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"Cold?" A voice asked.

Ella turned and had to cover her mouth to hide the scream. Iggy was very devious. He stood tall and dark in one corner of her room, "Dios mio…" Ella said, "How the hell did you get there?!"

"Through the window," he nodded his head towards her recently shut window.

"While I was in the bathroom… that makes sense. I didn't remember leaving my window open." She replied.

Iggy smiled quite evilly, "You weren't in the bathroom, you were sitting at your desk. It really wasn't that hard."

"you came in… through… and I was….." Ella was taken back; how could she not have noticed that!? He just stood there nodding, his smile growing bigger. Ella took his pride as her advantage, and while he was explaining how he managed to open the window and climb in without her noticing, she jumped on him. The ambush knocked the wind out of Iggy, and made him lose balance and fall to the ground with Ella on top of him. He could feel her anger and embarrassment in how much stronger she was now, laying on top of him, than she was this morning. He didn't knock her off of him, instead, Iggy found that he kinda liked their positions. Ella moved herself up so she was sitting on his chest and holding his arms down. He was struggling not think about her in that way, when her breath appeared at his ears.

"I told you I'd get you" Ella whispered to Iggy; her hair fell down over his face it smelled like strawberries.

Ella's hands suddenly disappeared from his arms and instead fell on his stomach, tickling him and making him gasp for breath. Wow, if Jeb or Ari ever found out I was ticklish, I'd be dead Iggy thought as he found himself completely helpless at the hand of a weak, 100 pound human girl. He did, however, still have the strength to completely roll over so that he was hovering over Ella. He quickly grabbed her wrists and pinned them right over her head like she had done to him minutes before. "Now," Iggy paused to take another breath, "I've got you."

Ella thought about that, kind of liking the idea. "Well, what are you going to do with me?" Ella responded. Woah, that did not sound right. Ella thought to herself.

"Hmm…"Iggy pondered the question, "well," he answered, "I'm going to hold you hostage here until I figure that out." And for a couple of minutes, all that was heard was their heavy breathing. Ella decided that this was going nowhere, so she twisted her leg around his, so that she could reach his foot with her toes. Ella promptly tickled the bottom of Igg's foot with her own, causing him to fall on to her laughing.

"Ouch," Ella said. Iggy rolled off of her, but, their legs still entwined, pulled her on top of him in the process. "Here," Ella said, sitting up and laughing, "I'll fix it." Ella untangled their legs and laid back down on the floor of her room. Both teens laid on the ground, breathing raggedly. Ella turned her head to Iggy, who was facing her.

"I wish I could see you," Iggy said, his face sad.

Ella was taken by surprise, "Well you're not missing much," and she chuckled. Iggy contemplated that, and rolled once again so that he was over her; his long blonde hair hung down over his face, he was truly beautiful.

"I doubt that," Iggy said, not happy with her lack of confidence, but he grinned, making his face glow, "You're probably the most beautiful girl on the face of the planet." And he leaned down closer to her, his lips pressed against her neck. They lingered there for a couple of seconds and he pulled away, smiling.

Ella sat up on her elbows, "What?" she said, "that's all I get?" Iggy laughed and leaned in. Right before he reached her lips, he said,

"Yup." And Iggy rolled off of Ella, leaving her kiss-less, and kept rolling until he was out the door.

Not before hitting his head on the door frame though.

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