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Chapter 28

Futures and Presents


It was the week before Christmas and Bella was studying for her last final exam before we had two blissful weeks of doing nothing but celebrating. And presents. Yep, definitely the best bit was presents!

I had given up on trying to memorize my textbook and had tuned into an old movie on the TV and lounged out with my feet on the coffee table. Bella was propped up on the other end of the couch with her feet in my lap, which I had been dutifully massaging for the past fifteen minutes.

As a commercial break rolled around, I turned to look at her. Her brow was furrowed as she stared down at the words in her lap, bending lower and lower to read the words as if they would make any more sense the closer she got to them. The corners of my lips curled into a smile.

I liked moments like these, just chilling and doing nothing of significance and yet they were significant. Moments like these were moments I had never had before. Who knew I was a relationship type of guy? Well fuck me!

Amidst my musings over Bella, I had stopped rubbing her foot . She wiggled her toes around to point this out to me and I chuckled lowly before picking up where I had left off. She lifted her head and gave me a gentle smile in thanks.

"So I was thinking…" I began.

Bella dog-eared her page and laid her book down on the coffee table, stretching over and causing her tank to rise up a little.

"Ooooh thinking. Don't strain your brain," she teased me.

"Ha ha. No more foot rubs for you."

I tried to lift her feet off my lap, but she scrambled to set them back down.

"No, noooo! I was just teasing. Please?" She pouted her pretty pink lips and my hands couldn't deny her what she wanted.

"Thanks. That feels soooo good! Now what were you thinking?" She prompted me to continue.

"Well I was thinking…I want to go into medicine." My voice was steady and sure but my heart was beating rapidly. It was as if I was afraid she would laugh in my face and confirm what I was already thinking, that maybe I couldn't do it.

I was waiting for a smile. A comforting expression that would tell me I wasn't crazy. But she stared at me blankly. The only emotion crossing her face was surprise. Maybe I was too fucking optimistic. Maybe I had fucked my life up too much to even be able to begin to go back to my original dream of following in Carlisle's footsteps. But when the surprise on Bella's face was replaced with the biggest smile I could hope for, I knew without a doubt that Bella would support me through anything.

"Medicine? Like a doctor?" She asked in awe sitting forward and grasping my hands.

"Yeah, doctor...I don't know? Maybe it's stupid?"

"Stupid? No it's wonderful!" She wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled me towards her for a kiss.

"You really think so? Because I mean, I've fallen behind a bit in my studies, and I'm not taking the right classes at the moment, and it will be a long…"

"Shhh! Stop doubting yourself. You can do whatever you have your heart set on."

The grin on my face widened and I pulled her soft lips back to mine. Bella scooted back to her end of the couch and wiggled her toes in expectancy again.

"So how did you come to this conclusion, Dr. Cullen?"

"…sounds so old?" I chuckled. That was my father's title. It was strange to even think of sharing it with him.

"Carlisle and I had lunch today, as you know." Bella had class so she couldn't join us. Carlisle was attending a conference in Seattle for the day. "And I was just listening to him talk about some of his patients and the look on his face when he explained finding out how to save someone's life, the look was just so…satisfying? I just thought, I want to have that look in my eyes and that feeling of actually helping someone, making a difference to someone's life."

It felt like such a sappy rant, but Bella just listened and beamed at my excitement.

"Do you remember that summer, you and Emmett wanted to teach me to skateboard?" Bella asked. I laughed at the memory. "Remember when I fell the second you let go of me and split my knee open on the cracked pavement," I continued to nod at the memory, "and Carlisle tried to clean up the wound but you kept pushing him out of the way claiming that it was good practice for when you were a doctor." I continued to chuckle.

I had tried to clean out the wound, but pressed a little to firmly on the cut causing Bella's leg to reflexively kick up. Unfortunately she was perched on the counter top and she effectively kicked me in the fucking nuts. Hurt like a motherfucker.

"I guess I lost sight of my ambitions when I got to high school."

I was making up for all the grades I had messed up on in high school. Choosing to fuck around instead.

"I'm really proud that you have thought about it and that you are brave enough to do it." She was so supportive.

"I'm not sure what field of medicine though?"

"Hmm…you could be a podiatrist? You're certainly doing wonders to my feet down there," she hummed out in appreciation.

