After the fight that had ensued over Kari, the Kaiser had at first been hesitant about giving Davis any more of the eggs. But slowly, the other boy broke him down. Be it by turning on the charm or just plain bending every which way the Kaiser pleased, Davis finally managed to get his hands on the rest of the eggs. Each Digimon was returned to the proper child, though the last one had to be brought to Taichi in order to make sure it eventually got to its proper owner. But that was fine with Davis, because seeing his idol again was always welcome, and it gave him time to talk to Taichi about a plan of action. It was pretty simple. Once the egg was laid, they'd begin work on a chamber tough enough to hold it. Then it'd be put in a data containment cube, like TK had suggested, frozen inside, and thrown in the chamber. That sounded like it would suffice. Although they'd tried to start working as soon as the ideas had come up, the Kaiser had explained to Davis that they couldn't guess how strong the egg was without having it around to observe. So they had a limited time limit of however long the egg had between being laid and hatching to work, but Davis was sure that would be enough time as long as they all worked together. Today, he found himself waking up incredibly late. It was probably already evening by the time he woke up. His last few trips to the real world had all come in a row and it really seemed to have tired him out. But he woke up feeling refreshed, grinning and throwing off the sheets as he sat up. But brown eyes suddenly went wide at what he saw beneath the sheets. Blood had soaked into them, staining the bed a dark crimson. Davis' mouth ran dry and he quickly looked over to the Kaiser's side of the bed for an answer.

The Kaiser himself was nowhere to be seen. He wasn't on the floor, in the closet, or even in the bathroom. His blood was there, though. A trail of it leading out the door, and among it... Gazimon and Apemon paw prints. The patterns had been smeared in the liquid crimson, but the shape was easy enough to define. The Digimon had known when to come. While Kaiser had easily grown to match a full-term woman, he still denied the fact that his time would be soon. He had to have more time. He deserved more time. He needed to be with Davis just a little bit longer. A lot longer. Forever. The Kaiser had always gotten what he wanted, so why not now? Why couldn't he have this too? Only the demon egg in his belly wouldn't allow that. It had awakened him with angry, eager contractions, seeking freedom the sooner the better. The Digimon had known when to come and take him away. Away from Davis. Away from the only warmth and security he'd even known. Ever accepted. Away from his lover and to a place that cold, empty, and metallic. Where his screams echoed off the cylindrical walls, but failed to even faze the Digimon crowding him and arguing with each other.

Davis' eyes followed the trail of blood and he instinctively knew what had happened. He jumped to his feet and his own feet made marks in the blood as he rushed out of the bedroom, following the footprints. The further he went, the more he could hear the arguing and the yelping, the screaming, the crying, and the threats the Digimon were exchanging. He came to the door of that room and grabbed the handle, yanking on the handle, trying to throw open the heavy door.

"Davis! Davis!" the pale boy wailed in pain. Midnight colored hair hung down, free from its usual tie. Pieces clung to his sweat soaked forehead and face, some tangling at his neck, and the rest pooling onto the floor. A large golden colored Apemon was crouched behind him, silent and stern, and holding the Kaiser's arms so the human couldn't get away. He'd been granted the courtesy of the once baggy night shirt that was now pulled taught across his figure, but black boxers had been taken and two Gazimon crowded the vulnerable place between his legs.

"You can't just grab it!" one barked. "You'll break the egg!"

"We've been waiting nearly twenty minutes! How long's it going to take?" the other hissed.

"He'll lay the egg when he lays the egg."

"Fine! But can we at least make him stop crying?"

"Hey! He's right!" the first one now barked at the Kaiser. "Keep it down!" Davis fought with the door before he finally managed to get it to creak open. His eyes widened at the sight of all of the Digimon crowded around. He couldn't even see the Kaiser, and he knew he couldn't muscle his way through, especially not with all of the Apemon around. He was left biting his lip, eyes wide as he looked around. He then backed out of the room and rushed off to get his Digimon. Once that egg was laid, they had to get all of the Digimon away from it so that Davis and the Kaiser could work on containing it. This was definitely a job for Falcomon and Flamedramon.

Davis didn't have to go far. Chibimon was leading the pack with his nose to the ground and following the trail of blood along with Davis' scent. "They're this way!" he exclaimed and pointed with his paw. Just as he turned to pick up the trail again, big red eyes caught sight of his boy. "Davis! I found you!"

