The Doctor came to in a cell. He'd been put in one opposite Amy. For the Cybermen, the operation seemed a little low tech. He moved over to where Amy was. She was still breathing, that was a good start. He looked at the watch on his wrist. He'd only been out for about an hour. It was times likes those he was glad he was still early in his regeneration cycle; it meant he wasn't going to get the major headache he would've done otherwise.

"Amy? Wake up Amy." He said, shaking her lightly, smiling at her as she slowly came to "Hello there gingey. You feeling okay?"

"Don't call me gingey." Amy replied simply, before looking around "Where are we?"

"You're in my home." A female voice said, causing the pair in the cell to turn around to see a dark haired woman in a red dress with the man and woman from earlier and two Cybermen behind her "And the home of the Cybermen, and my minions. I believe you met them."

"Yes, well, I have a question." The Doctor said "What's with the low tech? It can't be a desire to go unnoticed, or you wouldn't have sent the Cybermen to get us. So, Miss. Hartigan, what's up with it?"

"We have insufficient resources." Hartigan said "But now we have access to the ultimate resource; your TARDIS!"

"No, that's one thing I can't give you." The Doctor said "It's kind of… broken right now."

"You will bring it here!" Hartigan said "Or I will kill your friend."

The Doctor ran his hand through his hair as he paced the cell for a moment, before glaring at Hartigan.

"Fine, but I'll need my screwdriver. That device I had with the blue light." He said "It acts as the remote control."

"Give it to him." Hartigan said, with the woman behind her nodding and withdrawing the sonic screwdriver from her pocket and passing it to the Doctor through the bars.

"Thank you." The Doctor said, beginning to play with the dial on the bottom of the screwdriver before pointing it forward "Now, I'd move if I were you."

"Doctor, if that were a weapon, you would not be holding it now." Hartigan said "It's just an extravagant lighting device."

"Well, that depends on what you plan on using it against." The Doctor replied "See, it can manipulate, or destroy, machines and the Cybermen are machines."

As he said that, he slid the top section out and pressed the button, causing the light to come on as the screwdriver whirred. As it did, the Cybermen began to go into some kind of fit, as did the two people behind Hartigan.

"I'm sorry." The Doctor said "But you put me in this position. You trapped me. And the one thing you should always remember if nothing else, the one thing you should never put in a trap if you value your continued existence, is me."

As he said that, the two people finally collapsed, breathing shallowly as the Cybermen's heads exploded. The Doctor played with the controls on the screw driver then pointed it at the lock and pressed the button, causing it to open. He stepped out and moved towards Hartigan.

"Now miss. Hartigan, you're going to stand trial for what you've done." The Doctor said "I'm taking you to the shadow proclamation. They'll try you by galactic law and you'll be dealt with accordingly."

"If I'm going to die, I'll die by my own hand!" Hartigan spat "But before I do, you should know, your days are numbered, Doctor. I've seen your future. He's coming back, with his army of your nightmares, and he will not rest until you die."

With that, and before the Doctor could reach her, she pulled a small gun looking device, pointed it at herself and fired, disintegrating her instantly as the Doctor went to run to stop her, wanting to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and find out what she'd meant. He turned to Amy, who stood there in shock.

"You okay?" He said, not seeing any reaction, so he repeated "I said are you okay?"

"S-she shot herself." Amy said, ignoring his question "You cornered her and threatened her with arrest so she shot herself…"

"Wish I could say that was the first time it'd happened, but it isn't." The Doctor said, moving to the cell and holding out his hand "You coming?"

"Where?" Amy asked.

"Away from here." He replied, before grinning "Then, I guess you could always come with me if you like."

"Where are you going?" She asked, curious.

"Wherever you want." He said "See, I have everything open to me, the whole of time and space, I can go anywhere, any when. You interested?"

"I'd be lying if I said it doesn't sound interesting." She replied "But I find it unlikely you've got that."

"Unlikely eh?" He said "I eat unlikely and spit it out for breakfast. Follow me and I'll show you."

When they reached the TARDIS, the Doctor got the key out and put it in the lock. He turned it, and opened the door, grinning.

"You'll have to excuse my shock." He said "It's just finished with the redecorating."

"Redecorating?" Amy said, confused "What do you mean?"

"See for yourself." He said, throwing the doors open.

Amy was shocked. Inside the little blue wooden box was an entire world!

It was quite high tech, having metallic walls with indentations. There were three spiral staircases leading up and out of the room at different points. There were also metal railings around a central control console, the console going around a large cylindrical structure at the centre of the room with a raindrop like structure in the middle. To top it off, there was a screen by the console and a chair on the opposite side.

The Doctor moved over to the controls and began pressing buttons. He looked at her and grinned.

"So, anything you notice?" He said "Anything catch your eye? Anything you want to say? I've heard everything."

"It-it-it's bigger on the inside…" She said.

"That being the most common of them." He replied, the grin constant "So, fancy coming along for the ride? The first trip's free, if you like it, then you can subscribe for the all expenses paid trip everywhere and any where."

"Fine." She said, with him replying by throwing a switch, causing the drop-like structure to start moving up and down as there was a large roaring.

"Good." He said, moving towards one of the staircases and going up and calling back from the next room "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get changed. Something to go with the new me."