STORY TITLE: Gryffindor for the Win



WARNING: Turn back now; this story will contain sex, BOY ON BOY! This means if you can't handle, scram!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay, so originally I wrote this whole "one-shot" in ONE document, however that made it somewhere around 17 pages and over 10, 000 words. In the beginning it happened to be something just to make me happy since I had stumbled upon this pairing and desired to write something about it, then my friend decided she wanted to read it, so I mainly wrote it for her, but since I spent a little over three days on it and I quite like it I am willing to share it with you guys. C: So, since I am also a reader on her I get annoyed with insanely long chapters because it makes my eyes hurt for some reason, so I decided to split it up into four chapters. Therefore, please forgive the possible awful transitions between chapters and literally no plot line since, in the beginning this was just written for my friend and IS MEANT TO BE A ONE-SHOT. Also I refuse to believe that Fred is dead and this is sort of my AU-ish world where Fred lives but George DOES get his ear cut off...Enjoy you little slash whores like me. ;]

DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything pertaining to Harry Potter so don't sue, however this story is mine, but I am making no money from it. (Hopefully just fans xD)

The Golden Boy shivers and draws his coat more closely around him, the wind cutting through the air like a knife. The bags he is carrying don't help to keep his hands warm as he tries to carry them without displaying as much skin as possible. Looking around and making sure there are no muggles around, he apparates, with a little pop, to his house. Hurriedly unlocking his door and getting inside the warmth of his walls, he shuts the door a little harder than he means to in his attempt to keep all the cold out.

Warm tendrils of heat wind up his body and move to make him take of his coat. He places the bag in the kitchen and throws his coat on the table, his feet already moving him towards the living room where the extent of the warmth is radiating. There sleeping on the couch and love seat is Fred and George, their red hair shining with the fire they made in Harry's fireplace. Wisps of tears come to the brunette's eyes as he gazes on the scene. His emotion overwhelming him at the thought of finally coming home to someone,…someone he loves. Moving more quietly than before he sneaks over to the two men and goes about kissing them on the forehead sweetly, then like any good person he grabs two blankets and covers them up, all the while smiling to himself.

Harry sits in front of the fire, enjoying the heat steaming out of the small place, his thoughts all swirling around his joy to have come home to the surprise of both twins waiting for him. "Unh!" The sound startles Harry, and he turns around to see George stretching luxuriously after his nap, almost like a cat.

"Good afternoon." Harry greets, turning around on his seat on the floor so his back is to the fire. He suppresses a moan of enjoyment as he feels the heat warming his freezing back, along with the faux tiger fur rug under him. George moves to shake his brother awake, getting an annoyed slap to the fingers in return.

"He's home." Is all George has to whisper to get Fred sitting up straight on the couch.

"Harry!" Fred groans, getting off the couch in a way Harry finds oddly sexual. Both twins move to sit on either side of him, their added hit getting rid of the last cold thoughts inside of him. "We've been waiting for you." Harry doesn't reply, knowing that it is just a statement of fact.

The attack starts almost as rapidly as their beating hearts. Fred launches himself down on top of the smaller man, knocking Harry's head into George's lap. Immediately the brunette can feel his arms circle around Fred's neck, pulling him closer. Harry feels the hard on George has with his head in his lap, and he can't help but tease by moving his head back and forth. This causes the red head to groan a guttural moan, alighting a spark in Harry's nervous system.

Fred is already working on getting Harry unclothed, his deft fingers skillfully undo the buttons on his shirt and yank it from his form, while then setting about getting rid of his pants and boxers. Harry arches his back when he feels Fred accidently brush his member as he is pulling off his last article of clothing, his underwear. George captures his lover's lips in his own as he bends down, being careful he transfers Harry's head from his lap to the rug on the floor. He looks up to his brother who is already licking the inside of Harry's thighs, tasting the sweet taste of the brunette's skin and excitement.

Harry's hands scrabble down to tug on the collar of Fred's shirt, wanting to rid the toned boy of that article of clothing. He does the same thing to George, but since he is closer, he pushes it up and get's help from the red head at taking it off. The Golden Boy gasps when he feels a hand playing with his nipple, realizing Fred had come back to play with him after hurriedly taking off his own shirt. Harry notices George's lack of attention on anything but the weeping tip of his tan cock, and licks his lips excitedly when he plunges his hand onto the zipper of George's pants. Undoing the fly and button he snakes his hand in and grabs the almost solid member of a very excited red head.

