AN: This is my first stab at trying out a Twilight chapter story. It's an idea that has been in my head for months and I've finally found some time to hash it out. Thanks ahead to anyone who reads and reviews this fic. :) These first two chapters are a little short but I promise the story will get meatier as it goes along. I hope to update pretty regularly.

Pairing: Edward/Bella

Summary: AU/EB. Roaming through the Alaskan forest, newborn Bella comes across a group of vampires who share her lifestyle. Through them, she meets someone who shines a light onto this dark world. But will her past stay buried like she wants?

Dead Girl

Prologue -

Driving along in his police cruiser, Charlie Swan swept his eyes over the empty streets of Forks, Washington. His nightly patrol, uneventful and routine, consisted of leaving the police station to drive home, passing by most of the little town along the way. He pulled into his driveway, parking just before the pink tricycle that hadn't moved in thirteen years. Stomping up his front steps, he made sure his boots were clean before stepping into his house. After his gun was put away and his uniform shirt removed, he hobbled over to his beige couch, feeling the tension accumulated from the day twist and pull the muscles of his back.

He lounged in the nook of the couch, condensation collecting on his fingertips from the beer warming in his hand. His nightly ritual consisted of eating frozen bean burritos and watching re-runs of Roseanne followed by the 10 o'clock news. By then a buzz would finally hit him, and he'd retire to the bedroom for an alcohol induced sleep. He was on his fourth beer, working towards a fifth when the telephone rang.

He wiped his mustache on the sleeve of his jacket, shuffling towards the phone. Hoping he didn't have to leave the house on a call, he propped an arm against the refrigerator, cradling the phone to his ear. The last thing he needed was a broken down camper or looking for Mrs. Harris again, wandering the streets in a midnight dementia haze.


Silence crackled on the other end, empty and aggravating.

"Hello?" He pressed his brow into the palm of his hand.


Her voice still sounded just like a child, so open and longing of anything real. His heart skipped two beats, waiting for him to make the next move.


"Oh, Charlie," she choked on the words. "Charlie!"

"What is it?" A growl stirred deep in his chest, "What happened?"


Her sobs drowned the words lost in her mouth. The anger Charlie had felt, the one that always fiercely awakened every time she cried had fled his body, seeking shelter away from what she would say next. With the phone gripped tightly in his fist, he mustered up the courage to ask a question he didn't want the answer to.

"What about Bella, Renee?"

"She's gone."