"Is your chest okay?" Hermione asked sitting next to Viktor on his schools bench.

"Is okay…" he said before looking to her. She was staring at the maze her knee bouncing at a rapid speed. "Luff… What is it?" he asked as he took her hand in his.

"Something isn't right Viktor…" She said.

"I feel it too…" Ron stated sitting beside her. Viktor took a look at the red head. He seemed to be in the same state of distress as Hermione.

"Something's wrong with Harry…" She said softly her eyes growing dark.

"No sparks have been fired it can't be that bad…" Ron said.

"Unless something so bad has happened to him and that he can't send up sparks… I knew I should have taught him wandless magic…"

"You didn't have enough time…" Ron said quietly. "It's been four hours now…"

"Godric Gryffindor What's taking so long?" she asked.

"I'm sure he's fine Luff…" Viktor said squeezing her hand. "Besides I know for a fact that inside there was only one obstacle and its gone now." She looked to him knowing he was talking about himself.

"I guess your right…" Hermione said quietly. A rumble was heard fallowed by a great white light high in the sky, Hermione jumped to her feet as she saw Harry and Cedric slam to the ground Harry holding the cup in his grasp.

"Yes!" Ron cheered as everyone else did. "He did it Harry won the cup!" he said shaking Hermione by the arms in an excited manner before letting her go and hugging Jamous. "Bloody hell I don't even know you but you're my best friend right now mate!" Jamous laughed.

"Uh thanks Comrade." he said.

"Thank god he made it…" Hermione said softly before she looked to Viktor who slowly took a step forward his expression dark. A scream silenced the cheering as Fluer covered her face in sheer horror. Hermione looked to see Harry was hunched over a grey looking Cedric. She took a small breath as she moved to Viktor's side. Hermione stared at the scene in confusion, not understanding what her eyes were taking in.

"Why does he look like that?" Hermione asked softly making Viktor look to her. Cedric was sickly pale with dark circles under his blank cold eyes. She watched as her friend looked around with wild desperate gaze.

"He's back!" he yelled Dumbledore kneeled before him. "Cedric told me to take his body back. I couldn't leave him. Not there… I couldn't leave him…" he sobbed. "He's back… he's back…" Viktor looked to Hermione to see she was covering her mouth her eyes filled with horror. Harry caught her gaze with a wild tear filled eye look. "He's back… Voldemorts Back!" Hermione took a sharp intake of breath.

"No…" she said shaking her head. "Not yet…" Viktor pulled Hermione into his arms; she instantly buried her face in his chest. "Please not yet…"

"It's alright Luff…" He said softly. She slowly took a look at the horrifying scene before her.

"No get away from him!" Harry shouted pushing away any one who tried to take Cedric. "Get back!"

"We have to get him out of here…" Fudge said quickly. "We have to get him out of sight Dumbledore!"

"Harry, Harry my boy it's alright. You're safe, you're both safe." Dumbledore said softly.

"I couldn't leave him there… I couldn't leave him…" Harry cried.

"You have to leave him now…"

"No!" Harry shouted. Hermione broke away from Viktor's grasp and moved to her friend's side.

"Harry…" she said softly. "Harry you have to let him go… You have to let him go…" she said softly. Harry slowly looked to her his eyes holding nothing but grief and guilt.

"Hermione… I couldn't stop it." he whispered.

"I know… I know… Now let him go Harry…" she took Harry's hands that clung to Cedric's body in hers. "Harry let him go…" his hands un latched and he instantly turned wrapping his arms around her. "Shh…" she said rocking as she placed her hand against the back of his head. "You're safe… You're safe now Harry…"

"He's back…" he whispered his voice shaking. "He's back…" Hermione looked to Ron who walked over and kneeled beside them.

"It's alright mate…" he rubbed Harry's back. "It's alright…"

"Couldn't leave him…" Harry whispered.

"Move!" Hermione looked to see Amos Diggory rushing from the stands, Mr. Weasley hot on his heels. "Move!" he pushed Dumbledore out of the way before staring at his son with a blank expression. The expression slowly morphed as sheer pain filled him. "No!" he dropped to his knees and cradled Cedric's head in his lap. "This is my son! This is my boy!" He bellowed.