"A foot doctor? Not everyone has clean, healthy feet like yours." I couldn't imagine going near a fucker with some sort of fungus on his foot.

I began running my hands up and down her calves, massaging them as I moved higher up to the back of her knees where I pulled her body closer to me, twisting myself until Bella was straddling me.

"I could be a cardiac surgeon?" I asked, peppering kisses along the swell of her breasts and over her accelerating heart beat.

"Well you sure know how to keep my heart from slowing to a stop," she said shyly, tilting my chin up to capture my mouth with her own. Her tongue danced out to meet my own and our kisses became frantic as Bella rocked in my lap, causing our teeth to clank together.

"Dentist?" I mumbled out between kisses. She shook her head no against my lips.

Our breaths were becoming pants as Bella slipped her fingers into the hair at the nape of my neck, scratching her short nails divinely against my scalp.

My fingers trailed down her arms and onto her waist where they roamed until they met the bottom of her tank. I let my fingers slide around the smooth skin of her stomach before I pulled her tank up and over her head, discarding it somewhere to the side.

Rather than return to her lips, I attentively licked and nipped down her throat, across her collarbones and down to her fabulous breasts. I couldn't resist cupping them and pressing them up into my face to revel in the gorgeousness.

"How about plastic surgeon?" I teased as I pushed her breasts together and fondled them a bit more.

Her eyebrow above her hooded eyes quirked up in an are-you-really-going-to-complain-about-those kind of look.

"Kidding," I assured her with a soft kiss to the lips.

She was perfect in every way and I would never see her differently.


"Remind me again why we are baking fruit mince pies here?" I asked Bella as she danced around the kitchen of my apartment gathering ingredients and bowls together.

"Because your oven needs to be used every once in a while and it will help fill the space with a smell that's not so…boy."

I was sitting on the opposite side of the kitchen island and had to snicker when she finished tying her apron and turned around.

'Kiss the Cook' was lettered across her chest.

"Please tell me you bought that for yourself and some other fucker didn't?" My possessive side stepped out.

"Actually, I bought it for you," she shot me a wink as she broke some eggs into a bowl. This woman will truly be the death of me.

"So how long does it take to make this shit?"

"Just for saying it's shit, you can't eat any now," she glowered at me, "and it will take half an hour to prepare and a further half to cook."

So half an hour to cook, there was a good window there that we could fool around in.

"Why?" she asked me suspiciously.

"No reason," I sang out with an innocent smile. She murmured an 'uh huh' under breath and continued to combine the ingredients for the dough.

I could have offered to fucking help or something, but I liked just sitting there watching her.

She always went into her own little world when she was working on a dish and she would hum off-tune melodies.

Bella was also prone to leaving a trail of mess as she cooked. Flour made it everywhere but in the actual bowl; sugar crystals sparkled across the counter and various bowls and utensils littered the bench tops.

Not to mention the ingredients that ended up all over her face when she went to wipe away a stray piece of hair or to itch her nose.

"So when do I get to 'kiss the cook'?"

She chuckled obviously seeing that I was bored and wanted to fool around. "When the cook says so."

I frowned at her. "And when will the cook say so?" I asked eagerly.

"You're the one that wanted me to bake Christmas sweets, so quit pouting and let me finish," she ordered.

"Oh, I fully intend to let you finish," I waggled my eyebrows at her.

She chuckled again shaking her head as she tipped the dough out of the bowl and onto the granite bench.I was already fucking antsy sitting in my little stool, waiting very fucking patiently for Bella to finish cooking, when the woman began to torture me.

Her small hands kneaded that dough with strength before she rolled it into a log shape.

The dough moved smoothly between her fingers rolling to and fro.

For fucks sake, I was getting hard watching her roll dough. But in my defense, that log of dough was looking more and more like a dick as she molded it. Plus, she would lean all the way across the table as she rolled it down to me giving me a fantastic view down her low cut top.

I let out a groan of frustration, catching Bella's attention.

"Something wrong?" she asked innocently as she picked up the log wrapping her hands around it securely.

She may have sounded like she didn't know what she was doing to me, but the glint in her eyes said otherwise.

I shot her a glare as she set down the dough and sliced it into even discs. "Is this sweet enough?" she dipped her finger into the bowl of mince and placed it into my mouth letting me suck it off her finger.