Before he can even think of what he is doing, he feels his own mouth settle around the head of George's member, sucking lightly before swiping his tongue along the tip of it in a teasing motion. A luscious moan escapes the back of the red head's throat, his hands already weaving themselves into the silky tresses of chocolate brown on Harry's head. It's a reflex reaction, George thrusts into Harry's hot mouth, causing a few coughs to escape the unprepared choking brunette. However, Harry quickly recovers, and the chuckles that escape his voice box reverberate back up the red head's length arousingly. George is unprepared for the hand he now feels on his balls, along with Harry now steadily bobbing his head up and down the Weasley twins length it is coaxing his orgasm to pique in the next few seconds.

Both men are moaning loudly, Harry suddenly feeling the warm calloused hand that is clutching his dick.

"Fred!" The red head looks to the green emerald eyes of the boy who called him, his smile immediately brightening when he sees the look of pure desire on the writhing boy's face. Fred feels his face flush as a rampant thought crosses his brain, he looks hot with a dick in his mouth, and he seems to be using his hands really well to get George off too… He shakes his head, denying anymore thought spared to that train.

"Harry, I'm going to get you ready…It's gonna hurt darling." Fred drawls lightly at the end, watching as the brunette gives him a little nod before going back to sucking George off. The fire is suddenly getting a little hotter against Fred's side, but he barely notices it in the already steaming room, sweat rolling off all their bodies. Fred leans forward catching Harry's attention, and snagging a finger in the brunette's mouth. "Suck my fingers for a little bit." Harry nods slowly, moving his other hand to continue stroking the hard member, while wrapping his wet mouth around four of Fred's fingers.

George cries out as he feels his stomach clench and his orgasm hits him like a wall. Strings of white fluid erupt from his tip and spill over the tan hand, clenching his deflating member, of a very satisfied Harry Potter. The brunette teasingly brings his covered hand up to his curious mouth, and he licks off the white liquid as if it were nothing more than icing. Fred and George are frozen for a moment, each momentarily fixed in place, getting more excited. The red head, George, collapses back onto his heels, a harsh pant escaping the crevice between his lips as he comes down from the peak of his orgasm. He watches through half-lidded eyes as Fred pokes a finger tentatively into Harry's pink entrance. A squeal-ish moan erupts from the brunette, his back arching even though he feels only a sense of discomfort now. "Go." He mutters, feeling tiny prickles of needles dancing around his ass hole as Fred penetrates his arse. However, the pain spreads to a bigger ring of threshold as the two fingers invading his insides start to scissor and move around. A grimace spears across his features, but he masks it quickly as he sees the concerned look on both brothers' faces. "I'm fine." He musters his best smile, and gets used to the feeling of the two digits searching purchase inside of him.

"Make it feel better for him Fred!" George hisses, moving around to kiss along Harry's chest and tease his nipples. Soon pleasure is all the younger Gryffindor can feel as George lays into his mouth, mapping it with his tongue, and Fred thrusts into a sweet spot inside of him with his two fingers. Another is added and twirled around, stretching him wider but Harry barely notices over the tendrils of pleasure sweeping over his prostrate and sending jittering signals to his brain. His body responds unthinkingly now, and one hand is clutching Fred's shoulder while the other rests on George's hip. The younger boy surprises Fred as he thrusts himself willingly onto the older boy's fingers currently penetrating him.

"R-reea-ddy!" Harry growls, his head scraping against the carpet as he throws it farther back. Fred takes advantage of the weakness and lunges forward, grazing his teeth along the exposed flesh of Harry's neck.

"Harry hon, you have to get Fred ready, it won't slip in as easy if you don't." George coaxes, watching quietly as Harry responds somewhat robotically, his body not yet back in his full control. He rests on his elbows, his luscious ass waving in the air as he licks teasingly up the side of Fred's now exposed member. The feral groan that escapes his cherry lips though, turns Harry's member even harder than he thought possible. He jumps lightly when he feels hands grab and squeeze his ass, but when he looks up and sees Fred leaning over him he just plays with the tip of the man's weeping cock.

"E-enough, I can't come before I get in you, now can I?...Bloody hell Harry where did you learn THAT? I thought you weren't gay?..." Fred throws some light jokes in there, but secretly in the back of both twins' minds they wonder where exactly Harry received the expertise he exercised this very day.

The brunette just giggles, turning seductively around, all the while keeping his butt high in the air like a flag ripe for the taking. George notices the look of pure desire written across his twin's face, the own emotion swirling around inside of his chest too. This is something they have been waiting for, sure, they had been able to be close to Harry all through school with his best friend being their little brother, but this is different, it is something so entirely more. For since they all had started going out over a week and a half ago Fred and George have come to desire the boy in all possible ways, they want his heart to belong to them, his mind to only think of them, and his body to only remember them. Of course, the middle one is impossible if not anything else, but they hope that the brunette will at least wonder about them a few times a day for the rest of his life.