"Let me take him, he shouldn't be here…" Mad eye Moody said to Hermione. She looked at him for a long moment as she continued to rock Harry back and forth. Something didn't set well with her as she looked at the new professor. "Granger, let me get him out of here." He said with a tone of urgency. "The media is going to swarm him he doesn't need that right now…" She slowly nodded and relinquished her hold of her friend.

"No…" Harry said as he was pulled away. "No!" He reached for Hermione. Hermione went to go for him but Ron held her back.

"Harry…" She whispered.

"This is not where you want to be right now…" Mad eye said as he wheeled him away. After Harry had been dragged from sight Hermione glanced at Ron who was staring at the dead body Of Cedric.

"This wasn't supposed to happen yet…" he said softly. Viktor watched as Hermione moved forward and wrapped her arms around Ron. After a long moment she pulled away.

"You okay?" she asked.

"No… But I have to be for Harry don't I?"

"Yeah you really do…" he slowly nodded before putting on a brave face.

"Come on… We shouldn't be here…" He said as he helped her onto her feet.

"Ron look at Ginny…" he glanced to see his sister was staring down at Cedric's body with a horrified expression.

"I have to tend to her…"

"Go." She said. As he rushed to his sister a sea of people began to swarm around her. She looked around trying to head back into the stadium but unable to see the way because of the crowd. She felt a hand slip into hers and begin to lead her away.

"Come Luff…" she sighed in relief seeing it was Viktor who was leading her through the crowd. She moved forward and wrapped her arms around the one that was leading her as they entered the underbelly of the stadium. They walked down the dark hallways and got to his room. He locked the door before turning to look to her. "Are you alright?" she slowly nodded. A knock sounded and Viktor walked to the door. "Who is it?"

"Viktor it's your mother!" He slowly opened the door she and Ivan instantly came in.

"Where's Stony?" Hermione asked.

"He is already at manor I took him back then came here." Ivan said.

"What has exactly happened they are saying something about some dead boy?" Sophia asked.

"One of the champions Cedric Diggory, he was killed inside the maze…" Viktor said.

"By Potter?" Ivan asked.

"Of course not." Hermione said her voice filled with anger. He looked at her quickly instantly feeling bad for the comment.

"I am sorry I am just trying to understand… If not Harry then who? No one else was in the maze?" Hermione slowly wrapped her arms around herself. "Hermione who?" Ivan asked.

"Harry said you know who did it." Viktor said knowing she couldn't bring herself to say it.

"What?" Sophia asked. "Is… Is that possible?" Everyone looked to Hermione.

"He's come back once before…" Hermione said softly. "My second year he was the one who was controlling the basilisk that petrified me…"

"He did not fully come back though that year… So how did he do it this year?" Sophia asked.

"I have a theory but it's not sound enough to speak of yet…" she said. Jamous burst through the door what seemed like hundreds of lights flashing behind him before he slammed it closed.

"It is media frenzy outside." He said.

"For Viktor?" Sophia asked.

"For Hermione…" Viktor said.

"Dah." Jamous said with a nod.

"Why me?" Hermione asked quietly.

"Your best friend is screaming you know who you know who, and you were photographed holding him over the body of Cederic after being photographed not once but twice in a heated lip lock with Viktor here… They not only want to ask you about Harry and what he's saying but about you know who but also your personal relationship with him as well."

"Of course I was holding him he just witness-." She sighed heavily. "No… No not going to do it…" she said shaking her head. "They don't deserve my anger…"

"Good woman." Sophia said with an approving nod.

"Jamous can you go see to Ron or maybe Harry?" She asked.

"I have no idea where Harry is, but I know where Weasley is, he has already been escorted into castle past media who wanted to ask him of Harry." A loud bang made them jump. "They're going to break down the door to speak to her." Jamous said seeing the wood begin to splinter.

"We will apperate you out." Sophia said walking to Hermione.

"You can't… By now Hogwarts has been put into lockdown…" Hermione said.

