Harry and Snape landed right outside Fenrir's house in Hogsmeade. Gasping when he looked up, Harry saw a lovely home with a seaside view. "This is his house?" Harry had never taken Fenrir for the type of guy who would want to stare at the ocean.

"I didn't think he'd like this type of place..." he trailed off, knowing Snape would think he thought of his alpha as everyone else did, a cold-blooded killer.

Snape just chuckled, "Yes, Harry. This is his new home. He fire-called me very specific instructions on where this place was and what to do when we arrived."

Harry looked up at the older wizard, confused. "What do we do now then?" he asked.

"There is no we, Potter." Snape's harsh tone had returned. "You will go inside and meet him. Meanwhile, I will wait here until I am told to enter. Go on, I'll be fine out here." he ushered the boy towards the door and he knocked. The door did not open, but the sound of multiple locks unhinging was heard. "Mr. Harry Potter wishes to gain entrance to your residence, please. I, potions master/professor Severus Snape have accompanied him for his safety. A certain Remus Lupin is a potential threat, in my eyes, and I hoped to discuss with someone a form of action to be taken against an arising problem." he said curtly. Harry didn't think he had ever heard Severus speak in such a submissive voice before.

Snape sent a look of confirmation at Harry, "Ah... yes. Same here, except I'm Harry Potter." he smirked, "And Severus Snape here has kept me safe for my travels here, which he conducted without warning, I feel I must add." Snape growled at him and Harry knew he had gotten the man in trouble.

What fun, what fun, poor Snapie's got a bug between his buns...arise...what the hell was that about...he shrugged and Snape raised an eyebrow at his odd gesture.

The door opened a crack after a moment, and Harry sidestepped into the house, smiling and waving to Snape as he did so. The moment the door had closed behind him, a dominant male werewolf jumped on top of him, tackling him to the floor, "Ah...! Fenrir!" he started giggling as the large man licked his ear, "Stop it! That tickles, you bastard!"

Fenrir looked down at his pup, hunger evident in his eyes. "Pup," his voice was husky, not like the dog, just really low and aroused, "I've missed you. Come play with me, puppy." he gave Harry a pointed look and motioned for the younger to follow him with his finger.

Harry followed his alpha and was led into a large kitchen where rows of shelves were lined with plates, cups, and other various cooking necessities that were nailed to the walls. "It's a beautiful house, Fenrir. Do I get to cook here sometimes?" he asked, hoping the man would say yes. Despite popular belief, he actually enjoyed cooking, and looked forward to the chance of cooking for his mate.

Fenrir nodded and smiled at the younger man. "Only if you're good. I don't eat anything cooked usually, but I'll make a few exceptions for you, my precious." he pulled Harry flush against him by the waist, "As long as I get something in return."

Harry held back a moan as Fenrir squashed them close together.

"Fenrir," he started, "I'd be more than willing to do anything and everything with you, but as it is, Severus is waiting outside, and it is rather chilly this time of year as winter approaches. Perhaps, he could come in and we could begin our training, or whatever you had planned for today?"

Fenrir nodded reluctantly and let Harry beckon Snape inside. Funny how two days ago, he would have killed anyone who tried to come between him and his pup when they were about to mate, but now he would let Harry go and wait for the boys' full attention. It was much more entertaining that way anyway.

Severus sat down at the table across from Greyback, while Harry made tea for them. "Greyback," he paused, searching for words, "I assume you are treating Harry well?"

Fenrir growled low in his throat, "Why would you care, Snape? He's not your concern, and he's definitely not your mate!"

"Of course not," Severus obviously feared the man when he was angered, "He is like a son to me. Though I have moments of desire," he paused to look at Harry who either didn't catch his comment, or didn't mind.

"Though I have moments of desire, I think of him as my son. The son I never had. I know not to cross you Greyback, and I would not make unwanted advances on Harry, especially while he is my student, the Dark Lord's favorite, and your mate."

Fenrir nodded, understanding. He knew that he could be quite intimidating, and was glad it was part of the reason Snape stayed away from Harry, it made pride for his ability to protect his mate swell up in his chest. "Good. I have a training schedule for him." He gave Snape a paper, and Harry an identical one when he had finished preparing the tea he had started and had sat between them, giving them their cups.

They looked over the schedules in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, then Snape looked up, "It is acceptable."

Harry gushed, "What? There's virtually no time for me to spend with Fenrir or you on here." he said to Snape, then looked at Fenrir. "You know how much we need to be together more than anyone. Especially after your obvious lust after not but 3 hours apart from each other." he glared at the men. He supposed he might've sounded a bit childish really, but he wanted time with his mate!

