"Isn't it beautiful, Davis?" It had taken him three years to finally win the game. Yes, that was a lot longer than he originally planned, but by god he did it! Capturing Davis was the first and most crucial step. Without their leader, the chosen children became weak. The blond boy, known apparently as TK, had stepped in at one point to lead, but he failed. One by one the Kaiser annihilated their Digimon. He could clearly remember each one as it succumbed to dust and reformed as an egg. Even the older children had tried stepping in, but they too fell to his power. Now the Kaiser had eleven DigiEggs in a glass case on display in his citadel. All trophies of his glorious victory. Now the Digital World was a barren wasteland. The sun never shone, leaving the sky to grey clouds that thundered now and then. The ground was dull and bare. Every Digimon sported a ring or spiral, controlled by the dark towers which stretched on as far as the eye could see. The Kaiser had been enjoying his paradise for nearly a year, but he never got tired of standing on the roof of his citadel and beholding his creation.

Davis was standing beside the Kaiser, looking over the edge of the roof of the citadel down at the wasteland below. It stretched as far as the eye could see, just rocks and dirt and dust, remnants of what might have been a village or a temple, now just completely annihilated ruins. The teenager's red eyes surveyed the ground, the horizon, and the dark sky, and he nodded his head when he was spoken to. "Yes, master, it is. You did an amazing job," he answered in the monotone he'd been speaking in for four years. Four years he didn't really seem to notice had passed. Fours years that had changed him from a gangly pre-teen into a built teenager, skin a slightly darker tan and covered in scars from the countless times the Kaiser had taken out his frustrations on the boy throughout the long struggle for control of the Digital World. But in those four years, he had stood loyally by the Kaiser's side thanks to the dark spiral. It malfunctioned once in a while, sure, but once the Kaiser had secured the entire Digital World, building dark towers everywhere, the spiral stopped running into errors and a full year had gone by without a hitch.

"I really did, didn't I? You're good for noticing, Davis." The Kaiser had changed over the years. He was still the insane suave character from fours years ago, but he'd grown in that time. He was taller, though still not meeting Davis in height, nor in build. It seemed the body he occupied was always meant to be lean and lithe. The dark glasses were abandoned, leaving his narrow eyes free to observe everything around him. Midnight colored hair was grown out, nearly to his waist, but kept pulled back in a tight ponytail. A form fitting black, sleeveless crop top hugged his torso. Equally slim fitting black pants in combination with the shirt left a soft belly revealed, one he could never really tone no matter how hard he tried. Then there were the boots, tipped with metal, so a swift kick was all that was needed to assert his authority. "Would you change anything about it, Davis?"

"No, master," Davis said, shaking his head. "I wouldn't. And besides," red eyes flicked over to the Kaiser, hands folded behind his back as he stood as if he were a soldier standing before his general. "It's not my place to."

The Kaiser nodded. "It's not. Very good. But tell me, Davis, at least the best you can." He walked forward, feet stopping just at the ledge where the wind blew up from the sides of his citadel. "If I were to give you a small corner of this world, as a reward perhaps, what would you do with it?"

Davis seemed confused with that question. He frowned gently, a small turning down of dark lips. "I suppose... I would..." his monotone voice was choppy, and it faded off as he froze, staring at the Kaiser with unblinking red eyes. Despite the spiral's success at keeping him under its control, his enslaved personality hadn't evolved any further. It had began to, once, when the Kaiser paid him special attention, but now he seemed to be the same mentally, even as his appearance changed throughout the years. So, when asked a question with an answer that required a deeper opinion, he froze up.

The Kaiser sighed. Sometimes he wanted to give Davis more mental freedom, but there were too many risks involved. Having a Yesman was nice, but having a conversation now and then would be nice. Oh well, such is the price for compelete and utter devotion. "Maybe I can make this easier for you, Davis. Would you put trees or water there?"

"I don't have the ability to do that," was Davis' simple, straightforward answer.

He grit his teeth. "I would help you with the design, Davis. Now choose!"

"Water," Davis finally responded. "It is needed for me to live."

"Ah..." The Kaiser smiled. "Using our head, are we? In addition to the water, would you put flowers or buildings there, Davis?"

"Buildings," Davis responded. "They would protect against the storms."

"Very good!" he praised. "Now, Davis, I must ask you. Don't you think having at least one tree around might be important?"

"For air?" Davis asked, red eyes trained on the Kaiser's back.

"Yes, Davis! Very good!" He was rather impressed, to be perfectly honest. "All right, Davis. You have your water, your building, and your tree. Would you put the sun or the moon in the sky?"