She grinned mischievously as she dipped them in again, this time sucking the flavors off her own finger with her eyes firmly locked on mine.

Fucking Hell!

By the time she filled the dough cups with fruit, I was checking the time to see how long we would have alone in the house. I pulled out my cell and quickly called Emmett.

"Whaddup?" Em drawled out as if the fucker was all gangster.

"How long until you come back from Rose's?"

"I'll be about another half hour. Why?"

"Can you pick up some ginger custard on the way home?"

"Ginger custard? Right… Why?"

"Bella's doing some baking and she needs the custard to serve it," I lied out of my ass.

"Sure. No worries." I hung up on the clueless fucker to see Bella frowning at me.

"You don't serve custard with these," she pointed out confused, "and what the hell is ginger custard?"

"Who knows?" I shrugged at her, "but it will confuse Em enough to stall him from interrupting my kiss time with the cook."

"What makes you so sure you're even getting a kiss?"

"Oh, I'm pretty fucking sure," I shot back at her.

She raised her eyebrows to challenge me, which was a sure fire way to get my game on. I slid out of my stool, readjusting myself, as I slinked around the counter to stand behind her.

"Sure you don't need any help?" I breathed into her ear, sliding my hands from her shoulders down to her hands that were rolling out the dough for the pie lids.

"N-no," she stuttered as our hands rolled the rolling pin back and forth.

It was almost like that clay scene out of fucking 'Ghost', but we had dough. I nibbled on her ear lobe distracting her from her rolling.

"Aren't you going to finish the pies?" I whispered across her neck, planting kisses along the way.

I could feel the labored breathing Bella was doing as her grip on the rolling pin tightened.

But she suddenly jutted out her ass, connecting deliciously with my hard on for a moment, pushing me back off of her.

"Give me five minutes to get these in the oven," she deadpanned.

Cullen: One. Bella: Nothing but horny. Win-win motherfuckers.

I stood with my back to the bench as I watched her finish up the pies, with shaky hands, and watched as she bent down, ass in the air to place them in the oven.

The woman was driving me insane.

She pushed the oven door closed and leaned up to the cupboard above it to pull out the icing sugar. Thing is, she's short, and had to get up on her tippy toes to reach the bag, causing her top to ride up flashing me a sliver of creamy flesh. I took a step and grabbed Bella around the hips, spinning her so her back was pressed against the bench as I crashed my lips to hers.

She kissed back with intensity and opened her mouth for me, letting out tongues slide together.

My fingers slid down her waist, down her thighs, to the back of her knees where I lifted her up, setting her ass down on the bench. Bella locked her legs around my waist, drawing me in closer until I was pressed into the warmth between her legs.

Her added height meant that she could tug my hair back and tilt my head up towards her as she dove her tongue into my mouth over and over. The hair tugging was painful but felt fucking good at the same time.

I could feel a weird weight on my right shoulder, one that kept whacking me in the ear as well. I reached for it feeling that it was the bag of icing sugar that Bella was still holding onto. I pulled it from her grasp and threw it unceremoniously behind me, not caring where the fuck it landed.

I ran my hands between our bodies, up to Bella's fantastic breasts, but I couldn't get a hold of them with the fucking apron in the way. I fumbled my way back down to her waist, trying to undo the knot, but I kept losing my grip whenever Bella nibbled on the skin at the edge of my jaw. Finally, it came undone as I slipped it over her head, along with her top, palming her breasts over her bra.

"God that feels good," Bella moaned, arching her back.

Unfortunately, in the combined space, she managed to crack her head onto the cupboard above her. We both laughed at how ridiculous it was before I took a hold of her waist, carrying her with her legs around me to the kitchen island.

The bag of icing sugar had burst open when it connected with the table earlier. The fine white powder covered the entire table and all the utensils that still sat there. I swept everything off the bench and onto the floor, disturbing the settled powder which rose as a white dust cloud settling back down onto us.

Bella pulled my shirt off, tossing it wherever, before bringing her mouth back to mine. I slipped my hand between our bodies and stroked her over the seam of her jeans, causing her to moan out in pleasure. Making fast work of the button and fly, I wrestled her out of her jeans and panties until she was sitting, on my kitchen island, butt fucking naked.

I took a moment to appreciate how beautiful she looked.

"I love you," I whispered against her lips.

"I love you, too."

"Lay back, baby."

