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~Chapter One~

He was cold-so damn cold. At night in the desert, the temperatures dropped to well below freezing, although the fact that he was laying in a cold, cement-floored cell with nothing on probably didn't help, either. How had he gotten himself into this mess in the first place? He couldn't believe how stupid, how self-assured he had been that day. It had been a recon mission- his teammates had warned him to be careful- but he had been so overconfident. He let his guard slip for just a moment, but that was all that was needed. So now, he was stuck in the Blue army's base, for God only knows how long, forsaken and forgotten by his team. No one would look very hard for him. Both he and his captors knew that scouts were so expendable that the Red army wouldn't waste the time or effort to search for one measly scout.

He curled his body into as tight of a ball as he could, shivering violently. To be honest, he was surprised he had the energy left to shiver at all. He was rarely fed, and when he was, his body had the unpleasant habit of rejecting the food, since it had grown so unaccustomed to having food in it.

He stiffened, trying to lessen his tremors as he heard approaching footsteps. He could hear them, so they weren't the spy's. He was grateful for that; of all of his tormentors, the spy, who had been the one to capture him, was by far the cruelest. He seemed to take great pleasure in the pain of others. He couldn't hear the telltale limp of the demoman, nor did he hear the loud, clumsy steps of the heavy. Not that the heavy would go anywhere without the medic. The footsteps moved too slowly to be the blue scout, and he doubted that it was the pyro, as she never came anywhere near him. So that left... who? The sniper? The soldier? The possibility of either of the two made his stomach drop with dread. Although the spy was the worst, those two followed closely behind him. He was already tense, anticipating the coming abuse with dread, but he still jumped when there came a knock on his cell door. He wasn't expecting a knock. After all, knocking implied that he had the right to deny them entry, a right that he most definitely didn't have, as he'd learned all too well. Maybe he could hold his breath until he passed out...

"Eh... hello, there?" His eyes flew open immediately. The engineer? What was he doing here? He'd never "visited" his cell before, although the scout had always assumed that it was due to a weak stomach and a distaste for torture. He had noticed the sympathetic looks from the engineer whenever he was transported from on place to another. So why was he here now? Whatever. It didn't really matter why he was here; hopefully it wouldn't last too long. He lay there on the hard floor, shivering, for what seemed like forever, but still, there came no blows, no grasping, injuring hands. He heard a slight movement, and then the engineer cleared his throat, almost nervously. "You awake over there?" Once again, the boy's body stiffened in surprise and suspicion. What was this guy playing at? It had to be some kind of trick, but he didn't know what he was expected to do, didn't know what action would result in the least amount of pain. After a moment of silence, he heard the engineer sigh. "Well, I've got your food, and if you eat it right now, it's still hot-" Food?! Did that mean he had water?! The scout had been in a constant state of dehydration; he was always thirsty. He shot up, as quickly as his malnourished body would allow, to see the engineer place a tray of food on the floor, along with a canteen. When the man had stepped back to watch, the scout eager grabbed the canteen, his hands shaking as he drank as quickly as possible. He spilled a little, but didn't really mind as it dribbled down his front. If anything, it would help to clean some of the filth off of his skin. He didn't want to risk the steamed vegetables (he knew he couldn't keep them down), but he finished off the large bowl of steaming broth. Nothing had ever tasted so good! Feeling slightly better, he sat back on his heels to watch the engineer warily. Oh no! He had brought his toolbox! Who knows what he had in there... the scout was very afraid to find out. Sometimes the spy brought... interesting things with him. Things that the young scout had never even heard of, all of which used for inflicting excruciating pain. The engineer seemed somewhat unsure of himself. Maybe he could get this done quickly, and he would forget all about his toolbox... He crawled forward until he was on his knees in front of the man, running his hand up the inside of his thigh as he unhooked one of the clasps on his overalls. Suddenly, though, the larger man jerked away from him.

"What the hell do you think you're doin'?!" He shouted as he shoved the smaller man roughly away. He fell to the ground, terrified. He had only been doing what he'd been taught!

"Eh, I- uh, sorry, sorry..." He mumbled, flinching violently away from the man. Oh no, now he'd done it! He wasn't supposed to talk; he knew that!!! How many times had he learned that lesson, the hard way? Once again, though, the blows never came. He lay there, trembling with both fear and cold. Things were not going as expected, and the uncertainty frightened him. He couldn't figure out what this man wanted! He finally risked a glance at the other man, who was rifling through his toolbox.

"Here," he said gruffly, tossing something at him. "Put that on." He was curious, despite himself. This was... clothes?! He hadn't been allowed clothes in quite some time. He'd had a towel for a while, that he'd kept wrapped around himself, but even that had been taken away. He quickly pulled on the threadbare pajama pants and t-shirt. They were pretty beaten up, but right about now, he thought they were wonderful. He glanced at the engineer again, cautiously, and the man blushed and looked away from the scout's eyes. What was going on? This was making no sense. "Calm down, boy. I'm not gonna do anything to yeh." What? Lies! It had to be a lie. Well, the engineer had always seemed more kind than the rest of his barbaric team... although the scout allowed himself no hope, he decided to play along with the man. "Listen. They're preparin' for a battle- a real big one, this week. Dunno how long it's gonna last, though, but they're gonna abandon this base, and they wanted to give the new engineer a shot. You know, good field trainin'." Why was the man telling him this? He fidgeted uncomfortably. "Well anyways, they don't want you excapin', runnin' back to your side to tell them all our secrets. They wanted to kill ya, cuz it would be too difficult to travel and keep you tied down, so to speak, but I, ah, I..." He paused, scratching his head awkwardly. "I said that I'd stay at this base, make sure ya don't run off anywhere. I've been talking about retiring from the fighting anyway, so I figured this would be as good of a time as any." What was he saying? "Eh... you can talk if you want, boy..." He wasn't sure what there was to say.

"So... what does this... mean?" He practically whispered, still half-expecting the man to lash out at him.

"Well, doesn't mean anything, just yet. But two days from now, it'll just be you 'n' me." The scout's blood ran cold. That sounded... bad. Very bad. He had a pretty good idea of what the man would want from him once they were away from the rest of the team. His panic must have shown, because the engineer tried to reassure him. "Hey, I told you, I'm not gonna do anything to ya. But until then, you gotta act like I'm hurtin' you and stuff. You know? I mean, they're not gonna leave you alive with me if they think I'm going all soft on them. Ya got it?" He nodded slowly, staring open-mouthed at the man. He didn't care how ridiculous he looked; he'd long since lost his dignity. Surely, this couldn't be happening. He resolved to not believe a word the man said until it actually happened; until he was actually safe from harm, but he made sure to appease him nonetheless. "Aright, then. You keep the clothes; I'll jest tell them that it's more 'my thing.' God, those sick bastards were overjoyed when I offered to stick with you. 'Course, they assume I'm fucked in the head like them. So jest hang in there for a few more days, okay?" Again, the scout silently nodded, mind racing through the ramifications of this. "Okay, now try and get some sleep. You look like you need it." And then the engineer was leaving his cell, locking the door behind him. When he thought the man was far away enough that he couldn't hear, he whispered a quiet thanks to the first person to show him any kindness in months.

A/N: So there's the first chapter. I was playing TF2, and I was a red scout, and I was like "Hey! I should write a fanfiction!" and then I found a little comic strip I saved a while ago with the scout and the engineer, and I got all excited. so here it is.

I love the scout, just in case you couldn't tell.

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