Kingdom Hearts 2: Silenced Hearts

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Day I


"No matter how they plead to you, coming for your soul..."

-"Incarnation of Evil" by Candlemass

"The pain comes from knowing that we have never been safe, and therefore will never be safe again.

It comes from knowing we can never be so ignorant again. It comes from knowing we can never be children again.

Losing innocence. Remembering heaven. That was the essence of hell."
- John Jakes

A nondescript white blur was all that was seen by the townsfolk as they walked through the quiet town in the last few hours of the daytime to attend to their daily lives. No one walking down the twilight filled streets gave a second glance to the form as it raced past. It was almost as if it did not exist at all. As soon as the strange shape had vanished around a corner, however, another figure rounded the bend, avidly pursuing the figure. A boy raced down the brick road, his chest heaving from exertion and his mind solely focused on apprehending the fleeing shape. As his footsteps pounded on the brick road, his white, undone overshirt waved wildly in the force of his motion, and blonde hair flopped around and bounced with his pace. A black undershirt clung to his sweaty chest, and the long, baggy black pants he wore swished in the breeze his body made as he ran. A cross-like metal symbol hung from his shirt zipper, and his legs had over-flaps of white fabric decorating them.

His messy blonde hair stuck up at an odd angle from the front of his head, and the rest fell untamed in ruffled spikes. Eyebrows scrunched downward, his bright blue eyes had a look of angry annoyance in them as he trained his gaze on the escaping creature. He set his mouth in a determined frown as he sped closer and closer to the twisting form ahead. Rounding another corner, the boy saw the white shape disappear into the gap in the wall which separated the town from the forest, and realized where it was heading. It's either trying to escape to the forest, or…He thought to himself, pausing his pursuit to catch his breath. It had only been moments ago that the same strange white figure had slunk seemingly out of nowhere and stolen the camera out of his friend's hand.

He had just faced off with Seifer and his gang and had beaten the gang leader in a make-shift Struggle match after the older male insisted that the younger boy and his friends had stolen the townspeople's items. They fought, and the larger teen lost the match. Almost immediately after, his friend Pence had taken a snapshot of him standing in front of the defeated Seifer, and then that white creature had snatched the camera and fled. He was determined to catch the real thief that had been stealing everybody's possessions lately, so he could clear himself and his friends names, so had begun his pursuit of the culprit.

Racing towards the crumbling hole in the city's wall, he broke through the gap to enter a clearing and heard his footsteps soften as the ground changed from cobblestone to forest floor beneath his feet. Full of old-growth trees, the forest outside the town was perfect place for the thief to hide. It was so expansive that only a few people could navigate it safely enough to avoid getting lost, and only himself and his friends knew the secret path to the old mansion that lay on the other side of the woods. He halted in the cleared space, and watched the white creature as it twisted and turned almost acrobatically around trees and through the air as it fled deeper and deeper into the woods. It seemed as though its path was… straight towards the mansion? Why would it go there? There's nothing there! And anyway, how is it gliding like that? It doesn't even look like its walking…

Shaking off his mild confusion, he started to sprint, determined to not let the creature out of his sights. Running through the vegetation, he burst into a clearing, and spied the thief standing in front of the rusted gate to the old mansion. Taking a good look at the creature for the first time, he puzzled at it's appearance, as it was unlike any being he had ever seen before. Entirely white except for blue-grey markings running in lines down its sides, it's feet and hands seemed almost pointed, although it really had no distinct features on them at all. A strange symbol adorned its forehead; what appeared to be a mix between a cross and a grey upside-down heart seemed imprinted on its head. A long zipper-like line ran from one side of it's head to the other, looking almost like a deranged mouth.

It gracefully swayed back and forth as it stood, and the boy wondered for a moment if it were waiting for him. No way, why would it do that? He shook his head at the thought, and ran forward with a burst of speed. Roughly stopping in front of the white creature, the boy took what he hoped was a tough-looking stance, and faced off against the thing. It seemed to almost stare at him for a moment - although he didn't know how it did that without any eyes that he could see - then suddenly a strange voice echoed telepathically through his head.

"We have come for you, my liege."

"Woah…what the-" The boy took a step back, freaked out by the voice. What in the world? What did it just say? He blinked, and the zipper-like mouth opened, revealing a shadowed head with jagged teeth enclosed inside. As this change occurred, the thing advanced on him. It seemed to weave in the air, doing freaky acrobatics and definitely not behaving like any creature he had ever seen before. Suddenly remembering the Struggle bat he held in his right hand, he gripped it tighter and swung haphazardly at the thing. As the heavy weight of the bat connected with the creature, it seemed to simply bounce off of it. The creature wasn't perturbed at all by the impact of the weighted bat.

Seemingly ignoring the weapon being thrust it's way, the white being lashed out at the blonde teen with a pointed arm. He spun around quickly, avoiding the blow. Taking a few more swings at the thing he stopped a few feet away, breathing heavily.

"It's no use…" he panted, sweat dripping off his curved chin. "…why can't I hit it?" He lifted the bat in front of him once more, the words just falling out of his mouth of their own accord, since there was no one else in the area that he could be speaking to. Ugg…where did Hayner and Pence and those guys get to? They should be here by now! The teen thought in frustration as he watched the creature stand on the ground, swaying to a soundless beat. The thing moved suddenly, lifting it's arm to the side, and seven exact replicas appeared beside it in an instant.

What are these things? He thought to himself in a panic.

"Oh man, this isn't good…" The boy groaned, alarmed, as they spread out around him at all sides. He grimaced, and made a sudden mad dash towards the forest. If I can just make it into town, maybe I can find Hayner and-

"Ahh!" He cried, tripping and falling to the ground, hard. Fear grew in his gut as he turned his head over his right shoulder to look behind him, and saw what his leg was caught on, or rather, what had caught his leg. "Hey… hey let go!" The white creatures had created a line and had latched onto his legs, and were now pulling him in.

"Hey...hey! Stop, let go of me!" The teen struggled futilely, kicking their bodies and whacking the Struggle bat uselessly against the white beings as they began encircling him. Suddenly, their paper-like arms joined together, and their gaping black holes of mouths forced him to retreat to the center of their woven cage. The blonde hit the outstretched arms with the blue weapon held tight in his grip, but to no avail. The bat had no effect on the creatures, and all the boy's motion did was tire him out further.

Suddenly, a black hole ripped through the air a few feet away from the circle of creatures, and all at once they began to glide towards the swirling black circle. Their prisoner, his stomach filled with terrified dread, was carried towards the black maw with them. What, are they going to take me in there? Panicking in fright, he began to attack the creatures with the bat harder and more irrationally, only exhausting him further.

"No! Put me down, let me go!" Closing his eyes to try and block out this nightmare-ish scene, he yelled, "Stop! I won't go back!"

The living cage of his captors moved into the Dark Corridor, ignoring his plea, and the world turned black. Images of the spikey-haired boy Roxas had dreamed of the night before flashed through his head, presenting no answers to his troubled, confused mind. All that they provided was a strange sense that he could not identify. His last thought as he slipped into blissful unconsciousness was of his last protest.


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