Davis was quiet for a moment, then glanced up at the dark sky. "The moon," he finally answered. "Everything is digital... the tree doesn't need the sun. And... I like looking at the moon."

Now he looked over his shoulder. The answer was both logical and personal. Even though it had been years, the Kaiser was still wary of Davis getting personal or emotional. Everything seemed to be in order though, so he was left slightly in awe of Davis' response. "That is a lovely choice, Davis. Now one last question. If you could have any plaything, any toy with which to entertain yourself, what would it be." The Kaiser chuckled. "And I don't count."

Davis opened his mouth to answer, but the Kaiser's last statement made him close it again. He thought for a while, the gears obviously turning in his head by the look on what would be an otherwise blank face. But after a very long pause, he simply shook his head. "I... don't know. I have not played with anything in a very long time, master."

"I'm partial to carousels," he said, not even bothering to acknowledge Davis' failure to come up with an original thought. Though the excuse was understandable.

"You said that once, one year and three months ago," Davis repeated like some sort of record. "But I don't know what they are."

"Do you know what a merry-go-round is, Davis?"

"Oh," Davis said, seeming to recognize that phrasing better. "Yes, I do."

"They are the same thing. Merry-go-round is the common man's term for it. From now on, you will refer to them as carousels. Now, do you like carousels, Davis?"

Davis nodded, mentally noting the change. The Kaiser had been slowly shaping his vocabulary amongst other things. It was why he spoke so logically now when his enslaved mind would have otherwise stopped functioning at this point. "Yes, master, I like carousels."

The Kaiser nodded. "Good, then that is what you shall have." Off in the distance, over the rolling thunder, came a rather loud buzzing noise. It burned in his ears, making the Kaiser cringe. Seeming to get louder and more high pitched, the teen finally turned around. "What is that horrible noise?!" And he got his answer just a few seconds later when a too low flying Flymon swept right over his head. The Kaiser lost his balance and fell over the ledge, crying out and grabbing on just at the last second. Davis seemed to stand in shock for a second, before he stepped over to the edge and grabbed the Kaiser's wrist. He pulled it up first, dislodging the other boy's hand so he could grab it, and then pulled the Kaiser up by it, slipping his other hand around the Kaiser's back to pull him onto solid footing again, having to take a step back in order to let the Kaiser's feet touch the rooftop, though they stood rather close together close to the edge. "Davis, back up you idiot! If we both fall we're dead!" the Kaiser snapped viciously. He was more angry at that stupid Digimon who didn't have the mind to watch where it was flying.

Finally, Davis took a few long strides backwards, pulling the Kaiser along by his hand until they stood now in the middle of the rooftop. "Is this okay, master?" Davis asked, eyes on the sky, as if expecting the Digimon to return and try to snatch the Kaiser or something.

Dark eyes looked to the sky as well, as if expecting the same thing. While he would never say it out loud, the Kaiser was a bit paranoid about Digimon breaking free of his control and coming after him. "I just want to go back inside now, Davis," he huffed.

"Yes, master," Davis said with a nod. There was a small stairwell that lead the way back inside the citadel. Davis moved them over to it and quickly opened the door, holding it open for the Kaiser to go through first. He accepted the gesture with a curt nod. The Kaiser wasted no time hurring down the stairs, back down into the safe, dark, strudy walls of his home. He walked briskly through the halls, huffing and muttering under his breath about this and that. Finally the Kaiser was back in his own room, seated in front of the mirror where he was trying to fix some bangs that had fallen into his face. Over and over again he tucked them behind his ear, smoothing them, making a red mark where is nails kept rubbing. The whole time, Davis had followed at his heels. When they were back in the Kaiser's room, he stood behind him, watching the other boy carefully in the mirror. He recognized the obviously disturbed expression on the Kaiser's face, and watched him fiddle with his bangs. He frowned gently before speaking up. "Do you need any help, master?"

"I want that Flymon found!" he barked and slammed his fists on the vanity top. Again the few stray stands fell loose and hung in his face. The Kaiser shouted, grabbed the scissors from the front drawer, and just cut the hairs clean off.

Davis seemed unfazed by the Kaiser's outburst, and simply nodded his head. He stepped outside of the room for a few moments, and soon returned. "It's being taken care of now, master," Davis said as he came to stand behind the Kaiser again. His hand suddenly came forward and raked through the Kaiser's hair, as if trying to calm him down.

The Kaiser stood suddenly, dislodging Davis' hand from his hair. "Is it too much to ask for to be treated with respect?! I'm the fucking Digimon Kaiser! Everyone should know this by now!" He paced the room, obviously tense and breathing hard. "If you see me on the roof, fly higher so you don't knock me off! Move over to the left so you don't trample me! Swim deeper so you don't splash me! Is that really so hard? Am I asking for too much?! Because I think I'm quite reasonable!"