"We have to get her out of here." Ivan said seeing them continue to beat on the door. They heard three loud bangs.

"That is signal." Jamous said. "I had boys come to surround Hermione so we can get her to the castle."

"I can't just wait it out?" Hermione asked really not wanting to face the media storm brewing outside.

"It's better if we leave now luff trust me." Viktor said. "They'll just break down the door and then you vill haf to fight your way out…"

"It sounds really frightening out there…" she said hearing the yells.

"You haf been through worse, yes?" Viktor asked rubbing her arms.

"To be honest I am not sure I have…" she said quietly.

"Keep head down and do not look at the lights flashing alright?" he asked.

"Okay…" she nodded.

"Let's get her out of here…" Jamous stated as he pushed open the door. The other Durmstrang students had formed a small bubble of safety but around them chaos raged.

"Now let's move now…" Viktor pulled her into the small space of safety, the Durmstrang students moved closer around them as they slowly started to fight through the crowd. "Keep head down Luff…" Viktor said holding her to his chest. He could barely see where they were going because of all the flashing lights. There were at least a hundred photographers and triple that amount in reporters screaming at the top of their lungs all their different questions. He had been in some media storms before but this was by far the worse and most terrifying he had seen.

"This is ridiculous…" Hermione muttered. The walk to the castle normally only took fifteen minutes. But with the media storm around them it took a half hour. By the time they made it to the castle everyone involved was completely drained.

"Get back!" McGonagall shouted as she and a few other teachers fought the media that had followed Hermione, and the group of Durmstrang students. "You are not to be on castle grounds! Move any closer and we will be forced to take drastic measures! Now get back!" when they moved back even a few feet the teachers casted the doors closed. Hermione watched as the flashing lights and screaming reporters slowly disappeared from sight behind the heavy metal doors. She breathed a sigh of relief at the sudden quiet that came from their absence.

"Are you alright?" Viktor asked his ears ringing. She turned and nodded with a smile.

"Yes…" she said before looking to the other Durmstrang boys. "Thank you all so much…" they nodded with smiles. "I don't think I would have made it out alive without you all." They laughed.

"Miss Granger…" McGonagall walked up to her.

"Yes professor?"

"Potter is in dire need of your company… Mr. Weasley has already joined him."

"Right…" she looked to Viktor.

"Go luff…" he said. "It's alright…"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes go on I'll wait for you." She nodded with a smile before she was led off by the school nurse.

"Good job comrades…" Viktor said looking to his friends. "Vell done all of you." They smiled at him proud that they had done a good job for the leader of their school.

"Krum, you are to report to Dumbledore's office right away. He and the Minister of magic are waiting to speak with you. Your parents should be waiting for you already…" McGonagall informed.

"Dah yes… You vill tell Hermione where I am?"

"I will, go on. Hurry now." He nodded before rushing off. "As for you all, arrangements have been made for you all to stay within the castle tonight. Your ship has already been surrounded by Media. I will lead you to your temporary sleeping quarters."


"Hermione…" Harry sat up in his hospital bed with an anxious look.

"Harry…" Hermione rushed past the empty hospital beds and made it to his side. She took his hand instantly as she sat on the side of his bed. "Are you alright?" he slowly nodded; she could instantly tell he wasn't. "You don't have to put on a brave face Harry…" she said as she gave his hand an encouraging squeeze. "You're amongst friends…" Harry looked from her to Ron who gave him a nod.

"Come on mate…" he said. Harry slowly nodded before looking to Hermione.

"It's alright Harry…" she urged. "Say what's on your mind."

"Hermione… He's really back…"

"I know…" she said quietly.

"What are we going to do?" He asked. Ron stared down at his hands. Harry had asked that same question of him over twenty times, each time he had no clue how to reply.

"I'm not sure Harry…" Hermione said honestly. "But we're going to do something…" he slowly nodded. "We knew this day was coming… We were just hoping it would be a few years from now yes?" he nodded again and this time Ron looked up to pay attention. He could feel one of Hermione's pep talks coming, and he knew that just like Harry he was in desperate need of one.

"I was hoping to be much older…" Harry admitted.

