she smothers them in kisses. Hermione comes up and gives them each a hug and reassuring glance before tossing her mane of hair in a signal to look behind her. A smile crosses Ron and Harry's face as they see that the man Hermione is now dating is none other than Oliver Wood. "Harry!" Wood rushes forward forcing the brunette into a head lock at his happiness to see one of his best friends.

"Congrats on taming Herm over there." Harry replies, giving the older male a confident wink, Ron nods in agreement, fake choking himself.

Hermione storms over and whacks both of her friends upside the head, stepping back to link arms with Oliver.

"Ow, 'Mione we were only joking!" Ron yowls, and Harry nods his ascent.

"Serves you right for making fun." Hermione chuckles though, portraying she is only kidding. "Oh by the way Harry. Ron and I need to speak to you. Olli I will only be a minute." Hermione flashes him a loving smile, and he literally melts on the spot.

"Olli?"Harry teases, only proceeding to get himself into a wrestling match on the floor with the other brunette. "Hahaha, okay I gotta go and talk to Ron and 'Mione, talk to you later Wood!" Harry calls, waving lightly. "What's up guys?"

"Yeah, what are we supposed to be talking to him about Hermione?" Ron asks, completely confused as to why he is brought into this too.

"Oh honestly Ron, and you call yourself gay." Hermione is teasing, but there was a note in her voice that seemed a little serious about something. "Haven't you noticed the signs?" She stresses the last word, sweeping her hands out in a 'look around motion'.

Harry implores himself to gaze around the large room, only to find his eyes connecting with two steaming red headed twins. Quickly looking away, he finishes his assessment of the room and decides to look at his feet. "Well that proves it…"

"What Hermione?" Ron asks exasperated.

She holds her head, quietly ashamed at the male standing in front of her. "Your brothers…" Ron looks at them again and cocks an eyebrow.

"What about them, they just look a little pissed is all?" Ron looks again and traces the looks they are giving to Oliver Wood. "Herm, I don't think they like Oliver…but why, they seemed to get along fine with him when they were playing Quidditch?"

"Ron, it's not that they dislike Olli per say, it's more that they don't like him because he touched someone that they like—"

"Hermione that is ridiculous, they do not have a crush on you!" Harry just continues to look at his shoes, he can feel the bushy haired girl's stare on him, but he refuses to look up and display his embarrassment, which would give away his knowledge on the fact of Fred and George.

"RONALD WEASLEY, LISTEN TO ME. IT IS NOT ME THAT THEY HAVE A CRUSH ON, IT IS BLOODY GOD DAMN HARRY!" Hermione practically yells, drawing the attention of more than a few people. She blushes scarlet and excuses the three of them to go outside for a walk. Ron is speechless, trying to think of when this little crush had started. "I think they were first attracted to him in second year, but they held back because Harry was really young, so they made up for it by just teasing him and eventually Harry offered to get their business off the ground, don't you think they would be a little bit more than happy since now Harry had access to company affairs, and decisions would now be processed through him too?" Harry stays quiet, preferring to glance back at the quiet house they were making wide circles around. Every few times, he would look up he could sometimes catch a glimmer of one of the Weasley twins, both of them keeping a watchful eye on him. Ron mumbled stuff to Hermione and she would answer to the best of her ability, not really knowing the answer herself. Hermione decides to stop their circling and sits down on one of the swings of the swing set in the backyard. "Are you okay with this?" She tentatively asks the red head beside her, both of them watching the brunette wandering away from them as he kicks rocks. Harry continues to follow the path of the rock as he kicks it, while Ron sits on the swing beside her.

"Yeah, I guess, I mean I got over it when he started dating Ginny, so I guess both my brothers liking him isn't much of a surprise, but I am worried he is going to get hurt…" Ron startles Hermione with how wise he sounds; before she had been struggling to get him to figure out for himself that, the twins had the 'hots' for their best friend. "I mean Harry is pretty sensitive still, he doesn't live with anyone, and he barely has any contact with other people than us when it is just a normal day. I can see that the twin's might be good for him if he was to start liking one of them, but they are like a pair of the same thing sometimes. I am worried that he won't be able to choose, or worse that they would force him to choose, I mean if they love him they wouldn't hurt him afterwards when he chose one of them…would they?" Hermione shrugs, but gathers herself up and walks over to Harry wrapping him in a hug.

"I think you should go for it." Is all she says before hugging him again and walking off back towards the house. She stows worries about Harry in the back of her mind for the moment as her whole mind focuses on Oliver Wood, the man waiting for her comfortably on the couch.

Ron stays on the swings for a little bit, flinching slightly when Harry comes to sit down with him. "Are you mad?"

"W-what oh, no! Not at all!" Ron starts laughing lightly, getting up to stand and hug Harry who follows suit. "I was just worried that you might get hurt, my brother's can be beasts sometimes." The red head perks up when he glimpses a figure walking towards him, and the smile that spreads across his face makes Harry want to light up the whole world. "Harry my only advice to you is don't worry or think too much, everything will work itself out of there are any problems…"

"Go get him tiger." Harry releases the red head from the hug and turns to watch him scamper towards the weighed down Slytherin trudging up the dirt road. As Ron gets closer Blaise drops everything immediately, making sure to place the breakable stuff on the ground softly, before opening his arms to receive his rushing lover.

"Blimey Weasley, I was afraid there for a second that you were going to bowl me over." Blaise nuzzles his lover's nose, showing affection he only portrayed when alone with the man in front of him. Other times it was only a slight peck on the cheek or an arm around the waist or shoulders that gave any hint they were together, but alas, that is how Ron likes it. Because whenever he must join Blaise in company with others he likes to torture the male with brushes of his hand 'accidentally' over his crotch, or by playing with a shirt that already exposes a great deal of his chest, his favorite must have been the time he danced seductively while Blaise watched from a comfortable black leather couch in front of him. Later, when they got in bed it was some of the most spectacular sex either of them would ever have.

Harry smiles lightly, but decides he should pretend he doesn't know who Ron's mystery lover is until the rest of the family knows.

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