"Chibimon!" Davis gasped relievedly. He rushed towards the blue Digimon and gestured back down the hall. "Here's the plan. We wait outside the room for the egg to get laid, then Falcomon goes in and snatches it. and then you, as Flamedramon, and I, keep the Digimon guards busy while Falcomon brings the egg someplace safe. And Wormmon?" he asked, looking up as the last Digimon came across the corner at his not particularly quick pace. "Can you get Ken out of there while we distract them?"

"Of course, I can do my be-"

"I've got a better idea!" Chibimon exclaimed. "C'mon, Pinamon!" In a flash of light, Chibimon evolved straight to Flamedramon, feeding off Davis' energy and strong need to help the Kaiser. He barged into the room, hands ablaze. "Knuckle Fire!" Not even the Apemon stood a chance.

"Wait, Chibimon!" Davis called, but Flamedramon had already run off. Pinamon rushed after him, watching the attack, and the In-Training Digimoneyes widened as he watched. And the longer he watched, the more strength he felt, until he Digivolved into Falcomon. He rushed in after Flamedramon, andn joined the fray as Davis ran after them. "Great," he breathed. He then looked down at Wormmon before he ran into the room as well.

The Kaiser flinched as a ball of fire barely missed his head. "This was your plan?!" he screeched at Davis. "You're lucky this isn't a baby or it would be in shock right now! How stupid can you be?!"

"Flamedramon, careful!" Davis called over his shoulder before he came to crouch in front of the Kaiser. "It wasn't my plan, it was Flamedramon's," he sighed.

"Yes, well I'm sure he gets it from you." The Kaiser tried to glare at Davis, but another wave of horrible pain made his eyes flood with tears instead. "Davis, I'm scared... It really hurts!"

"I-I'm sure it does," Davis stammered, not sure what he was supposed to do. "Just... um..." He looked over his shoulder at the chaos ensuing behind them, Falcomon launching his Ninja Blade attack while fireballs shot everywhere. He then looked back, mouth open but with no words to say.

"I'm not ready yet," he cried, indigo eyes locked with mahogany. "I'm not ready to die. I want more time, Davis. I w-want to stay with you..."

Davis' eyes wavered, but he didn't look away. "I'm sorry," he said quietly, reaching forward and putting his arms around the other boy, pulling him suddenly close to his chest and speaking into his neck. "I'm sorry I can't help."

The Kaiser clung desperately to Davis, his tears staining the boy's shirt. "I... I don't suppose you w-would be willing to... to break the egg again?"

"What good would it do? You'd just have to go through all of this pain from the very beginning again," Davis murmured, pulling back the Kaiser's hair and kissing the side of his face.

"I-I-I'm not ready yet. I-I'm not ready. I... I... I... I'm n-not rea-ah... Aaahn!" The Kaiser doubled forward. His fingers curled violently into the front of Davis' shirt, pulling wrinkles in it.

"You'd never be r-ready," Davis said quietly, trying to keep the shakiness out of his voice. He continued to hold the Kaiser tightly to his chest, even as he felt his tight grip pulling almost painfully at his shirt. "I'm sorry I can't m-make this easier..."

The Kaiser was gasping painfully after the last wave of pain, shaking slightly. "Will you m-miss me, D-Davis?"

"Yes, I will," Davis murmured into the crook of the Kaiser's neck. "You know I will."

"I lo-ah... I lov-aahn! Aaahn! Aaahh!"

Davis choked slightly, not wanting to watch, his eyes shutting tightly. "I love you too," he breathed, arms tightening. "I'm sorry..."

Flamedramon had driven the Digimon off by now. Devolved, he stood with Pinamon and Wormmon at a short distance, watching sadly. Chibimon never thought he'd ever feel bad for the Kaiser. Now, though, he could feel his little heart breaking. Nobody deserved to die like this. The Kaiser choked on his own screams. The pain was more than he could bear. He was terrified, angry, and so, so sad. "Davis! Da-ahh-vis! Da-Ahh! Aaah! Gyaaah! Stop! Stop! Nngh! Make it stop!"

