Title: Little Brother

Summary: Dean contemplates his life so far during the Apocalypse when everything around him is going downhill.

Characters: Dean and Sam NO SLASH

Life for Dean Winchester had never been easy. His mother died when he was just a child at the age of four. He grew up to fast raising his younger brother Sam. Sam was the youngest being only six months old when their mother Mary died in the old nursery room. Dean was always pushed to the side and his brother always came first. Little Sammy was Dean's responsibility since the moment his mother was murdered by the Yellow Eyed Demon all those years ago. He took him in his arms and ran out of that burning house. From that moment on Sammy was Dean they belonged to each other helping eachother and learning to grow together as brothers and as family.

Dad was never around always on his "buisness" trip and Sammy would wonder where dad was. Dean wanted to keep Sammy inicent for as long as he could because he knew that the moment he told his little brother the truth, the glass ball that little Sammy lived in would be shatterd and he would never be the same.

It was Dean who held Sam when he woke up from a nightmare in the middle of the night screaming because he was scared of the monster under his bed. It was Dean who taought Sammy about the demons. It was Dean who raised Sam not their father Dean who and He never questioned his responsibility because he loved his little brother as only a brother could.

As they grew up Dean tried so hard to protect little Sammy from the world and every time he failed. Now is a world about to end all of this didn't matter anymore. The world was going to end and everyone was going to die a painful bloddy death and the was no happiness any more because all hope was lost and everyone had abandoned all hope.