A fanfiction by: Karategirl666

Redone as of 3/14/2013

Disclaimor: Rowlings world twisted to my liking.

Thank you to all my name readers who have supported me over the past 10 years. Your loyalty, your kind words, and your helpful always fair reviews have made me the writer I am today and the writer I hope to one day become. Thank you all again. Please enjoy the Redone Version of Me and Miss Granger. (still the same just with better spelling and few added non important things…)


Hermione rushed down the long empty clearing. Her mind was in turmoil. One second she had been right next to Ron and Harry, then Harry had been gone somewhere on the ground lying motionless. Then all at once Ron had been swept away with the crowd and now she was on her own jumping behind a large tent as death eaters in large scary masks passed by.

"Oh god…" she whispered. Her heart was pounding against her rib cage as she took off once more. She was heading towards the forest where she had seen many run off. She hoped to meet up with at least one of her friends. She had tried hard to find her way back to Harry, to try and help him but everything was so different tents that once stood strong were lying in rubble, and there was fire everywhere. Nothing looked the same so navigating was difficult. By the time she had given up all together she was one of the few left to be picked off by the death eaters. She knew though being who she was she wouldn't be given the gift of a swift death and the thought of what they might do to her instead made her more scared then she liked to be.

"There!" she looked over her shoulder to see three death eaters had spotted her.

"No No…" she muttered running as fast as she could. She laughed in relief as she nearly made it to the forest.

"Get him!" she turned once more, they weren't after her. Her mind snapped with realization they might have found Harry. She could see a tall broad shoulder young man rushing through the tents trying to escape as he shot curses over his shoulder.

No that's not Harry, not the right build… I need to keep running… she saw a bright blue light shoot straight through the young man's shoulder. A loud cry sounded as he fell to the ground. They were nearing him their wands raised as he struggled to get to his feet. They're going to kill him… with all the bravery she possessed she rushed towards the terrifying scene.

"Get away from him!" Hermione shouted rushing towards the young man who lay on the ground obviously hurt and in distress. She jumped in front of him her wand raised her chest heaving. "Incendio!" she shouted. A great wall of fire burst in front of her protecting them from the nearing death eaters. "Come on we have to get out of here!" she pulled him to his feet blindly and carried most of his weight while diving into the forest. "Come on we have to keep moving they'll be coming after us come on!" she kept him going when she knew all he wanted to do was fall down. Her eyes searched for some type of cover as she heard the nearing erratic footsteps behind her. She spotted a cave like structure shrouded by trees and bushes. "There come on just a few more feet come on you can make it!" she whispered hastily as he made a sound of sheer pain. She pulled him into the darkness and pulled him to the very back of the dank cave. "Stay very quiet…" she whispered before moving to dim light that shrouded the very front of the cave. If the death eaters somehow came upon them he would be safer unseen in the back while she would take the fall for him in the front. When she heard them move away Hermione lit her wand and turned to tend to whoever it was she had saved.

"Ah…" he groaned his hand on a bleeding shoulder. She looked to see his leg bleeding heavily, it was a wound that she couldn't mend.

"Farula." She whispered bandages flew from her wand and wrapped themselves around the injured leg. She looked up to see his shoulder still bleeding, but not as much as his leg had been. She moved her hands to it prying off his who grasped onto it. "Please…" she said to him, he looked at her for a long moment. "I can help you…" she said. He only nodded and removed his hands from the wound on his shoulder. "Thank you…" she said, he nodded again while watching her point her wand to his shoulder. "Episky…" she said her wand flicking towards the wound. A loud snap sounded and he groaned in pain as he rolled slightly. "Sorry… I'm so sorry…" she whispered looking over her shoulder hoping to god no one had heard his cry of pain.

"What was that!?" she heard someone call from outside.

"Bloody hell… Finite." She muttered her wand going dark.

"Is anybody in here!?" she looked through the darkness to see a man. "Is anyone here!? We're looking for survivors!" the wounded man went to call only to have her hand fly over his mouth he looked to her in question and she covered her mouth with one finger her eyes wide with fear. "Lumos!" She saw the mask at the end of the tunnel and aimed.

"Flipendo!" she shouted the death eater instantly flew back. "Stay here!" she shouted to the young man who still lay injured. She rushed out of the cave and saw her opponent slowly getting up.

"You think it wise? To cross wands with a death eater?"

"Expelliarmus!" she shouted the wand in the death eaters hand burst from his grasp. "Stupify!" he flew back into a tree and fell completely knocked out. "Indicarsurus." Ropes wound its way around the death eaters body securing him. She rushed back into the cave the light at her wands tip lit once more. "We have to move." She said. "Can you walk?" he nodded. "Alright come on." They moved out of the cave slowly only to hear movement to her right. Hermione jumped in front of the older boy her wand raised. "Who goes there!?" she commanded.

"We are friends not foe!" a thick accented voice came.

"Hermione?" she looked forward to see Mr. Weasley she breathed easily. "My god are you okay!?" he asked rushing over to her.

"I'm fine but this boy here he's hurt." She said. "I healed his shoulder but he has other wounds that I cannot heal."

"Did you secure this death eater?" she looked to see a man looking over the bound figure.

"Yes." She said. "He attacked, I fought back. I know it's wrong because I'm underage…" she said.

"You will have a full pardon from the ministry." He said.

"You're Crouch." She said after a moment.

"That I am." He said with a kind look.

"Hermione will you help me find my son?" Mr. Weasley asked.

"Of course." She said starting to head off.

"Wait." She turned in mid run while Mr. Weasley continued forward. "Vwat is your name?" the boy she had saved asked.

"Hermione Granger. These men will help you I must go now." she said rushing off after Mr. Weasley while Crouch and a few others ran with them.

"Krum are you alright?" One of the attending wizards asked.

"Where are you hurt?" Another asked. He didn't say anything but watched the girl rush off out of sight.

Nice to meet you Hermione granger… he thought a small smile playing up his lips.