That Was….



Part One


Kendall was sitting up in the hospital after Spike was taking for tests and Greenlee had come into the room. Kendall was in defense mode and she looked across to Greenlee…..


Greenlee and Kendall came back to the house as Zach was there. It was the time where Zach and Kendall would married for the first time. Zach also knew that Kendall was going to carried Greenlee's baby to term and also knew the women was doing something else of the together nature. So After Zach had said what he said, it was then he left and Greenlee looked pissed. "What?" Kendall asked and Greenlee responded, "Don't ever kiss me that fake again." Kendall couldn't believe she was being that petty. "My mother doesn't know the difference between…." Kendall was interrupted by a passionate kiss by Greenlee and they stopped. "If you ever kiss me that fake again, that kiss I just gave you will never happened again, I'll cut you off." Greenlee said and Kendall responded, "You'll cut me off." "I can't do that." Greenlee and Kendall gave into there passion.


"You this ex who keeps hurting me over and over." Kendall said and added, "I can't believe I almost loved you like that." "Kendall please you're the only thing I have left." Greenlee said with tears in her face. "Don't you remember I was standing at that spot when I begged to forgive me and you didn't! You drove away Greenlee, you drove away and didn't give a fuck how hurt we would!" Kendall yelled and Greenlee had her head down.