Davis closed his eyes tighter, his throat dry, unable to say or do anything to help. He knew he couldn't. If only they'd never gone through this, any of it, Millenniummon would never had been able to become an egg. If he hadn't left, the Digimon wouldn't be strong enough. If he hadn't been captured, the Kaiser never would have been this attached to him. And if they hadn't gone through this, Davis' own heart wouldn't be breaking to hear this pain.

The Kaiser tilted his head up slightly so he could kiss Davis' jaw. He couldn't get his lips to come together. Instead, he cried against his lover's cheek, mouth open and teeth brushing tan skin.

Davis turned, lifting the Kaiser's chin up a bit and giving him one last kiss on the lips before he pulled the other boy close to him again. He inhaled sharply, making a sobbing sound with no tears. It was horrible to listen to the Kaiser die. He couldn't think of a single way he had once imagined defeating the Kaiser that was more terrible than this. And it tore him apart that all he could do was hold him and listen.

He never loved Davis more than when the boy gave him that kiss. It was almost over. He could feel it. One more push and he knew it would be done. Forcing back a scream, the Kaiser instead found Davis' ear where his tear soaked lips whispered, "I love you." An excrutiating cry followed those words as the egg finally escaped his body. The pale boy shuddered a broken breath of relief before falling limp in the other's arms.

Davis felt the Kaiser's body fall against him. Breathing, and yet broken. His body still alive, but the Kaiser was dead. He made another choking sound, feeling a few tears finally slip down his face. He hastily wiped his eyes dry, pulling the now restful body closer and looking over at the Digimon. "Guys... get the egg and bring it upstairs. I'll... I'll clean up here and be up soon."

Chibimon shook his head. "We'll take care of it, Davis. Don't worry." Wormmon nodded. He got a hold of the egg and rolled it away toward the door. Chibimon and Pinamon scrounged up enough cloth to clean up the mess so Davis could cradle the body of the former Kaiser. The pale boy was motionless for a long time. Like he was merely sleeping. Inside, however, a frenzy of chemical, emotional, and mental changes were occurring. With the dark influence gone, the boy from long ago was finally allowed to wake up. He was finally allowed to speak, move, and feel. Indigo eyes blinked open, their color more vibrant than they once were.

His voice came softly. "Davis..." Slender fingers touched a tan cheek that was tense from holding back tears. "I'm Ken..."

Davis bit his lip when his face was touched, a smile forcing down his sobs. "H-hi, Ken..." he started quietly, swallowing hard before he could truly smile, one that pushed away the pain that still coursed through his heart. "How're you f-feeling now?" he asked.

Ken smiled back, hoping he could make Davis feel even just a little better. "Like a newborn, I think. It's been a long time since I used my body." His pale fingers stroked Davis' face, hoping he didn't mind. "I'm sorry... I know you loved him."

Davis glanced down, but then shook his head slightly. "Don't apologize. It was going to happen sometime," he said quietly.

"Davis," Pinamon's voice cut in meekly. Davis looked down at the little Digimon, whose feathers ruffled slightly as he said, "We finished cleaning, and we found the rest of his clothes..."

"Alright," Davis said, swallowing again before putting on a grin for Ken. "Are you okay to get up? There's someone who's gonna be really happy to see you."

Ken nodded. "I think so, if you don't mind holding my arm. I might be a little shaky on my legs." He looked around the room and then back at Davis. "Wormmon?"

"Yeah," Davis said with a smile as he helped the other boy up. Pinamon presented Davis with the dark, silky pants that were once the Kaiser's sleep pants. Davis took them with a quiet exhale and helped Ken into them before they started off down the hall towards Wormmon's room. It took a long time to get there, Davis carefully helping Ken along. Though, as they got closer to their destination, Ken seemed to be quickly getting the hang of working his body. Pinamon and Chibimon followed closely behind, and Pinamon opened the door, swinging it open with Chibimon's help. Wormmon was in the middle of the room, next to his small nest. He'd cleaned the egg and placed it inside, and was now examining it closely.

Millenniummon's egg was a dark inky blue, almost black, with red speckling like blood splatter. The DigiEgg wasn't what caught Ken's attention, however. His eyes landed first on the little green Digimon. Taking a careful step forward, Ken opened his mouth to call the Digimon's name, but found the sound die on his lips. "He must hate me," Ken whispered to Davis.