"If it helps you are in a way, we all are." Hermione said. "We've been through things that have aged us all." She said motioning to them as a group. "Those experiences have given us a different way of thinking then our classmates of the same age. While they think like normal students, we, the three of us, we think like aurors, and that way of thinking is going to help us in this fight." They both nodded.

"What's our first move?" Harry asked.

"The first move and I know this will be hard for you… But the first move is for you to fill Ron and I in on what exactly happened in the maze."

"I asked he doesn't want to talk about it." Ron said quietly.

"I know you aren't in the mood and I know that it's painful to speak of but the sooner you tell Ron and I what happened the sooner we can start thinking of a way to rectify this situation… To put Voldemort in his bloody grave… Once and for all…" the fire in her eyes made something with in him grow. Harry took a steadying breath and nodded.

"Right… Well it didn't exactly happen in the maze Hermione… The cup… It was a port key." She slowly nodded and held his hand in her lap as he began to fill her in on everything that had happened. Each word he said she made sure to memorize and keep in a steel trap so she would always be able to go to it for information. When he was done Hermione smiled and patted his hand. She glanced at Ron to see he was staring at Harry, sheer horror etched into his features. "That's what happened…" Harry said.

"Good, you did good…" Hermione said looking back to Harry.

"I feel like I've missed things, but I don't remember…" he said quietly.

"That's alright…" she said softly.

"You could…" he stopped. "No…"

"What is it Harry?" Hermione asked.

"In Dumbledore's office he has something called a Penseive…"

"Yes it's an object that holds memories you can dive inside and get a better view on them…" Hermione said. "I myself have one…"

"I was just thinking you could take the memory to see it more clearly… but I don't want you to see it…"

"I will eventually need to… But I can't take it just yet. A traumatic memory such as this, needs to stay with in your mind for a while… You have to deal with it, because if I take it out and we dive back in you could very well go into shock." He slowly nodded.

"I wish it was out of my head… I feel like there isn't any room for anything else…" he said softly.

"Harry remember how you said you saw your parents?" he slowly nodded.

"When you think back on this night and you will… Don't think of Cedric, Or Voldemort… Think of your parents… Think of how you felt when you saw them… Think of them protecting you…" he smiled softly. "Feel better?"

"Yeah… I do…"

"Miss Granger?" she looked up to see McGonagall.

"Professor?" She asked.

"You're needed in the headmasters office…"

"I can't leave Harry just yet…" Hermione said holding his hand more tightly.

"No Hermione, you go on ahead… I think… I think I'm okay…"

"You sure?"

"Yeah… Go ahead." She kissed his forehead affectionately before getting up.

"Take care of him…" she said to Ron who nodded as she left while McGonagall walked to Harry's bedside.

"Professor…" he greeted.

"How's the arm Potter?" she asked.

"Stings, Pomfrey won't give me anything for it…" the older professor looked both ways before reaching into her cloak and pulling out a vial and pouring its substance into a pumpkin juice beside him. Harry and Ron smiled as she did this.

"Shhh…." She said handing him the goblet.

"Mums the word…" he said making the older woman smile.


Hermione stood on the first step of the stair well as it rose into the tower slowly. She stepped off it into a room filled with portraits of all the old headmasters.

"Head masters…" she greeted. They nodded at her as she walked to the door and knocked.

"Do come in." she heard Dumbledore. She smiled softly before pushing open the door.

"Hermione!" She jumped as a woman rushed forward and took her in her arms quickly. She looked over the woman's shoulder and saw her dad standing in the corner by Viktor's parents.

"Mum?" she asked. She pulled away. "Mum what are you doing here?" she asked.

"Are you alright love?" Jane inquired.

"Of course… Just an average day at Hogwarts…" Hermione said softly. Her mother set a hand on her cheek.

"Hermione… We've been filled in on everything…" she said softly. "So again are you alright?"

"I'm… I'm fine…" Hermione said with a smile. "It was Harry who was-."

"We were filled in on everything Hermione…" her father said with a less then pleased look. "Every single thing…" Hermione looked from her father and then to her mother.