She did as I requested, laying back, spreading herself out on the counter. I kissed across her stomach and down her inner thighs before making it back up to where we both wanted to be.

She was dripping wet for me and on my first lick, she bucked so hard she stirred up another cloud of icing sugar. I settled onto her clit and it was the sweetest nectar when my mouth sucked her bundle of nerves. I laid an arm across her stomach to keep her steady as she fisted my hair and wailed out in satisfaction.

"Mmmm…icing sugar dusted Bella," I hummed against her causing her to twitch even more.

I ran slow, strong strokes with my tongue up her lips, sucking on her clit making her tremble below me.

"Shit, Edward. That feels so good," she gasped.

I pushed two fingers into her quickly, immediately being engulfed in warmth and wetness.

"Oh god, oh god," she began to chant as my fingers twisted inside of her.

With one final suck to her clit, her back arched off the table and she came, crying out my name, clenching around my fingers. Bella lay spent on the table as I lapped up her juices, not missing those that had leaked onto the table.

I fucking loved icing sugar!

I kissed my way up Bella's body, taking a hardened nipple into my mouth along the way, causing her to whimper due to her sensitivity. I pulled her limp body back up to a sitting position and kissed her softly, letting her set the slow pace as our tongues slid languorously.

The cooling down was always just as good as the warming up.

Bella didn't get the chance to return the favor since the oven alarm blared annoyingly through the fucking apartment. Bella slid off the counter, picked up an oven mitt and proceeded to pull the pies out to place on the bench to cool.

All while covered in nothing but a dusting of icing. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her back into me. "Why don't you go for a shower, I'll clean up here," I kissed her shoulder.

"You don't want to help me wash this out of my hair?" She shook her hair as icing fell to the floor.

"Em will be home soon, I should probably clean up this disaster zone."

We both shuffled around to access the extent of the damage.

Most of the table was covered in white dust, besides the area Bella's body had been, it was as if she had made a snow angel on top of the island. Bowls were scattered across the floor, bits of dough and fruit mince speckled the tiles.

Bella giggled. "I guess we did make a bit of a mess," she smiled sheepishly.

I planted one more kiss on her neck and smacked her ass as she picked up her clothes and shuffled off to our room.

I proceeded to pick up everything on the floor, dumping it all into the sink, and wiped down all the surfaces and the floor. Bella was still in the shower by the time I was done so maybe she did need a hand washing out her hair? But hopes of doing that soon faded when the fucking oaf barreled through the door.

"I went to two different stores and neither of them had heard of fucking ginger custard," Em growled as he dumped a bag onto the table.

I shrugged, pretending that I didn't realize they were not common in a store.

"The lady told me to just buy brandy custard instead. So here you go, fucker."

He thrust the bag into my chest and walked around me to steal a fruit mince pie.

"They're still hot," I warned him.

"I fucking deserve one after the shit I just went through for you."

He juggled two hot pies in his hands as the idiot bit into the first one.

Obviously the fruit mince was still at a scorching temperature.

The mince fell back out of his mouth and onto the island table as the fucker tried to sooth his burned tongue.


"I warned you," I told him matter-of-factly.

He blew some cool air onto the remaining pie, cooling it before he shoved the entire thing into his mouth. He then used his finger to swipe up the fruit mince that fell to the table and licked it off his finger.

This movement made me smile when I thought of me licking Bella's juices off the same table not twenty minutes ago.

Fuck she tasted good!

Emmett's finger was still in his mouth when he paused. He looked down to the table, then back to the reminiscing grin on my face, then back to the table.

"You guys totally just did it on this table didn't you?" he asked with a grimace on his face.

I chuckled lightly, "Not quite."

He shrugged his shoulders, "Meh, Rose and I beat you to it months ago." The fucker grinned at me before stealing another pie and headed for the couch.

"Yeah well we're about to go do it in the shower so you better turn up the TV," I said in a voice that sounded quite like a pouting five year old.

But the image of Rose and Em doing it on the same table I ate at definitely solved the hard on problem, and plus Bella was already out of the shower.


Christmas came around quickly and my parents were in Seattle to stay with us. They only stayed with us the first night they drove down, opting to stay at a hotel for the rest of the week they were out in Seattle. This was a good fucking thing considering our place was not roomy enough to house everyone at once.

