That was



Part Ten

In The morning….

"Your not joking." Bianca said and Reese shook her head about it. "What you are, can it?" Bianca asked and Reese opened up the book. "Human are more acceptable to therian energy when they feel and express love both physically and emotionally. If a human accepts all this, they aren't a true therian…They start acting out the fondest wishes to please there love and should never be discouraged for doing so as long as it doesn't hurt someone." Reese said and Bianca still trying to take this in..

"Baby, Are you afraid to lose me?" Reese asked and Bianca come clean. "Sort of…I love what you are and maybe I wanted to experience it. I don't want to actually be a wolf in a human body but I just like who you are and wanted to share an aspect of it. I'm afraid because…" Reese reached and held her.

"I have no problem with you sharing it…" Reese said and then took Bianca somewhere else.

Reese saw Bianca's secret wardrobe. "You told me that this is the new Bianca when the kids aren't around, the throng." Reese said and Bianca began to remember buying all these clothes then saw the risqué boots. Reese then showed Bianca her secret wardrobe. .

"You think I like being vanilla all the time. They make me feel so I don't always have to run in the woods or let my wolf take over. I could feel free being what I am is more than that it's freedom but it's also knowing the difference. Cubs always come first and then after is us.." Reese said. Miranda crashed the party and after breakfast then school. There was a knock on the door as Reese thought it was someone else, it was Kendall and she looked like she was terrified.