The Doctor struggled to get back into the TARDIS. He'd absorbed half a million rads in a chamber made of vinvotchi glass to save Wilf. That had been three hours ago. Now, he was at New Year 's Day 2005, having just seen Rose for the last time.

The last time that he, his tenth incarnation, would see her. He didn't know what the future might hold, but whoever next left the TARDIS, it wouldn't be him. It would be the Doctor, but not that Doctor.

He looked at his hand and saw the glow. He'd been holding off his regeneration for the last three hours, and had wondered when he had fallen in the snow moments earlier if he would get up. But there he was, standing in his TARDIS. He threw his large brown coat aside and looked at his hand once more as he started the TARDIS' flight.

The glow had faded slightly, but was still present. He looked at his other hand and saw the same, light glow, alternating shades of orange, gold and green. He could see it lightly forming in front of his eyes. He stepped away from the console held his arms out in front of him and slightly to his sides so he could see them.

He felt tears welling up in his eyes. He didn't want to die, and he knew that was what was happening. Sure, the Doctor would live on but he wouldn't be the same man. He would die.

"I don't wanna go." He said lightly to himself through the tears, before his arms shot out to his sides rigidly and his neck snapped up so he was facing the ceiling as the energy grew brilliant and blasted off from his head and arms.

Around him, the TARDIS control room was collapsing and exploding as the energy from his regeneration and the radiation flew off. A pillar came down, narrowly missing him, the control panel itself exploded and flames erupted from multiple points in the floor.

Meanwhile, his features had began to distort, slowly shifting from his own face to a younger one. His hair shifted with it, growing longer and becoming black as the fringe finished growing into place. He clamped his eyes shut in pain as his body finished going into it's new form before he screamed as the energy finished leaving him, with him having a somewhat dumbfounded expression.

He looked at his hands, then bending down slightly to check his legs. He slapped his torso, checking it was all in order before proceeding to feel his face and hair.

"Right, got all limbs, all fingers, presumably all toes, ears, nose, eyes, oh good, I still have eyebrows. Oh, and a mouth, so glad I have that. And a chin, oh god, it's so eugh." He said, before pulling his fringe down to look at his hair colour "Oh, and nice long hair. Shame, it's still not ginger!"

As he said that, he heard the console sparking behind him and was suddenly painfully aware of the damage in the TARDIS. He dashed over to the console, dodging flames as he did. He began playing with the controls and hitting the console when it didn't work.

"Damn it, nothing I can do, this is useless!" He said, trying more controls and hitting things as they failed to work "Nothing works! I'm going to crash!"

He looked at the column in the centre of the room as it sped up during the descent.

"Oh god, this is going to hurt." He said to himself as there was an almighty crash when the TARDIS hit the surface of the planet, sending him crashing to the deck, picking himself up when he had finished rubbing his back where he had hit it during the fall, saying to himself "Knew that'd hurt."

He looked at the TARDIS control room. The flames had died out, but the console was still sending off the occasional shower of sparks. He moved over to the screen on the other side of the central column and looked at it.

"Well that's not good." He said, reading what was on the screen "I need to find a way to fix those zeiton crystals. So long as they're fried, I can't do anything. May as well have had one of those warp core breach things they always go on about on Star Trek."

He put his hands in his pockets and moved towards the TARDIS door, opening the door and stepping outside.