Snape found this amusing. Greyback was, apparently, very dependent on Potter. Either Harry was excellent in bed, or the mating bond was extremely powerful. It was probably both, he thought silently. "Alright. We will adjust the schedule then. He should be given time to speak and 'hang out' with us, no matter how annoying he may be."

They then spent the next twenty minutes trying to figure out a way for all of them to be happy and for Harry's training to get done.

Fenrir nodded, "Here's the revised copy then," he read aloud from a new sheet of paper, "5:00-6:00 am ~ Harry wakes up and practices physical attacks with me; 6:00-7:00 am, Harry practices dueling with Severus; 7:00-8:00 am, Harry eats breakfast and gets ready for classes; 8:00 am-3:00 pm, Harry goes to classes; 3:00-5:00 pm, Harry does homework and studies; 5:00-6:00 pm, Harry studies potions and his other subjects in depth with Severus; 6:00-8:00 pm, Harry researches spells and other various things he wishes to know about; 8:00-9:00 pm, Harry eats dinner; 9:00 pm, Harry goes to sleep, starting his schedule over in the morning again, in a daily pattern after that. While he is being taught by us, he may spend some time taking a break to talk with us...among various other things of course in my case."

Harry bit his lip, then nodded. "Okay, that's good." Severus nodded and they chatted for a bit, Fenrir starting to call Snape, Severus and became friendlier towards him. Harry knew why, he wasn't stupid. The man knew he thought of Snape as a father figure and he wanted to get close to him, as they would most likely be in-laws one day. Harry grinned at this and chuckled a bit, getting confused looks from both older wizards.

As Harry and Severus made their way back to Hogwarts, they ran into Professor Lupin, sitting outside Hagrid's shack, chatting with Hagrid in a rather angry matter. "Harry! Where were you? I've been worried sick," he glared at Snape, "And you! You get away from my pup." he pulled Harry close to him and wrapped his arms around the smaller figure.

Harry flinched slightly at Lupin's touch but the werewolf didn't notice, "Remus," he said in a soothing voice, "Professor Snape was helping me gather a potions ingredient I needed for this year, but forgot to buy. It was in Hogsmeade, and it wasn't safe to go alone, so he brought me there. That's all, Remus." he added the last bit at the older mans disbelieving expression.

"I see." he said thoughtfully, "Well, You'd never lie to me Harry, so I trust you...and Snape, if only for now." he growled low in his throat, but released Harry.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief and motioned for Severus to follow him, "Thank you for your concern, sir. I'll just have the potions master escort me inside so you don't worry even more" he said in a teasing voice at Remus who brightened immediately.

"Okay kiddo! Be careful cub." Remus chuckled and walked back over to Hagrid to finish their conversation over a cup of tea with a much better attitude.

Harry started walking in silence with Snape back to the castle until finally he spoke, "I'm not a cub anymore, so Remus can just go worry about someone else." he grimaced and walked at a faster pace subconsciously.

Snape followed in longer strides, "Lupin is just mourning his loss. With Black dead, he's become extremely over-protective of the only real friendship he has left. You. Try explaining that you are careful, and maybe he'll lay off a bit, giving us both less to worry about."

Harry glared at the man, but nodded in resignation. "Fine. You'll be there with me when I do though." he smirked as his previous glare was returned.

"Agreed." Snape concluded. "Now, about your schedule..."

Harry groaned. The last thing he needed now was to talk about that stupid schedule.

Snape pressed on, "Mr. Potter," they were back to formalities since they were now inside Hogwarts and were almost to the Gryffindor portrait. "I expect full compliance from you about this. Understand?" Harry nodded, "Good. The training starts tomorrow, and you will wake up 20 minutes before the schedule says so that you can spend a maximum amount of time practicing combat with Greyback."

Harry smiled warmly as they reached the portrait hole. He walked up to it and Snape stayed behind, "You know professor, you could call him by his first name. I'm sure he'd be glad you would, since you're important."

"What do you mean?" Severus asked quizzically.

"I mean, you're like a father to me. He was making an obvious attempt to get along with you this afternoon, and you barely remained civil. Perhaps, more effort on your part could lead to you accepting him marrying your 'son' one day?" they younger wizard walked through the portrait and shut it behind him, just as Snape was about to fume about marriage.

Severus stormed away, sweeping through passing groups of students like a hawk on the prowl for its dinner. Marriage? Was the boy completely insane? Greyback definitely wanted to marry Harry, but would the boy's father figure allow that? He decided the answer was no. Not only would no one accept the boy-who-lived marrying Greyback - unless the Dark Lord won the war - but he would be trapped with the homicidal werewolf for the rest of his life. Well, he already was, since they had mated, but Severus would be damned if he was going to be the father-in-law of Fenrir Greyback!