I think I would fling myself out of the window a few days in any how because my parents would drive me fucking insane. Then there was also the lack of fucking that Bella and I would be doing with them under the same roof as well.

I was very fucking glad that my father suggested that they use the hotel as a romantic getaway anyway.

"Edward? Are you ready?" Bella called from my kitchen.

I called from under my bed, "Yeah, I'm coming out."

I had tried to look everywhere for Christmas presents. I had looked under her bed, in her closet and everywhere else in her house.

I found nothing.

So I thought maybe she was doing some reverse psychology kind of shit and hid it at my place instead.

"Edward hurry up," I could hear my mom yell.

"What are you doing?" Bella accused me.

I cracked my head on the underside of the bed, surprised to hear her next to me.

"I was checking to see if I put my porn out of view in case mom cleans my room." It sounded more like a question.

Bella quirked a brow at me.

"We both know your porn is safe in the bottom drawer of the bedside table."

"Er, right." I stood up and took her hand, pulling her from the room.

"What took you so long?" My father asked.

"He was hunting for presents again," Bella explained.

The woman knew me too well.

"What did I tell you, sweetie," Mom smiled at Bella.

I knew she had something to do with this. When we were kids, Emmett and I could never find our presents. They would never appear under the tree until the wee hours of Christmas morning. Mother had skills.

I'm sure the CIA could hire her to learn how to hide spies.

We were driving out for Christmas lunch at Eclipse. With the entire group of us, it made more sense to congregate in the open area of the bar as opposed to an apartment.

"So when do I get my presents?" I asked the car of people.

"We're doing presents at lunch. They are all at Eclipse already," my mom assured me.

"We're doing presents before food, right?"

Dad chuckled from the passenger seat, "Son, I feel like you have never grown up."

I shrugged as we pulled up in front of the bar.

"Sa-weet!" Em bellowed as we walked in, "Mom's here, let's eat!"

"Merry Christmas to you too, fucker!"

"Language Edward!"

"Sorry Mom, and we're doing presents first," I glared pointedly at Em.

"We can do them after we eat," Em argued back.

"We do them now, and then eat!"

"Boys!" mom yelled over us, "We can do presents first," Em let out a loud whine, "while we eat the beautiful finger food the ladies have prepared."

Meh, good enough for me.

The pixie had piled all our presents up on the table on our platform so we went and gathered around the lounge as we began to sort through it all.

The girls ooohed and ahhed at the thoughtful presents they got each other, us boys passed around a stack of notes. Come on, who doesn't like money as a present?

My parents bought Bella a new baking set where everything was made of silicone, which she absolutely loved, and they got me a new guitar.

I was fucking stoked!

I handed Bella her present as she slowly unwrapped it, knowing already from the slim box that it was indeed going to be jewelry. A small gasp left her lips as she opened the box to see the delicate white gold chain inside. She lifted it out to examine the charms as I fingered the small house.

"To represent the tree house…" I smirked at her.

I lifted a small cluster of dark blue gems, "For our blueberry Sundays…"

Her fingers found the last charm, a solid crystal heart, "Because everywhere you go, my heart goes with you."

I captured her lips in a kiss as Bella remained speechless.

"I figured we can add more to it in the future." It was a gift that could keep giving.

She pecked me a few times on the lips and pulled away to hand me my gift.

"I feel like I haven't put as much thought in mine now," she chuckled at me.

I opened the bag and slowly pulled the item out of it. But before it had made it out, I dropped it back in and engulfed Bella in a hug.

"Shit! I can't believe you bought me one," I crushed her in a hug as she laughed at my reaction in my ear.

"It's engraved as well."

I lifted the stethoscope out again to see the engraving on one of the metals sides.

'Dr Edward Cullen' it read.

I put it back into the bag, out of everyone's eyes for the moment. I hadn't gotten around to telling my parents I wanted to pursue medicine again. But I didn't need to worry, everyone was preoccupied with exchanging their own personal gifts let alone trying to find out what everyone else got.

The last of the presents were a stack of four rectangular boxes that Alice held. She passed one to each of the girls who in turn passed it to each of their partners. I couldn't help but notice the blush that washed over Bella's cheek as she handed it to me.

"What is this?" I whispered into her ear as I lifted the lid of the box.

I noticed that everyone else around me was huddled in their own love bubbles as the guys opened the box.

