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Renewing The Bond

Part 7




A roar of fury erupted from me, as I heard my little brother screaming in pain. I raced over, and grabbed Hakaisha by the arms.

With a strength I hadn't known that I possessed, I pulled the human off of Yue. I then forcibly removed his hands from my brother's pale skin.

Hakaisha bellowed in fury, as I shoved him away and took Yue in my arms. His form dissolved.

"You… You saved me, Cerberus," Yue whispered. Shock shone in his eyes.

I smiled at him. "You are my baby brother, Yue. I will always protect you."

Yue suddenly put his arms around me. "Thank you, my brother."

I hugged him hard. "You do not have to thank me for saving you, Yue."

A light shone around us both, and I realized that it was Master Clow's magic, as it spiraled around Yue.

I smiled gently at Yue. "Master Clow is waiting for us," I said softly.

Yue nodded. "Let's get out of here, Cerberus. It's scary."

We held hands tightly, as we focused on waking up.

And in my heart, I was so grateful that I had been able to save my little brother.




I could remember everything again, as I blinked my eyes open. Master Clow sat beside me, looking at me with relief on his face. I sat up slowly and looked at him.

"Master Clow," I whispered. "You're all right. What about everyone else?" I didn't know what had happened after I had passed out.

"They're just fine, Yue," Clow said in his gentle voice. "We've all been worried about you."

"Then Ruby and Spinel aren't mad at me?" I questioned in a small voice.

Clow frowned slightly. "Why would you think they were?"

I looked down at the floor. "It was all my fault. I knew better than to go out alone and I couldn't save myself…"

Clow gently caressed my silvery hair. "Yue, do not lay the blame on yourself. I knew what Hakaisha was capable of, for he attempted to do the same to me once. I failed you, Yue. I am your Master, and I am supposed to protect you from harm." His quiet words were from the heart.

"No, Master," I protested. "It was my fault. I was too weak to defend myself."

Clow frowned again. "I shall help you with that as soon as you are ready, Yue. I had intended to do so before now, but I did not have the time."

Cerberus's voice joined in gruffly. "Can we get something to eat, Master Clow?" he questioned. "Running after someone in a forest can be a bit tiring." He winked at me to show that he was only joking.

I smiled.

Clow nodded. "I see no reason why not, Cerberus. And we should probably see what Ruby and Spinel have been up to, for I have not heard a peep out of them."

I swung my feet over the side of the bed, and let them dangle for a few moments. I then stood carefully, testing to see if I could stand. I looked at Master Clow. "It doesn't hurt anymore," I said softly.

Clow smiled. "Your magic has stabilized, Yue. You are now drawing power from me once more," he told me.

I nodded slowly, and followed Cerberus as he led the way to the door. Clow was behind me, keeping his dark eyes just ahead of the three of us.

We walked together down into the kitchen, and got the shock of our lives.

Ruby and Spinel were in there, throwing things into a bowl. Flour, sugar, and a bunch of other things covered the kitchen floor, as well as its counters.

I gasped.

Cerberus groaned.

Clow sighed. "Ruby… Spinel…" he said mildly.

The two Guardians turned to look at Clow in horror.

"Uh oh," Ruby whispered.

Spinel opened and closed his mouth a couple of times. "I…uh…"

"What were you doing?" Clow inquired, still sounding gentle.

"Making a cake?" Ruby offered.

Spinel snorted. "You mean, trying to make a cake," he said.

"Why?" Clow pressed.

I bit my lip to keep from laughing. Cerberus and I exchanged a knowing look, as we watched silently. This was going to be good.

Ruby gulped. "For Yue," she admitted. "We felt really bad and thought a cake might cheer him up…"

I was startled to hear her words. Why was she feeling bad? I was the one who couldn't protect myself.

Clow sighed again. "I admire the reason behind your actions, Spinel and Ruby, but they leave much to be desired." He took out the Bubble Card and used it to clean the mess in the kitchen.

All of us Guardians loved the Bubble Card. It was our Master's best creation, in our opinion.

"I shall show you the proper way to make a cake," Clow said. He pulled up his sleeves and began to set out different ingredients.

I sat at the table and watched, as Cerberus, Spinel, and Ruby closely followed everything that Clow did, so that they would know how to make a cake from now on. Spinel kept trying to steal the sugar and chocolate, and Cerberus growled at him.

Contentment coursed through me, as I continued to watch my Master and the others.

Clow turned and saw me sitting there. "Come, Yue. Don't you want to help?"

I nodded and stood. I crossed over to the others, and aided in making the cake. As I listened to the laughter and threats (against Spinel, as he nearly stole the chocolate again) a thought crossed my mind.

I never wanted any of this to change. This was where I belonged, and this is where I would always stay. Or so I hoped with all my heart.

The End