"You've got to mean it. She killed him." Voldemort's voice slithered into Harry's ear, "You know the spell Harry. Do it."

Harry contemplated everything for a moment. Bellatrix had killed Sirius. If Harry killed Bellatrix, Voldemort would kill him. Voldemort would kill him even if he didn't kill Bellatrix. Why not kill Bellatrix? It all ended up the same way. He gets killed by Voldemort and he goes to where Sirius is.

"Avada Kedavra," Harry murmured almost inaudibly. A green jet of light shot out of his wand at Bellatrix and hit her square in the chest. She hissed in pain for a moment, then fell over backwards, dead. He had killed her. Now, on to Sirius. "I'm ready to die." he said turning to face Voldemort who just laughed. His laugh sounded almost human and then suddenly he stopped, Dumbledore stepping out of the fire.

"I am not going to kill you Harry Potter. No, I am going to take you with me." he pushed Harry backwards and Harry fell over behind Voldemort.

Dumbledore looked grave, "It was foolish of you to come here tonight, Tom. The aurors are on their way." Voldemort laughed again, this time less human though. He grabbed Harry by a shoulder, pulled him up, and swiftly apparated into the room Harry had just been in. Dumbledore soon followed suit. The battle was over now, the light side had won, just barely. The Death Eaters were standing on one side of the room while the light was on the other half. They just stood there, their wands out, watching the three apparate in.

Lupin looked at Harry in alarm, as did most other order members. The Death Eaters, once again, just stood there watching. No discernable looks on their features, just contemplation. Finally, Voldemort spoke, "My friends, we must be going now. No one will be punished for the loss of the prophecy, for I have aquired a much grander prize. Let us take our leave, and I shall explain back at headquarters." the Death Eaters nodded and while Harry tried to escape Voldemort's grip, Dumbledore moved over to the light side.

"Let go! Let go of me!" Harry shouted. Voldemort laughed again. Like a human. The order just stared in disbelief that Voldemort could make a noise like that. The Death Eaters did the same. After a moment of silence from all and squirming from Harry, the Death Eaters began to disapparate. Voldemort faced the light side once again and addressed everyone, "I am taking Harry Potter, much to his protest." he paused as Harry wriggled to get free but couldn't, "Do not look for him or me. I assure you, you will get killed." he smirked, "Not that I would mind. I'm afraid, now, I must bid you farewell. Good-bye." he said and started to dissapparate, Harry struggling the entire time. But suddenly, they weren't in the Department of Mysteries anymore, they were in a dimly lit room. Harry looked around silently, Voldemort's hand still on his shoulder. The walls were a grey stone of some sort, the ceiling and floor too. A throne - or what looked like a throne - was stationed at the end of the small room. The Death Eaters had formed a circle around he and the Dark Lord, the circle coming to completion at the throne. Harry noticed that there were far more Death Eaters than there had been before. He concluded that they must have been called by Voldemort for this little 'meeting'. Speaking of Voldemort, he removed his hand from Harry's shoulder, and sat down in the throne telling Harry to stay where he was. Harry obeyed, he didn't want to be close to any one of these people and the center of the circle was seemingly the farthest he could get from them.

"My Lord," one Death Eater began, "Why have you not killed the whelp?" Voldemort growled and the man shrunk back a little. Apparently Voldemort ruled with an iron fist, though this didn't surprise Harry much, it was interesting to watch. He seemed to get kinder after the outburst though.

"I have not killed Harry," Harry scoffed under his breath. Voldemort and he were on a first name basis apparently, "because I no longer wish to do so." Gasps flooded the room. "He has proven himself - ah what's the word - worthy? No, not the right word, but it will do I suppose. Anyway, he has proven a great deal tonight and I have come to a decision." he paused for what Harry could only assume was dramtic effect, "I am going to have Harry join our cause."

Harry stiffened, "What?" his voice cracked. Him? A Death Eater? He was the boy-who-lived, not the-boy-who-lived-to-kill-for-fun. "But I don't want to kill people. It's...." he sighed, "It's breathtaking, and I mean that in a bad way. I don't enjoy it. You have to enjoy it to be a Death Eater, right?"

Voldemort laughed as if he were human yet again - it was getting really old by now - and turned to a Death Eater that was standing to his direct right, "You. You are one of my most loyal servants. Tell me, do you enjoy killing people? Or do only do so because I ask it of you?"

The Death Eater was silent for a moment and was stif as a board, but then he said in a silky monotone voice, "I do not enjoy it. I do so because you wish it, master." It was an answer designed to please the recipient, Harry thought. Well played Snape, well played.

"See Harry? You don't have to enjoy killing. I wasn't even going to make you a Death Eater. Not yet at least. I was going to do something much better. It's a good deal for you, I assure." Harry nodded and gestured him to go on, it was after all intriguing. "I will train you. I will teach you the most powerful spells, and the most deadly counter-curses and curses. I will have Severus here, since he was your old Professor, teach you potions. That and Defense are the only two needed subjects, anyways. Then, once we are finished, I will give you a choice. You can either join our cause, and enter my inner circle, or you can go free, back to your friends and family and precious Headmaster. How does that sound?" Voldemort's voice was steady. Somehow Harry knew he wasn't lying.

"That sounds....acceptable. I suppose I should be thanking you." Harry answered dryly. He wasn't looking forward to it, but it was better than dying.

The Dark Lord smirked, "Wonderful. I only ask one thing in return. You stay with one of my most trusted Death Eaters while I train you. I cannot afford you running off without proper education. That is the only arrangement I can think of that will work out for everyone. He or she, most likely he since there aren't many women Death Eaters, will be your guardian for this time. They will take care of you and you will do what they ask. A few chores, a few trivial tasks, whatever they see fit. Prehaps you'll even find a father in him. I think that sounds rather fair, don't you?" he asked.