Inside was a suede covered album but the contents inside…fuck they were gold! The black and white photographs were stunning. The lighting, the angles, the poses, the fucking lingerie! I could feel my heart beating rapidly and a slight stir in my pants.

"Fuck, are these you?" I whispered again.

Bella nodded shyly, pulling her lower lip in between her teeth.

"Alice did all the photography and Rose did all the um, costume fitting," she smiled cheekily at me.

"You better still have these fucking costumes, I want to see some live art to accompany these pictures." I kissed her quickly on the lips. "I have another present for you but it was too big to wrap and it's at your place anyhow," I told her.

"Too big? You got me a new car!" she joked.

"What if I did?"

She eyed me for a moment, trying to debate whether or not I was bluffing. "You couldn't afford it, not with med school in your future."

"Med school?" Carlisle perked up.

I saw Bella grimace a bit, obviously unsure of whether I wanted to announce it yet. But now was better than ever.

"Yeah, um, I'm thinking I want to go down that road again," I shrugged.

I could see that my parents were overly happy and ready to burst out with praises, but they held it in, knowing that I didn't want them to make a big deal of it, just wanted them to accept it.

"I'm proud of you sweetie," my mom said softly.

"Yeah, yeah, we're all proud, Eddie boy. Now, can we eat?"

My fucking brother was ever the supporter.


With our bellies stuffed to the max, we waddled through the door at Bella's.

"Wait! Don't turn on the lights," I yelled out quickly as I covered her eyes with my hand.

"What? Why?" Bella giggled, tripping over her own feet as she stepped blindly into the room.

I flicked the lights on and then walked her over to the buffet by her lounge. Setting her in front of the buffet, I uncovered my hands and moved around to see her face. Bella blinked her eyes a few times, adjusting to the brightness of the room.

Her eyes widened and her hand flew up to her mouth to contain the sob that was threatening to break through when she took in what was in front of her.

Propped up next to her collage frame of pictures of Jake and Paul, was an identical frame. But this one contained photos of us and the gang. Tears welled over as she ran her fingers over the pictures Alice had help me put together.

There were photos of Em, Bella, and I as kids that we dug up from Esme's albums. Pictures of us on the many nights at Eclipse, and pictures of Bella and I in love, before either of us had even realized it ourselves.

I pulled her close to me when her fingers landed on a picture of us at Halloween, Alice had snapped it just as I pulled her down into my lap. The smiles on our faces could have lit up a small town.

But it was the photo that Jake had contributed that really tipped Bella over the edge. He had told me it was the last photo the three of them ever took together. It was nothing special, or pre-planned, it was a picture of Bella sandwiched between Paul and Jake, each planting a kiss on her cheek catching her by surprise.

She turned and sobbed into my shoulder, pulling me tightly against her. "Thank you so much. It's beautiful. I love you so much."

"I love you, too." Our lips met slowly, reverently, lovingly.

We slowly moved ourselves into the bedroom, peeling off clothing as we went.

"I'll be back in a minute," Bella mumbled against my lips as she pulled away from me.

"Noooo….don't go anywhere."

I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth, gripping her firmly around the waist and turning to drop her fine fucking ass down onto the bed.

"I thought you wanted your live art show?" she panted as I nipped down her neck.

"Mmm I do want that," I replied, reluctantly rolling off her and onto the side of the bed.

"Ow! What the fuck?" I yelped, pulling a solid box from under my back.

The wrapping had crumpled under my weight and the pretty bow was squashed flat when I pulled it out from under me, handing it off to Bella.

"Who's that from?" I asked annoyed as she began opening the card.

I followed the movement of Bella's eyes as she read line after line of the message in the card, growing redder in the face as she took in the words.

"Oh god!" she exclaimed mortified.

"What? What does it say? Are you going to open it?" I tried to snatch the card and present from her hands when she scooted up the bed quickly out of my fucking reach.

"Who's it from?" I continued to pepper her with questions.

Bella clutched the package close to her chest, determined to keep it away from me.

"Um…Rose and Alice," she replied quietly.

"Ok, now I HAVE to know what it is."

Bella shook her head wildly and continued to flush a darker shade of red as I wrestled the card away from her hands. I had to fucking play dirty and resorted to tickling her in order to get it off of her. I flattened the card and squinted at the cursive writing for a moment before I could decipher what it read.


