AU: Yes~! It's finally the ending to Circus Akatsuki~!

The light shone down on the center ring, a bent over figure clearly visible. The orange top hat was bent down, hiding the top half of the man's face. The figure's lips curled into a smile and he lifted the hat.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN~! WELCOME! ONE AND ALL! TO, CIRCUS AKATSUKI!" Pein cried, smiling as the crowd went wild. "We have a great show for you all tonight, so sit back and enjoy!" The light shut off and Pein disappeared, the show starting.

Behind the curtain of the great three rings, Kisame and Itachi were currently having one steamy make out session. The shark man moaned and wrestled with Itachi's tongue, their teeth clacking together slightly. Blue arms snaked their way around the gypsy's slim waist, his hands resting on Itachi's hips and grabbed slightly, pulling him closer.

The first act, Zetsu, came out and was instantly greeted with gasps and awes. The plant man smirked and held his arms out, making two different trees come out of the ground, growing into a heart shape. Soon, the trees began sprouting leaves and branches, forming into intricate designs on the base of the heart as the tops of the trees twisted around eachother and completed the heart. Sakura blossoms formed all over the tops, running down and made a sort of curtain to fill in the heart.

The ground went wild and cheered as Zetsu bowed and left the center ring, the next act starting.

Itachi moaned and pressed closer, kissing more and wrapped his arms around the shark's neck lightly, pulling himself even closer. He swirled his tongue around Kisame's and started sucking on it lightly, earning a deep growl of pleasure from the man. Kisame pushed them lightly towards the staircase, pushing Itachi against the railing.

Deidara came out then in the right ring, smiling at the crowd. He took out a wad of clay and showed it to the crowd, smiling more at their confusion. He smashed it between his palms, letting the mouths go to work. After a minute or so he opened one of his hands and showed the crowd his creation, a beautiful eagle. Deidara smirked and threw it into the air, watching as the crowd jumped in amazement as it turned into a giant eagle.

The blond smiled and jumped onto it as it came by, standing on the bird as it did amazing stunts and patterns in the sky. The crowd went wild, cheering and screaming with applause. Deidara smiled and hung onto the neck of the bird as it flew straight up.

Suddenly, Deidara jumped off the bird and yelled. "Katsu!"

The fans went wild when the bird exploded into a variety of colors. Deidara landed on his feet, smiling to the crowd and bowed as his fangirls went wild.

"WE LOVE YOU DEI~!" Deidara could do nothing but smile and chuckle.

"I know~"

Itachi moaned and they separated finally, panting for air as Kisame instantly latched onto his neck, Itachi moaning louder.

"Ahh~~` Nnn~~~ Kisaa~~" Kisame smiled and started nibbling, running his hands over the younger's waist, groping his ass slightly.

"Mmm~~~ Itachi~~ You're just dying to finally do it huh~~?" Kisame was answered with a deep moan and a buck.

Sasori and Konan came out, smiling at the new routine they had in store for the crowd. Sasori took out a few of his puppets, using his nearly invisible strings to make them run around and do somersaults. Konan jumped onto the horse shaped one's back, smiling and waving to the crowd as they cheered. She jumped up and stood, balanced on it's back, pulling at her paper flower in her hair and a crown of paper feathers spread over her hair, making her look slightly like a show girl.

The crowd cheered more and Sasori snorted, making the horse jump and do simple tricks as Konan did her own kind of tricks on it's back. 'Ya...They are just cheering for Konan for sure...'

Suddenly, Sasori made the horse buck hard, making Konan flying straight up into the air, the flower princess twirling and surrounded herself in paper. The fanboys gasped and were about to go down to the ring and beat the crap out of the puppet man when they saw something happening to their precious Konan. Konan smiled and spread the cocoon open, exposing her paper wings that stretched about fifty yards. The fans gasped and cheered, throwing flowers and stuffed animals for Konan.


Tobi adn Madara had to hold back Pein behind the curtain from beating the crap out of the fanboys.

Itachi moaned and pushed Kiasme away slightly, smirking and ran his hands over the shark's chest. Kisame moaned slightly, loving when Itachi teased him like this. The weasel smiled and ran his hands under the shark's shirt, tracing all the muscles under his shirt. Kisame moaned more, shedding his shirt and let the gypsy marvel at his muscles, kissing him lightly and placed his own hands over the other's.

Hidan and Kakuzu ran out into the left ring, smirking at the crowd. Kakuzu readied his threads as Hidan ripped off his shirt, earning squeels and cries from the fangirls in the crowd. Then, the jashinist kissed his well known rosary and went over to the spinning pinwheel of death, latching himself onto it. Kakuzu smiled and picked up dozens of knives and sharp objects, including a rake.

"Oi! Kakuzu! If you (BEEPING) hit my nuts you aren't getting any for (BEEPING) a month!" Hidan yelled, growling at the ragdoll. Kakuzu only chuckled and yelled back.

"Hey! This is suppose to be a PG 13 show!" Hidan was about to reply, with no doubt more profanity, when Kakuzu thought of the wonderful idea of putting a cloth over his mouth.