Harry for the first time notices Rapier, the little lion, and Holey, the sneaky mongoose; sitting peacefully wrapped together on the coffee table near the three sweaty boys. They look sort of like a yin and yang as they lay with their heads on each other's back. A ripple runs along their bodies as Fred starts to push the head of his penis into Harry's constricting entrance. "Harry babe, try to relax." The red head soothes lightly, resting his free hand on a quivering hip. Fred's other hand takes the job of guiding his member into the boy under him. George lies on the floor near Harry's head, where the boy is grimacing in pain resting on his elbows. He draws Harry's face to his and steals his attention for a series of light steamy kisses. This takes some of his mind off the pain centering around his ass hole and he leans back towards Fred unthinkingly. This causes the older Gryffindor's member to slip in a few more inches and a series of moans to echo around the room. Harry for the reason that something inside of him was brushed in such a wonderful way, George had actually really groaned, for when Harry had unexpectedly been pushed into a little bit more he had grabbed George's hair and yanked a little too hard.

The two twins watch the brunette floundering passionately on the floor, his stomach brushing the ground as his head involuntarily is thrown back. "R-right the-there!" Harry groans sexily, his fingers fisting themselves into the faux rug tickling his belly. Fred takes that as a cue, and pulls almost completely out of the younger man, before slamming back into him, again brushing against that sweet spot inside of Harry. The moan that escapes from him is nothing either of them had ever heard, and George starts to get hard again, his tip leaking a little pre-cum. "Unh—Fred…George." Harry grinds out, his insides melting pleasingly as Fred penetrates him over and over again. His hand sneaks out and grabs George's member, teasing and stroking it back to life in the moment as he is pounded into. "I w-want you next." Harry mumbles, but neither of the twins miss his words. They look at each other, wondering how their Harry is such a sex hound.

George reaches under the tan waist of his lover and wraps his deft fingers around Harry's weeping member; the boy is overjoyed at the feeling as he shoves his head into the carpet biting the scream he had almost let out. Fred changes his angle a little, and is surprised when Harry's hands and body scrabble out in front of him as a groan of pure desire and ecstasy escapes the back of the brunette's already sore throat. Deciding to try it again, Fred pounds into the same exact place, and is pleased to see an almost similar reaction to what Fred now knows is him hitting the boy's prostate. Harry screams out in a loss of self-control, his insides literally melting in the rapture of the moment. Fred can feel himself getting close, and a look from George and he knows Harry is getting there too. Another few strokes from George's hand and Harry is sputtering on the floor, his cock releasing all the pent up cum and feelings he had been enjoying. The brunette doesn't miss the two twins lapping up his releases from George's hand. He rides out his climax and now works on getting Fred to come too. Harry uses his hips more, working with Fred to make the man feel better, and when Fred comes, it is literally a surprise for Harry had accidently clenched his muscles when the red head had once again hit his prostrate right on.

The feeling of being full doesn't escape Harry's knowledge, but he is satisfied physically. Being a little more daring he turns around and plunges his mouth down around George's, once again, rock hard cock; this causes a surprised gasp from the red head. Harry can feel a little bit of Fred's come trickling down his leg, so he quickly wets George's member and pushes him back to lie down. George settles for resting on his elbows on his back and gives the brunette a quizzical look.

Harry surprises both men as he climbs on top of George's hips and goes down on the red head's cock. Both men groan out, Fred taking the opportunity to sit in between his brother's legs and behind Harry, allowing him to help the boy pound into himself. The position is incredibly erotic for Harry who gets the feeling of Fred's hands on his ass, and from time to time on his own now aroused member. "Mhm GRED, FORGE!" Harry confuses his words, making Fred giggle at the adorable mix-up of names. George sits up, squishing the brunette in between him and Fred. Now Fred doesn't have to stroke Harry's member, as the friction between bodies is getting him off well enough. Soon all three of them are getting off another time, cum flying in complete disorder, sticking their bodies together like glue, as they don't immediately pull away. Harry feels even fuller than before, but enjoys the thought that two people he loves loved him dearly tonight.

"Would one of you please clean us up so we can lie down on the rug together? I don't want to leave this position for a while." George is the closest one to the coffee table so he leans back and grabs his wand, casting a quick cleaning charm they feel the sticky body fluids disappear and only their soft skin rubbing against each other. George pulls out of Harry, causing a little gasp of surprise and then a giggle. Fred and George wrap their arms around the boy snuggled between them, their bodies and the magically kept fire keeping all their naked forms warm. Both twins glow in their satisfaction at having bound the boy to them, and Harry knows somewhere in the back of his mind that he will never again be able to leave, but his thoughts run along the same line as, who ever said anything about fucking and then leaving?

If they were to look outside, they would see that it is snowing.

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