Just in time for the New Year, here's my St. Patrick's Day Fanfic!

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The alarm clock beeped at 6 AM this fine, Monday morning. Ella hit the button and trudged out of bed; she had already gotten all of her warnings about falling back asleep this month. She walked over to her dresser, her quilt still draped over her shoulders. Ella picked up the red sharpie and crossed out another day, and that's when she realized the date.

Oops, she thought, I hope I still have something green that's clean… haha that rhymed.

After throwing her clothes all around the room, she came up with an unmatched pair of green socks.

"It'll have to do" she muttered to herself as she threw on jeans and a shirt and ran down the stairs. "Morning Iggy," She said to the handsome blonde who sat across the table, after looking him over once or twice… okay, four times, she said to him, "you know, you're not wearing green today." A smirk formed on her face.

"So?" Iggy replied without looking up from his cereal.

"Soo, its Saint Patrick's Day! If you don't wear green I get to pinch you!" She reached across the table and pinched Igg's arm. He looked up at her with a devious smile,

"Well, for all I know, you could be wearing nothing…" stunning her for a minute, he reached across the table as Ella had done moments before, but instead of pinching her, he touched her sleeve with his palm, "White…" He got up and walked to Ella's side of the table, trailing his hand down her side so he wouldn't have to guess where her pants were. This all sounds so wrong… When his palm reached her hip, he whispered, "Blue…" and he pulled his hand away ever so slowly. "I guess you're not wearing any green either," and Iggy pinched Ella's side, making her squeal in delight; enjoying that sound, Iggy did it again and ran. Ella stood up and jumped on his back as he retreated, knocking him over.

"Are you ticklish?" She asked him casually, straddling his hips and holding him down. Ella knew he wasn't trying; Iggy could have easily thrown her off and overpowered her whenever he felt the need.

He started to answer, "That," Ella put her hand on his stomach and wiggled her fingers, making him giggle, "is something you don't need to know."

"Oh, I think you are." Ella said, and started to tickle his stomach. Iggy, being about ten-thousand times stronger than her, wiggled his way out of her grip and ran.

Both teens skidded to a stop when Ella's mother yelled, "THE BUS IS HERE!"

Still giggling, they boarded the bus with the other five uninterested bird-kids, ending their tickle war… for now.

"I will get you after school," Ella said,

"Bring it," Iggy replied.

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