Being that Edward works nights a lot, and he owns a stupid, fancy, rain shower showerhead (with no adjusting nozzle!) we figured you might need this on those long and lonely nights. Or anytime Edward can't follow through properly. Pleasure away


Rose & Alice'

When I looked up, Bella was peeking under the corner of the wrapping paper to the contents in the box.

"They got you a fucking vibrator!" My voice was laced with surprise, horror, offense and a bit of joy.

Bella dropped the wrapping paper back down at the sound of my voice, frightened as if she had her hands in the cookie jar when she wasn't supposed to.

"Let's see it then." I was definitely getting more fucking excited.

She tossed the box into my hands and sat back. "You open it," she gestured.

The girls had gone all out. Purchasing a Rabbit Pearl Vibrator.

"Baby, have you ever owned a vibrator?" I asked curiously.

She squeaked out a 'no' and moved a bit closer to look as I unwrapped the box. I was going to show her exactly how pleasurable a vibrator could be. I tested out a few of the buttons, working out what the fuck it could do, all while Bella watched on with curiosity. The top rotated as it vibrated and the beads at the base also sort of pulsated a bit, creating more stimulation.

"Want to test it out?" I asked her, trying not to bounce on the spot in anticipation.

"Okay?" she squeaked out again.

"Lay back."

Bella obliged and laid back onto the bed allowing me to settle between her legs. I pulled her panties off and switched the vibrator on. A hum filled the room as I brought it towards her lips, running it slowly up and down, avoiding her clit.

I toyed with the different speeds and judging by the moans coming out of Bella's mouth, the higher settings were a bit too much for her. Her whole body was attempting to jerk away from the vibrator. I set it back lower and ran it up, between her lips, grazing over her clit. But the light contact caused Bella to yelp and buck up wildly.

"Oh shit," she panted, "that felt good."

I ran the tip of the rabbit up and down, up and down before slowly slipping it into her, mesmerized by the sight of it disappearing then coming back out of her again.

"Edward, fuck! Turn it up!" She demanded.

Fucking hell, she was getting me so hard.

The multiple sensations of the rotating head within her, and the vibrations against her clit, were quickly sending Bella over the edge. She grabbed onto my forearms, pulling me up her body as she gripped on for dear life.

But in fucking doing so, the weight of my body had pressed the vibrator into her further, tipping her into oblivion.

"Edward!" She screamed my name and jerked under me, gasping for air as she trembled below me, squeezing her eyes closed as the pleasure washed over her. She pushed me and the vibrator away from her as soon as she was done. The strong vibrations would not have been fucking nice on sensitive places after an orgasm.

Barely letting her breathe, I captured her mouth with mine, wanting to drink in how sexy she was. I kissed her lips, her throat, her breasts, her nipples, grasping the weight of her breasts in my hands as the head of my dick teased her entrance. I lavished her upper body as she relaxed into me, ready for another round.

It wasn't until she flipped me over did I know she was ready to go again.

She kissed across my jawline, down my neck and stopped to pull a nipple between her teeth.

Fuck did it hurt!

Her hair fell in a heavy curtain around her face as she lifted off me, allowing me to guide her hips back down onto me.

She was so wet that she slid onto me with ease and I was immediately engulfed by her heat. We both moaned as she settled down, rocking ever so slightly, as she threw her head back while relishing in the sensation.

"Fuck," the world drawled from my lips as Bella raised back up and slammed back down.

It was a slow and paced ride, rocking, rotating, rising and falling, but the intense images of seeing Bella being pleasured with the Rabbit wouldn't escape my mind, and with one final forceful thrust into Bella, I came. Fucking hard with Bella seconds behind, pulsing around me, making my head fucking spin.

She collapsed directly onto my chest. Not even lifting herself off of my deflating dick. Our chests rose and fell in unison as we gasped in some much needed air.

"Merry Christmas, Edward," Bella whispered with a kiss to my sternum.

"Merry Christmas to you too, baby."

I held her close to me, just wanting to feel her on me, with me.

Live art shows be damned. We could see the parade of lingerie another day.

Another thing to thank the pixie and Rose for.

I figured it was only dirty h00rs that remained in twitter in the early hours, but to my surprise only one of three could help recommend a vibrator!

One more chapter of relative fluff before the angst comes rolling back...

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