"FHHNFNIALINLNILFIOIAFHEO!" Hidan yelled, muffled by the cloth. Kkauzu smiled and started throwing, hitting all around Hidan's figure and made an outline as the crowd gasped. He threw more, actually trying to hit the Jashinists jewels when he found himself out of weapons, having not even hit him once.

Unfortunatly for everyone, the cloth fell off Hidan's mouth. "HA HA (BEEPER)! YOU DIDN'T EVEN HIT ME!" Kakuu looked around and saw that he still had the sharpened rake, smirking and aimed carefully, throwing it like a javelin. Hidan's eyes widened when he saw where it was aimed and prayed quickly to Jashin. The crowd gasped and most looked away when the rake hit the board, sticking...right above the Jashinist's head.

"OH THANK YOU JASHIN-SAMA~!" Hidan sayed, smiling them saw as the pole fell and the tip smacked him there.

"AHHH! (BEEP) (BEEP) (BEEP) (BEEP)!" He swore, Kakuzu bowing and wheeled Hidan out to behind the curtain again.

Itachi smiled and kisses him again, moaning lightly and wrapped his arms back around his neck, pulling himself up slightly and wrapped his legs around the other's waist. Kisame moaned and kissed him deeply, pressing him back against the railing and his hands ghosted over his pants. The weasel moaned again, bucking and Kisame tried to get the pants opened.

'Come on! Stupid clasp~~~' He cried in his mind, trying desperatly to get the clasp on the gypsy's pants open.

The spotlight then shone onto the top pillars, showing Madara and Tobi. The brothers smiled and turned around, falling off the pillars. Tobi grabbed the swing as Madara grabbed his ankles, smiling as the crowd cheered. Madara flipped onto the stand as Tobi swung on the swing.

"Weee~!" Tobi yelled, smiling. Madara slapped himself in the face and jumped off again, landing on top of the swing between Tobi's hands and pulled him up. Tobi laughed happily and did more flips and twirls with his older brother, maybe showing off a little to Zetsu in the process but he mainly tried to just keep his balance.

Finally, the brothers got off the swing and onto separate platforms, jumping off and dived to do their finale. Tobi flipped in the air and Madara spun, hooking his ankles onto the swing and quickly grabbed Tobi's, posing as the crowd cheered.

Itachi frowned lightly, desperatly trying to get to Kisame as he fumbled with the clasp more. Kisame growled, thinking of just ripping the weasel's pants off when Pein appeared on the staircase, growling out.

"Stop sucking off eachother's face and get out there!" Itachi and Kisame squeaked and fell over, scrambling to get presentable as the crowd cheered for them.

"Go! Go! Go!" Pein yelled, pushing them out towards the heart shaped plant in the middle. Kisame smiled and hid behind it with Itachi, holding his hand and kissed him.

"Good luck~ and please don't drop me~" Itachi frowned playfully, snapping his fingers.

"Damn..And I was hoping for payback from you not able to get the clasp done..."

"Hey! That is one hard clasp!"

"Ya ya...Oh look, there's out cue.."

"W-WHAT?" Kisame practically pulled Itachi out from behind the flower curtain and posed for the crowd with him, the sakura blossoms fluttering and falling to the ground around them. Itachi chuckled and went to the center of the ring, his eyes turning red and held out his hands, making one of his disks appear. He hoped on and instantly started making the orbs as Kisame filled them, spinning them around to put on a small opening for the crowd.

As soon as they were full Kisame dived into one, doing underwater acrobatics while the crowd cheered. Itachi smiled, admiring the shark's clearly visible abs and started juggling the orbs in the air. The shark man jumped from one to another, splashing the audience every once in a while as they cheered them on. Suddenly, Itachi got an idea. He smiled and juggled the orbs faster, diving off his disk into the top orb and swam with Kisame.

The shark laughed and grabbed his hand, twirling him around under the water with him and threw him up and out of the orb for air, jumping out after him and catching him as he jumped into the next orb. The crowd went wild with excitement and Pein smiled from behind the curtain.

"Definatly a match made in heaven..."

The shark and weasel ended their preformance, Kisame holding Itachi bridal style on top of the middle orb as the others spun around them, the crowd cheering at their work. Itachi smiled and the lights flickered off again, the couple disappearing and ran over to the center ring with the entire circus. When the lights came back on the whole circus was lined up across the circle, smiling and bowed to their audience.

"One for all..." Hidan started.

"And all for one.." Kakuzu said.

"We will be there for eachother." Deidara said, smiling happily.

"Through good times.." Sasori followed.

"And the bad..." Konan said, smiling to the next person.

"We will stand strong..." Zetsu said.

"We will pull through." Madara yelled, smiling happily.

"We will be together!" Tobi cheered.

"And when all is said..." Itachi continued, squeezing Kisame's hand lightly.

"And done..." Kisame followed, squeezing back happily.

"We will still be..." Pein said, smiling to his family.


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