Note: None of these characters belong to me except for the evil magician! I am using what I believe are the Japanese names in CCS! Yue and the other Guardians are in this fic and much younger than in the show. Clow Reed is also in this fic! Sequel to 'Spinner and Hot Chocolate'. May not be factual, but it's my fic!

Hurt Feelings

Part 1

A.J. Matthews


Yue's POV


I walked through the hallways quietly, carrying dirty dishes on a tray. I picked up a dirty glass, and placed it on the tray.

It was night once more, my favorite part of the day.

I had made my wings vanish as I collected the dirty dishes. It was my chore for the next month to do the dishes.

I froze when I heard Cerberus talking with Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon in an empty room.

"Why does Yue have to be such a suck-up?" Ruby Moon asked, scowling. "It makes the rest of us look bad."

"I agree," Spinel said bitterly. " 'Master, what can I do for you?' 'Would you like me to get you something?' I got in trouble for getting sugar in his eyes, even though it was an accident. But Clow still punished me for it."

"Yue is just Yue," Cerberus said finally. "He can't help the way he was created."

"Come on, Cerberus," Ruby snapped. "How many times have we gotten in trouble because of him?"

Cerberus frowned but said nothing. "I'm sure he didn't intend to get you two in trouble. But you do cause a lot of mischief around here."

Spinel snorted. "You're only saying that because he's your brother. You know we're right. Yue idolizes our Master."

"What did he do this time?" Cerberus said, sighing.

I felt hurt coursing through me as I listened to them. My hands began to tremble.

"He complained to Clow about how Spinel and I got the floor all dirty when we came inside. It's my chore, not his," Ruby muttered.

"You could have flown inside instead of getting the floor dirty," Cerberus pointed out. "You both have wings."

"It's the principle of the thing, Cerberus. All Yue does is get us in trouble, and I'm sick and tired of it and him!" Ruby snapped.

The tray in my hands fell to the floor. The glass dishes shattered and they all turned to look at me.

"Yue…" Ruby whispered.

Cerberus looked horrified. Spinel just looked at me.

"You're- you're not my friends," I whispered, feeling tears in my eyes.

Without saying another word, I whirled and ran off, making my wings materialize behind me. I took to the air, tears running down my face as I flew faster and furious.

Cerberus shouted my name, and I ignored him. What kind of brother was he, to let them say such things about me?

Clow opened the door to his room. "What on earth!" he said, as I flew right by him.

For once in my life, I ignored my master as I shot straight towards the glass window and crashed through it.

"Yue, come back!" Cerberus cried out behind me.

"Yue!" Clow called. "What's wrong?"

I was so upset that I didn't even notice the cuts I had from flying through the window.

I flew as long as I could, until I could hold out no more. I didn't know where I was going, and right now, I didn't care.

I lowered to the ground and made my wings vanish.

I collapsed against a tree and sobbed long and hard against my hands. Blood trickled from my cuts.

"I thought you were my friends," I whispered as tears streamed onto the ground and mixed with the blood.

I was so upset, that I didn't even notice the figures surrounding me until it was too late.

My face was pressed against the rough tree and I sniffed hard.

Then I heard a sound behind me and started to turn, but something struck me and I knew no more.


Cerberus's POV


"Yue!" I yelled as he ran from the room. I followed him, flying after him. But Yue was so upset, it gave him speed.

God, Ruby, Spinel, and I had done it now. Yue was really sensitive and he'd overheard everything. His eyes had said that much.

Up ahead, I saw Yue fly directly into the glass window and fly away.

What had we done?

Clow's voice joined mine as we shouted Yue's name together.

It was too late. He was gone into the night.

"What is going on?" Clow demanded. For the first time in my life, I saw Clow Reed angry and upset.

I looked directly at Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun. This was mostly their fault.

"Yue… Yue overheard us when we were complaining about him getting us in trouble," Ruby said, cringing. "We weren't very nice."

"Particularly you, Ruby," Spinel pointed out. "Weren't you the one who said, 'All Yue does is get us in trouble, and I'm sick and tired of it and him!' I believe that was you."

Clow frowned at the three of us. "What did you say, Cerberus?" he asked finally.

"I didn't go along with them," I said defensively.

"I wouldn't have expected this from any of you," Clow said. His displeasure was obvious. "Yue is the youngest, and I told you to look after him."

The three of us nodded glumly.

The frown had not left his face. "I want the three of you to go and find him, and don't return until you do."

"That could take all night," Spinel said. "Yue can't be found unless he wants to be."

I said nothing, feeling guilty. Yue was my brother; why hadn't I defended him more?

Clow looked unperturbed. "Go." The single word was clipped.

Ruby and Spinel flew off to the front door, and I trailed behind them.

I only hoped that Yue hadn't flown off to far, or we'd never find him.

We flew off into the night silently and our thoughts were our own.

To be continued