"Everything darling…" Jane confirmed.

"Everything?" Hermione asked as she looked to Dumbledore who instantly nodded. She walked away from her mother towards her Headmaster with an angry expression. "You told me you would keep it all under wraps! You said it was for the greater good! What happened to that?" she asked.

"I couldn't keep a thing like Voldemort coming back from them… As good as I am I couldn't… you knew this day was coming Miss Granger…"

"I was hoping to have it after Harry Ron and I took him down." Hermione said.

"How could you keep it all from us?" she turned to her father who had asked the question.

"Because I had to…" Hermione said softly.

"We're your parents Hermione!" he shouted making her jump.

"Okay maybe we should calm down here…" Sophia said softly.

"How could you lie?!" Jack yelled. Hermione averted her eyes, guilt filling her whole being at his accusatory expression.

"Don't…" Jane said coming to her daughter's side. "She's been through quite enough don't you think!?"

"Please don't do this…" Hermione said quietly. She could feel a fight between her parents brewing.

"We didn't raise her like this we didn't raise a liar!" Jack bellowed.

"She had to lie you heard what Dumbledore said!"

"Please please stop…" Hermione said as her parents glared daggers into each other.

"I knew this place would change her. I knew we should have never let her come here!" he shouted. Hermione slowly walked away and leaned against a table. Viktor watched with troubled eyes as her parents raged right before them.

"I don't need this right now…" Hermione said quietly.

"And what deny her the god given talent she was bestowed with! To deny her this amazing world!?" Janes asked.

"Amazing!? Every year she's been in this world she's nearly died!"

"Stop!" Hermione shouted. Her parents instantly halted their yelling. "Just stop shouting at each other. I'm the one who lied I'm the one who kept secrets yell at me not one another for god sakes." She said walking back to them.

"This is the final straw Hermione." Jack said walking up to her. "We're pulling you out."

"What?" she asked.

"You cannot!" Viktor said.

"You will stay out of this!" her father yelled.

"You vill not speak to my son is such manner Jack." Ivan said stepping forward.

"Say goodbye to Viktor…" her father said. "Say goodbye to your freak friends because it all ends tonight!"

"Dad this isn't fair." She said softly.

"Life isn't fair!"

"Don't I know it!?" she shouted. "If you take me from this world they won't stand a chance to defeat Voldemort!"

"She's right she has to stay she has to help Harry…" her mother said seeing the big picture over all. She loved her daughter but she also understood how important Hermione was to the magical world she was a part of. "As scary as it is to let her do this we have to…"

"This isn't happening this is all ridiculous!" he bellowed before gripping onto Hermione's arms. "Why couldn't you have just been normal!? Why couldn't you have just been like every other girl on our bloody street!?"

"Take your hands off her!" Sophia and Jane shouted at the same time.

"Why do you have to be this Freak!? This abomination!? It isn't right! I'm taking you home you're going to go to a normal school and be a normal girl and live a normal boring life!"

"No I'm not." Hermione protested.

"How dare you?" he asked slapping her across the face. Before anyone could do anything Hermione pushed her father as hard as she could sending him stumbling back against a table.

"That's the last bloody time you raise your god damn hand to me!" she shouted. Silence fell over the room as Hermione and her father glared daggers into each other.

"Why couldn't you have just been normal?" he asked in sheer malice. "Why did you have to be a freak?" he spat.

"I'm sorry okay!?" she yelled. "I'm so sorry that you didn't have the daughter you wanted! I'm sorry I'm not normal! I'm sorry I'm a witch! I'm so sorry but I can't change it and neither can you!"

"Yes I can!" he shouted.

"No you can't!" he rushed up and grabbed her arms.

"God damn it Hermione!"

"This is who I am and as much as you want me to change I can't!"

"I won't lose another child! You hear me Hermione!? I won't burry another child of mine!" he did something she didn't expect him to. Her father pulled her into his arms and buried his face into the crook of her neck as he started crying. "I won't lose you like I lost your brother… Please come home with us… Please just be safe…" he pulled back and cupped one of her cheeks with his. "I'll be a better father…"

"Dad... You're… You're a fine father…" she said her chest tightening with emotion.