Harry only nodded hesitantly, "I....I suppose. Who will I stay with?" Harry mustered up all of his courage. This was going to be the longest night of his life.

Voldemort looked contemplative for a moment, "Ah, yes. Perfect. I'll ask, just to make sure though." he murmured then continued more loudly, "Who here is willing to accept the role of Harry Potter's caretaker? There are no rules to what you may ask of him, by the way." at his last comment, several heads shot up and many people stepped forward and kneeled before their master's throne.

Before Voldemort could speak again Harry piped up, "No....no rules? What does that mean?"

Voldemort's expression hardened, "Nothing. Nothing at all. I will choose for you, since I don't think you would choose anyone." he turned his attentions back to his followers that sat at his feet. "Those of you who have stepped forward are as follows: Crabbe, Avery, Greyback, Malfoy, Snape. I am surprised by some of you. Snape? Malfoy? Greyback? Why do you all want Harry when you all hate him so, and you Fenrir have never really met the boy even." he eyed them carefully. "I will choose between you three. The ones I just named. State why you should have custody and I will choose accordingly."

Malfoy was the first to step forward, "My son goes to school with him and can provide friendship if the boy is in need of it. I own a manor, I make an amazingly large salary, my wife has just died and I require some company for my lonesome self. So many more reasons are hard to put into words but I have always found the boy and his antics a bit....amusing, for loss of a better word. Unfortunately, I raged at those times and did not have the control I have now. I can provide for him financialy, in shelter, etc. The list goes on and on." he waved a hand impudently. Harry snorted, as did Voldemort.

Snape was next. He had certainly surprised Harry by volunteering, "I have known the boy longest. I knew his father and mother. Having taught him for many years, I know what type of person he is and what he needs when he needs it. I also have a manor, a wealthy salary, and multiple homes, so I can best keep him hidden from Dumbledore if needed. I can provide all the things Malfoy can besides the son. From what I gather, Potter likes to spend time by himself anyways." Snape stood completely rigid, as if it were a matter of completely serious life or death.

Finally, and lastly, Greyback. Harry had heard stories about the werwolf from Remus. Greyback had turned him when he was a child. Why would he want Harry in HIS custody? "I will admit, I have never met the boy. As a werewolf, I would want to turn him. It will greatly increase his strength, stamina, and various other things. This will assist him greatly in life and his training. I can provide no famliy or friends, for my pack is dead, but I will try my best to spend time with him if he wishes. I can provide shelter of course, anywhere is shelter to a werewolf. Food and drink is easy, hunting. I can teach him hand to hand combat as well for if he finds himself without a wand, purely wizarding style of course. Financial....I am a pureblood with a very large vault at Gringotts with so much money in it he could live like a King for 4 lifetimes. I've heard stories about him, as I am sure he has about me, and he seems quite - interesting. Lastly, his scent is....different from any I have smelled before. Distinctly. It is vexing to know that there is a human who smells that....delectible. You know exactly what I mean by that master." he finished with a curt nod of his head and a small body incline that could only be a bow, though it did not look much like one.

Voldemort was smirking, "Oh the choices. I'm rethinking my choice at the start after hearing all this. Malfoy sounds best for company, Snape for history and teaching, and Greyback for training assistance and lycanthropy. Hmm...." he sat there for at least 10 minutes while the three men kneeled before him - their knees must have been killing them. Harry stood in the center of the circle still, unable to move. He couldn't imagine any of those men wanting to take care of him, and what was this about no rules? He sighed and Voldemort noticed. "Ah! Terribly sorry Harry. Didn't mean to keep you on edge, I just can't decide. What do you think, you'll have to live with one of them for at least 1 year, after all. Who would you choose?"

Harry froze, even more than before. "Uhmn....I don't like Malfoy's son Draco, no offense sir it's just that we never really got along. I mean Malfoy Sr. doesn't seem to bad himself. Snape is....Snape. We've always had hate waves going between us, but besides that he might be kind of nice, and I would like to know about my parents. I have known him longest, no matter how much I hated him, and then there's Greyback. He's a werewolf, and I don't have anything against that. I mean Remus is a werewolf, and he's great. I have heard the stories, and to be honest it's a bit frightening, but besides that lycanthropy sounds interesting. Although the transformation looks quite painful." he sounded thoughtful, unable to make up his own mind.

All eyes were on him as he made his decision. "I don't think I should be the one to choose but....if I have to, I guess Greyback. No offense to the other two of you. You both seem kind of nice which is more than I thought before, by a lot. It's just that....Greyback can help me with training, and I've always liked the idea of werewolves. It sounds kinda cool I guess. Besides....he uhmn...."

"Yes, Harry?" Voldemort asked, his voice filled with curiosity.

"He smells nice." he coughed, "Like uhmn....I dunno, like whatever you wanna smell right at this moment he smells like it. It's weird, but cool. Why not go with the flow?" he tried to smile but only grinned awkwardly. He could feel all the eyes watching him, especially those of the werewolf, potions master, and Malfoy (an: had nothing to call Malfoy except snake lover and that sounds weird so yeah...).

"What an interesting choice, Harry. I approve though I may not have chosen him for your caretaker. Hmmm....you mentioned a scent though so perhaps you have made the correct choice. Well then, let's get down to business. You schedule is as follows." he smirked. A werewolf taking care of the boy-who-lived...what an interesting turn of events, to be sure.