"Of course you are," Davis said with a nod, his hand hanging in the air for a second before he let it fall to his side slowly. "They simply don't understand, master. They aren't as smart as you are."

"Well that much is obvious," he groaned. "But you aren't nearly as brilliant as I am, but you still know not to walk on my heels or sit on me or jump on me. I know they're just stupid game pawns, but they know who I am and how they should treat me!" The Kaiser turned on his heels, gesturing wildly with his arm and hand. "I'll show them! I'll show all of them! This was the last time anyone threatens my life!"

Davis watched the Kaiser as he paced back and forth, letting him go on and on. After a moment of the Kaiser breathing hard, Davis piped up only with, "You're tense, master," raising his hand again as he spoke.

"Of course I'm tense, Davis!" he spat. "I'm angry and upset!"

"Would you like me to help, master?" he said quietly. It was an offer he made often, ever since the first time he'd managed to help calm the Kaiser, four years ago. Sometimes the other boy took the offer, sometimes he was simply too worked up and Davis received the blunt of his frustrations. But either way, he still always offered.

This time he decided to accept, but not gracefully. "Fine," the Kaiser huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. "Although I'm sure there's nothing you can do. I'm so pissed right now."

Davis walked forward rather boldly, his hands folded behind his back. He came to stand in front of the Kaiser, red eyes locked on the other boy's face. "May I kiss you, master?" he asked quietly.

The Kaiser was hesitant at first, again still carrying that memory from four years ago. Davis was rather calm at the moment, though, and stood like he normally did. Reserved and in control. Finally he nodded. "If you feel you must." Davis nodded, stepping forward again, until he stood over the Kaiser just slightly. When the other boy's head turned up a bit, dark lips were pressed against pale ones. He tried nothing more, completely stable and obedient. He did no more than he was told he was allowed to, and that was simply the kiss. Kaiser accepted the kiss with more grace than he had the initial offer. He allowed their lips to press together for a short time before pulling away. Damn it. Why did Davis always have to be right about this sort of thing? "You may kiss my cheek and neck if you like, and you may also use your hands. Modestly, Davis." Davis just nodded, moving his lips away from the Kaiser's mouth to kiss a line from his cheek to his ear, and then down his neck. He moved slowly and precisely, never rushing or lingering too long. Lips touched pearl skin for a moment, moving fast enough that they stayed interesting, but never seeming to be skimped upon to move on to the next kiss. This was an art Davis had perfected. And while he followed this imaginary line with his lips, his hands came to rest on either side of the Kaiser's waist. He hummed softly with delight. "You're very good, Davis." Kaiser's hands came to touch Davis' chest. He could feel all the toned shapes beneath the snug, dark red muscle shirt he allowed the teen to wear, along with the pale washed straight jeans. Having his servant naked all the time was fun at first, but he grew a bit bored of the image after a year or so. "You always make your master happy."

"I'm glad, master," Davis said between kisses as his lips ghosted down the gentle curve of the Kaiser's neck. His hands slid around the Kaiser's back, nails ghosting over it as they met in the curve of the small of his back. When his lips hit the small crook of the other boy's neck and shoulder, he stopped, red eyes glancing up. "I only want to make you happy."

The pale one actually smiled. "I know, my dear boy, and you do such a wonderful job of it." Kaiser turned his head and gestured to his neck. "Now this side, Davis. You can't leave a job half done, now can you?"

"Of course not, master," Davis agreed, leaning a bit closer so he could gain access to the other side of the Kaiser's neck. This time he started at the bottom, moving upwards, and his hands slid up the Kaiser's back as well as his lips travelled a similar path. When he reached the top of the Kaiser's neck, he hesitated a moment, but then placed a kiss on the other boy's earlobe, nipping it gently.

"Ah ah ah..." A firm hand caught Davis about the jaw and moved his head back. "I did not give you permission to use your teeth, did I, Davis?" He stared firmly into his servant's gaze, where another modification could be found. The red glow of Davis' eyes had become a real bother, so Kaiser created a pair of contacts that dulled the red just slightly and allowed some of the brown to show through. "What were my instructions, Davis? Repeat them back to me."

"You may kiss my cheek and neck if you like, and you may also use your hands. Modestly," he repeated. "I'm sorry, master," he apologized quietly.

"Very well then." Kaiser pushed up on his toes to kiss Davis at the corner of his mouth. "I feel like a show, Davis. How do you feel about a little trip to the colliseum?"