"No… No I'm not… I drink too much… I yell at you and your mother when I do… I work all the time and give you none of what's left over… I've blamed you for everything that's gone wrong." A tear slipped down her cheek. "I've been a rotten husband but I've been a worse father and I know that… You don't have to be scared to come home because of it… You don't have to be scared of me and my anger… I'll be better I swear it Mione… I can be better… Just come home give me the chance to show you that we can be a functioning well adjusted family..." she took his hands between hers and took a step back away from him.

"I want to come home but I will have to come back here…"

"No you won't." He sighed trying to find a solution. "Look you can continue to see Viktor. Okay? I'll allow that. I'm just asking you to not come back to school… You stay away from the dangers of this place… Of this life."

"I have to come back here dad… I made a promise to Harry… I made a promise to everyone…" she looked to Dumbledore who nodded.

"We need her." He confirmed.

"How can you allow her to put herself in danger?" Jack asked him.

"Because I have to… Hermione is absolutely imperative to the downfall of Voldemort… She's the wisest witch of her age, when you remove a mind like hers away from the equation the odds of us winning go down substantially."

"Fine…" he stood up straight before looking to Hermione. "I was trying to be nice. But you don't get a choice… Not anymore. Young lady we're taking you home I'll do it with you kicking and screaming if I have to…"

"No you won't…" Hermione said softly her chin jutting out in defiance.

"I'm your father and I can do what I like! You don't have any choice over your life! Not until you're seventeen and by that time this whole thing will hopefully be over… Or you'll have fallen so behind in the magic that there will be little you can do to help."

"Dad I'm going to ask you to reconsider…" Hermione said.

"You can ask but it's not going to happen…"

"I'm staying here." She said defiantly.

"I'm your father you will mind what I say…" he said taking a step towards to find in surprise she didn't take a step back.

"You're actually really in law no longer my father…" Hermione said quietly everyone looked to her in surprise.

"What?" he asked.

"I knew this day was coming…I knew you would find out about all that had happened and I knew you would act this way… So I took measures… I got emancipated…" She stated.

"It's true…" Dumbledore said. "As of last year, Hermione here is her own guardian…" Viktor looked to Hermione. Not once in their relationship had she mentioned that fact that she was in the eyes of the ministry and full-fledged adult.

"What?" Jane asked. Hermione looked away from her mother. The pain in her eyes was far too hard to face. "Hermione… Dear… You got emancipated?"

"I'm sorry mum… But you know I can't be kept away from this world… Not because I don't want to… But because I really can't. Harry needs me, and I won't deny him my support…"

"That's not the only reason you did it…" Dumbledore said. "You should lay everything out on the table. You've been given the rare chance to do so you should take that chance Miss Granger…"

"What else is there?" Jane asked. Pain flickered across her daughter's expression as Hermione wiped a tear away quickly.

"Things got so bad Mum…" she said her voice breaking. Sophia covered her heart the sound of Hermione's voice pulling at her heart strings in the worst of ways. "I got…" Hermione's jaw clenched as she looked away. "I got scared…" she admitted before looking to her mother.

"My sweet girl…" Jane said softly seeing the pain behind her daughters brave face.

"I worried that they might come after you… I wanted to make sure that they would think there was no reason to hurt you because I was no longer legally yours…" Hermione regained her ground making sure no more tears fell in front of her mother or father. "I'm so sorry Mum… I had to do it… I had to…"

"This is ridiculous!" Jack shouted. "I will fight this."

"You can try but in this world you're just a muggle…" Hermione said taking on a stoic expression. "I'm a witch… The ministry will take my side over yours ten out of ten times… It's unfair but that's how it goes…"

"In the muggle world though you are still my daughter." He said pointing.

"No she isn't…" Dumbledore said. "When she became emancipated in this world she became so in your world… Legality is not separated by magic like most other things."

