AU: Ok, Yes I am starting a new series. BUT It's only because I'm almost done with 'An Akatsuki Tail'! So here's the next biggest thing in my inventory, 'Circus Akatsuki'!


The word has meant many things; outcast, loner, something that's not 'normal'. But what is 'normal'? Is it having two arms, two legs and a body? Is it having white or black skin? Is it having no 'special' abilities? But what happens to the supposed 'freaks'? Where do they go? Well, that is whewre our story starts....

Deep into the woods, through the tangle of webs and darkness, there is a home for 'freaks'. This home is a small entertainment for all. This home provides comfort and a haven for all who do not belong. It is a traveling home, a sanctuary on wheels, but it only caters to those who need it the most. There are exactly eleven residents of this home, each with their own 'freakish' nature. They are the Akatsuki, the Akatsuki Circus.

Now everyone knows what a circus is, but do you really know about it's existence? It is a traveling safe-house, a place that provides entertainment for the 'regular' or 'normal' people. This is living evidence of a silent treaty between the 'norms' and 'freaks'. The 'freaks' provide entertainment, and the 'norms' allow them to be a part of society. It is a peaceful compromise, but why do we, the 'freaks', need an exuse to go out and be free? To be accepted into society as a human being? It is simple. "You do not belong." "You are a freak" These are the pitiful exuses that the 'norms' come up with. So we deal with it., for now.

But, there is always a bad side to a peaceful compromise. There is always a backstabber in the mix. And the backstabbers in the 'freak-norm' treaty does not come from the 'freaks' but the 'norms'. These backstabbers are the notorious "Oto Circus" the 'freaks' of the 'norms'. They are accepted only because they go against their own kind. Us. What is a 'freak' to do in a 'norm' world?

AU: Sorry for the deep meaning prologue, but I hope you enjoy it anyways!