"Not at all," Davis whispered back. "He's been waiting for you to be back to normal again for years, and he's never left your side. Look, watch." He came to stand next to Ken. "Wormmon?" The Digimon turned around, his antenna twitching curiously. He'd known Ken was coming back, that he'd be back any minute, but nothing could have prepared him to finally see a kind expression on his partner's face. He knew right when he looked into those lightened eyes that he was seeing Ken again.

"Ken!" he cried, at once abandoning the egg to rush over to the boy, throwing his little claws around his ankle in the best sort of hug he could manage.

"Wormmon..." Ken breathed. He knelt down and picked his Digimon up, hugging Wormmon close to his chest. "I'm so sorry for all the horrible things I did to you. Can you ever forgive me?"

"Of course, Ken. I could never stay mad at you for the things you did. It was the fault of the Dark Spore, not you," Wormmon warbled as he cuddled happily into the boy chest. He hadn't been held by Ken for almost five years. The closest he'd gotten to contact with him was being kicked. It felt like everything was suddenly right with the world, even after the terrible events that had occurred that morning.

"I know..." Ken pet his hand down Wormmon's back. "I still feel horrible, though. I saw everything I did, though. All of it. I was so cruel to you. I'm so sorry. You deserved better than that."

"It'll be alright now, though," Wormmon said, putting his claws up on Ken's chest, his expression reflecting a smile that pincers couldn't form. "Now you're back to normal and you never have to go back to sharing your body again. You'll be allowed to be kind, like you're meant to be."

Ken nodded with his own warm smile, a few tears in his eyes. He turned to face the other boy. "I owe you an apology, too, Davis. I treated you horribly. The things I did to you... Should never have happened to anybody."

"You don't have to apologize," Davis said with a shake of his head. "Like Wormmon said, you shouldn't be blamed for what you did while Millenniummon was inside you." The tanned boy could see the look of guilt on Ken's face, and he smiled slightly. "But, if you insist... I accept your apology."

"Thank you," Ken said with a bow of his head. A subtle sound from behind caught Ken's attention. He turned back to see Millenniummon's egg twitching and shaking. Ken's already pale face went white. "Oh no..."

Davis peered behind the boy and his eyes went wide. "I-It's already hatching?"

"I knew it would be fast... but not this fast," Wormmon breathed, antenna twitching nervously as he looked at the egg.

"We didn't get any time to even try to contain it at all!" Pinamon cried.

We have to do something!" Chibimon shouted.

"Give it to me," Ken said suddenly, strangely calm. "I'll break it and accept the infection. I was the Kaiser once. I can do it again. You and the others can just try again. Make the containment unit first this time. We'll do it right."

"No!" Wormmon shouted, shaking his head quickly and tugging at the front of Ken's shirt. "You can't! Not after I just got you back! Let it hatch and let Millenniummon run rampant, just don't go back to being the Kaiser!" Davis watched Wormmon's display with a small frown on his face. His eyes went between the egg and the desperate Digimon as Wormmon shook his head violently, still begging Ken not to take the infection back. And just like that, he'd made his choice. He rushed forward, snatched the egg out of the nest, and ran out of the room at full speed.

"Davis!" both Ken and Chibimon cried in unison. They all took off after him, Chibimon leading the pack. While Davis ran faster than they could keep up, he could follow his boy's scent with ease. A suddenly slam of a door told them he'd stopped.

Ken looked around, finding them outside the control room of the citadel. "Davis, don't do this!" the boy called through the door.

Chibimon jumped up, grabbed the handle, and tried to pull down, but it didn't budge. "Davis! Davis, no!" his little voice squeaked desperately. Davis had locked the door to the control room behind him, and was left standing in the dark room, holding the wriggling egg in his arms. He could hear his name being called through the heavy door, but he could also hear the threat of the eggshell beginning to crack from the inside. There was no time left. There was no time to negotiate or come up with a plan. Davis grit his teeth, lifted the egg high above his head, and smashed it down onto the ground. Wormmon and Pinamon, trying to open the door, both jumped when an ear-splitting scream suddenly echoed from inside the room. Chibimon was left just standing there. His wide red eyes quivering, voice was gone, ears folded back at the horrible sound. No... No... Not Davis. Not his boy.

Ken was the only one who pushed forward. He slammed himself against the large metallic door, fists beating upon its surface. "Davis! Davis! ...Davis!"

The End!

We hope you all have enjoyed The New Millennium. Keep an eye out for the sequel!