"I can't believe this…" Jack muttered, his hands on his hips

"I'm sorry mum…" Hermione repeated once more. She needed her mother's forgiveness for lying and for keeping the secrets she did. "I had to do it…"

"I know love…" she walked over to Hermione and wrapped her arms around her daughter tightly. "I'm just so sorry you had to… My sweet girl I love you so very much much…" she said softly.

"I never wanted to hurt you like this…" Hermione whispered.

"I'm not hurt…" she pulled away and cupped her daughters cheek.

"You're not?" she asked.

"No love not at all…" she said taking her daughters hands. "In a way I'm so very proud. I was proud before for having such an amazing brilliant daughter… Now though I'm so proud that I have an amazing brilliant strong and brave daughter… I always knew you would do great things, I just didn't know how important those great things would be."

"You're supporting this?" She turned and looked to her husband.

"How can I not? She's my daughter…" Jane stated.

"She's going to get herself killed!" Jack yelled.

"No… We've lost one child… I don't think any force in the universe is as cruel as to take the other one away… Besides she's kept herself safe thus far… Against giant snakes, Werewolves, those… Dementor beings… am I saying that right dear?" Hermione nodded at her mother with a small smile.

"She nearly got killed every time Jane!"

"But she didn't die… I think we owe her some credit here." She said taking her daughters hand. "She's strong; we should give her a chance Jack."

"No… Hermione you either come home with us now or not at all…" Hermione stared at him for a long moment.

"What?" she asked.

"You cannot ask her such a thing…" Sophia said moving forward.

"Dad…" Hermione said softly.

"You heard me young lady you either come home now or not at all! Make your choice. Family or this war? Which do you choose?"

"I choose both…" She said quietly.

"You can't choose both!" He bellowed.


"Legally I'm not your father remember? I'm giving you one chance to save your ties to your family… Choose."

"I have to choose both. I can't face what I'm going to face without my family!" Hermione said in obvious distress.

"Jack don't ask this of her… She needs us…" Jane said.

"Hermione choose…" He said. "If you don't choose to go with us now you won't see me or your mother again understand? Not ever… So choose. Your family or this stupid war!" he grabbed onto her mother's hand and pulled Jane away from her daughter.

"Mum…" Hermione stumbled forward reaching for her.

"Home or war which is it!?" Hermione stared at him for a long moment. "Choose damn it!" a tear slipped down her cheek as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"I choose Harry…" she said softly pain filling her as she did. "I choose Harry…"

"You choose Harry?" He asked.

"Yes… I choose Harry…"

"Say goodbye to us because you won't be seeing us ever again…" he went to drag Jane away only to have her break from his grasp and rush to Hermione. "Jane!" he bellowed.

"This isn't good bye dear…" she whispered as she threw her arms around her daughter.

"Jane let her go!" Jack shouted as he pulled at his wife.

"Mum…" Hermione whispered clinging to her mother.

"This isn't goodbye, I love you so much..."

"Mum…" she let out a soft sob as her mother was torn away from her.

"I love you dear!" she yelled. "This isn't good bye!"

"Yes it is…" Her father said before looking to Hermione. "I hope you're happy because you've lost everything a family, a home, and the support of a family."

"No she hasn't…" Sophia said setting her hands on Hermione's shoulders. "We will take her in…" she looked to Jane who had tears rolling down her cheeks. "We will take her in…" Jane nodded at her with a watery smile.

"Thank you Sophia…" she whispered.

"Fine, you deal with her…" her father grabbed onto a small tin cup and instantly him and Jane disappeared.


"Mum!" Hermione shouted taking a step forward as she heard her mother's fading voice call out her name. She stared at the spot they had been standing for a long moment. Viktor watched Hermione closely. She had every emotion known to man flashing across her expression in that moment. Dumbledore walked to Hermione and set a hand on her shoulder. He turned her slowly making her look to him.

"You did the right thing…" he said. "Do you hear me Hermione? You did the right thing…" he said with a sure expression.

"I sacrificed my family… How can this be right when I feel so terrible?"

"Your mother was right when she said it wasn't good bye… Besides… Remember what we planned on doing when it got too dangerous…" she slowly nodded. "Now you won't have to do that… This is really for the better. They will be much safer this way… You did the right thing… Besides you didn't trade all your family away did you?"

