But not at all was well, in Mew City

The four remaining mews staggered back into the Cafe. A claw mark like tear in Renee's hair, and several bloody bloches were their price to pay, for managing to protect what remained.

"I hate to say it, but we can't do this, on our own" Bridgette sighed.

"Yeah, maybe...."

"Don't even bother Zoe" Corina interupted. "We don't need that deserting little monkey!"

"I have to agree" Renee noted "she left us, to go where, and ever since, our world has nearly been taken over, by the aliens"

"Yeah, we sort of can tell that" Zoe sighed "But I know that Kiki wouldn't leave her family willingly.

"Or maybe, we are finally seeing the real Kiki" Corina commented darkly.

"I'd have to disagree" a voice said. Turning, they saw a blue, transparent man. He appeared to have brown hair, and a scar under one of his eyes. His cloths were black and red.

"Who are you?" Bridgette asked nervous.

"I, am Anakin Skywalker, but that's not important. I am a spirit who has fallen, but before I did, I saw your missing little friend"

"Kiki!" Zoe said shocked

"Yes" he commented, before raising his hand. "Now, lets see where she has been"

The four mews and the ghost were warped out of the cafe, and appeared floating over a zoo. Below them was a penguin exibit.

"A zoo?"

"Not quite" Anakin commented. Looking, they saw four penguins burst out of a port hole.

"Sound in!" the lead penguin said "Skipper!"



"Kowalski!" the four penguins landed in that order.

"Now, commence operation, sky high!" Skipper yelled. Jumping, Private landed on the outstretched flippers of Rico, who tossed him far up, where he grabbed a green balloon. Holding it, he floated gently down.

"Wait, she's been with, Penguins?!" Bridgette said shocked

"Not Quite, what your seeing is a entirely different world" Anakin told her, before their scene changed. Now they were in the woods somewhere, near a strange, greek looking summer camp.

"She's been at Summer camp?" Zoe said shocked.

"Again, not quite" Anakin pointed. The mew's looked, to see people riding Pegasus's, half men half goats walking around, and a Cyclops, who was leading a group of them in construction of a cabin.

"When did we get into Greece?" Renee sighed

"Chiron!" a voice yelled. Turning, they saw a blond teenage girl with gray eyes, with a orange shirt saying camp half blood, and a boy with sea green eyes, black hair and a similar shirt running into the camp, where the girl began hugging a Centaur. The boy laughed, and waved to the head cyclops.

"Let me guess, another world?" Corina raised her eyebrow.

"A world your friend Kiki has been to" Anakin told them "Normally, it isn't allowed to reveal that other worlds exist, but I believe it is in order. Kiki got sucked into all of this" he started to warp again. Now, they were in a forest, in what looked like a old quarry. Below them, were a giant group of cats. Some where sleeping, others were eating.

"Wait, are we, actually here, or is this a...."

"Vision, yes" Anakin commented. "Now, Kiki has been protecting this world, the great forest, the other two worlds you saw, City Zoo and Olympian Manhattan, and countless others; Cyberspace, Camp Kidney, Alegesia, Cybertron....."

"Why would she do that" Corina yelled "She should have been helping us, not these, aliens!"

"She does not know what is going on in your world. She had made friends, met a boyfriend, and recently had been recovering, after fighting Darth Sidious, not to mention that Valdimort guy."

"Its still her fault" Renee commented darkly. "She should have been firm, and returned home, what is happening to our world, IS HER FAULT!"

"Well then, looks like I'm going to have to give you girls a montague"

"A what...." and they were sucked into a swirl of Kiki's memories.

Kiki was in that Zoo. She was running, and jumped straight at a man riding a red dragon.

Kiki was in a plain, and she was facing down a scared blond man, with some sharp sword bayonettes. Beside her was a boy with pale green eyes, and a black and white shirt. He had a black watch on his wrist

Again with that boy, Kiki was facing a giant robotic, pickle thing.

This time with two girls, one a red head with similar eyes to the boy, and a asian, were facing a hunchbacked man in a jungle

Kiki, and the boy, were being blown away, litterally, by a humanoid green squid, with red and yellow armor

Kiki, teamed up with the girls, that boy, a yellow skinned boy and a boy with tan skin and black and white hair, where blasted with a giant volt of electricity by a old man

Kiki, alone with a strange sword, was attacking a blue man with a black toga and fire hair

Kiki was being spun by her tail by a skull faced like man, before tossed straight into a jumble of stone

And hundreds more visions, before the mews found themselves back in the Cafe.

"That, was wierd" Zoe commented.

"Wait, you saw that too, I thought it was just a dream"