"If you want a show, master, I'd like to go too," Davis said, his voice losing its quietness and regaining the smooth monotone he normally spoke in.

He grinned. "Excellent!" Kaiser took Davis' hand up into his own as they walked through the halls. "I feel like a cat fight, Davis. Females are such viciously absurd creatures, aren't they? Rosemon and Zephyrmon might be fun to watch. What do you think, Davis? Sound like a good time?"

Even the normally emotionally void slave cracked a pearly white smile that contrasted his dark lips at the Kaiser's idea, his feet shuffling along the cold metal floor as he kept up with the other boy's stride. "Yes, master. Yes it does."

"You are so adorable when you agree with me," he said with a dark purr. They rode the classic Airdramon out to the large stone arena where the Kaiser kept Digimon for fighting. His throne was also rather large and ornate, made of twisted black metal and well cushioned. Davis was allowed a smaller seat made of smooth wood with a pillow to sit on. A loud shriek signaled the start of the fight as Zephyrmon lauched from the gate, her clawed hands ready to strike. Rosemon was ready though, using her thorned whip to catch Zephyrmon around the wrist and sling her into the ground. "They're feisty today."

Davis sat strangely on his chair as he watched, one leg propped up over one arm of the chair while the other tucked underneath him on the pillow, positioned as if he was only half sitting cross-legged. His elbow was then rested on the opposite armrest and he placed his chin upon his fist, mostly to stop himself from gaping at the fight as the two went at it, clawing and screeching nonsensically. "Yes they are, master," Davis agreed in a murmur, as if speaking much louder would scare the Digimon off like small animals, despite them being seated high above where the actual fight was taking place.

Kaiser just chuckled. "I like when they're feisty." The fight managed to last for at least half an hour. Both Digimon seemed to be getting fed up with each other, so real attacks began being used. Rosemon used her Roses Rapier to tear the other's wings to shreds, forcing her to the ground where she would be at a disadvantage. She attacked again with Forbidden Temptation, aiming to completely annihilate her opponent, but Zephyrmon still had her speed and dodged the blast. It was her turn to summon her Wind of Pain, which sliced Rosemon's petals, leaves, and cape. In fact, she was so weakened that she devolved back into the more petite sized Lilymon. "Oh ho! What do we have here?" Kaiser laughed, leaning forward in his throne expectantly. "She's nearly got her down for the count."

Davis watched this fight with a quirked brow. He saw Rosemon's cape get torn apart and began to think in a way which he didn't normally. He still spoke in a murmur, suddenly saying, "I wonder what's under Lilymon's dress."

Kaiser flinched, going completely rigid. He did not just hear that. He turned slowly to look at Davis, the bottom lid of one eye twitching. "Excuse me?" he growled out lowly.

Davis lolled his head to the side, making his jaw shift to the other side a bit, a pensive expression on his face sans his blank eyes. "I'm curious. Is it a dress or part of her body?"

Now he just look dumbfounded, his face one of total disbelief. "What does it matter, Davis?"

Red-brown eyes glanced over at the Kaiser. "It doesn't matter, really. I just wanna know."

"Well it's a bloody ridiculous question!" the boy shouted. "If you're so damn interested in Digimon pussy all of the sudden, they why don't you go down there and look for yourself!" Kaiser finished this by kicking Davis out of his chair, sending him tumbling down a few steps. He grumbled angrily as he stood and stormed off into the tunnels. Clearly his appetite for the fight was completely gone.

Davis made a surprised noise when he was kicked out of his chair, and landed at the edge of the balcony, skidding across the stone. He groaned a little as he stood up and at once trotted up the steps to follow after the Kaiser despite his obvious outrage with Davis. He walked into the tunnel after the other boy, walking quickly to try and catch up with him. "I'm sorry, master," he called ahead.

It was relatively dark in the tunnels, lit only by the torches of blue fire. Kaiser's figure would disappear into the shadows, appear again in the brief light, and then vanish again as he walked. "Sorry isn't good enough this time, Davis!"

"What should I do to atone for my comment then, master?" Davis responded instantly.

Kaiser stopped in his tracks. "My god, Davis! Do you even know what you did wrong?"

Davis scrunched up his brow line, frowning a bit. "I said something that made you angry," he said simply.

"It's more than that, Davis!" he shouted, angry all over again. "Don't come home until you figure it out!" And Kaiser was off again, stomping down the tunnel until he disappeared completely and even the sound of his heavy boots faded away. He highly doubted Davis would be able to really come up with a sensible reason, but he couldn't be around the other boy right now. Maybe he'd come fetch him in a few days. ...Maybe.