"No…" she shook her head. "No I didn't… I still have Harry."

"You still have Harry…" He said with a kind hearted look. "Now… I'm going to leave you all to talk over what just happened. I feel my ears burning and have a feeling someone outside the door needs to speak to me… Now… Are you alright?"

"Yes… Yes I'm, I'm okay…"

"Good… Your mother was right… You are so very strong and brave…" she smiled softly at her headmaster as he walked away and out the door. When it closed she looked to Viktor and his parents.

"That was intense are you sure you are alright?" Ivan asked.

"I'm okay…" she said her arms crossing over her chest.

"We will start making arrangements with the ministry to get you a visa into our country…" Sophia said.

"Its very nice for you all to offer your home to me… But I will be okay on my own… I inherited a lot of money from my grandfather and a home from my grandfather I will be alright on my own."

"No I will not haf this." Ivan said. "You are family to us we must haf you stay with us."

"I couldn't be such a burden." He walked over to her and set a hand on her shoulder.

"You are not burden, you are family. Besides Sophia and I always wanted daughter…"

"It is true…" Sophia said with an excited nod.

"Now we vill not haf to wait for you to marry Viktor to get one into our home… Please… Stay with us…"

"I don't know…" she said softly.

"Hermione…" Viktor walked to her and took her hands in his. "Please stay with family and I… Please… I vill feel better if you do…" she looked at him for a long moment before glancing and Ivan and Sophia.

"Are you all sure?"

"Dah yes!" Ivan said clapping in victory.

"We will make preparations right away." Sophia said walking over and wrapping her arms around her. "This way will make it easier for you to continue to speak to your mother… We haf secret tea times without your fathers knowledge…"

"Really?" she asked.

"All the time." She winked.

"We must go now if we are to get proper papers in time for schools end we will need to start now." Ivan said hugging her. "Stony Nick and Dag will be so glad to haf you…." He apperated from sight instantly.

"I vill write to you right away…" Sophia said hugging her and then kissing her cheek. "Till then you keep good care of her…" she said to her son as she hugged him.

"I vill mother…" he nodded as she apperated away. Hermione crossed her arms over her chest once more. She took a small breath as she looked around the office. Viktor watched her for a long moment before setting a gentle hand upon her shoulder.

"Mina…" he said softly. She instantly turned in his arms and buried her face in his chest as a sob escaped her body. He looked down at her for a long moment as she continued to cry before wrapping his arms around her tightly.

"I did the right thing…" she cried. "Tell me I did the right thing…"

"You did luff…" he said softly as he kissed the top of her head. Hermione buried her head into his chest as she gripped onto his shirt. "Its' alright luff…" he said rubbing her back in a soothing manner. Viktor knew that Hermione's decision had been hard but he also knew it had been necessary. Hermione slowly pulled away trying to collect herself.

"Okay…" she breathed as she wiped the tears away. "Okay, I have to stop this… If start I won't be able to stop…" she walked away over to a mirror. "This won't do…" she stated seeing the tear tracks across her cheeks. She waved her hand and any evidence of her crying faded from sight. Viktor frowned at the brave face as he took a small step forward.

"It's okay to feel something Luff…" he said fearing what would happen to her if she buried her true emotions.

"I can't right now… I have to go back to Harry. I can't let him see that I had cried. He needs me to be strong for him right now. Ron isn't doing a very good job of that so I will…" she went to walk away but Viktor grabbed her hand and wheeled her back to face him.

"Luff I think you should go maybe rest for the night…"

"I'll rest when it's safe to do so… Tonight though I'm going to stay by Harry's side just in case…"

"Then I vill stay by your side… Just in case."

"If you feel you must." he leaned forward and kissed her softly

"I feel a must…" he said. She smiled under his touch. Before he could pull away she moved forward and wrapped her arms around him tightly.

"I know I've never said it before but… Viktor… I'm so very thankful for you…" She whispered. "I love you Viktor…" He smiled as he wrapped his arms around her.

"I love you too Mina…" he said as he buried his face into the crook of her neck. "I love you so very much..."



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