Paul Sheldon's recent book Fast Cars hadn't been selling well on the market and he had been bombarded with angry fan letters demanded him to write Misery. However after what happened with Anne Wilkes he couldn't care less about his fans. Paul had been drinking more ever since his near death experience but he still had some talent within him because it only took him a few weeks to rewrite Fast Cars. He had also written two other Misery novels after Misery's Return (Which he never published) such as Misery's Revenge and Broken: A tale of Misery however he planned to never release them. He tried to write all other types of books like Stephen King did but he failed.

Over the months he started writing other books despite what critics and fans told him. He wrote Death's Eye, Green Envy and Solar Moon however they were all met with limited success. Paul quickly became a pulp writer with a very small but loyal fan base. He lacked passion towards writing and mostly did it to pay the bills, but he knew that he was lying to himself and that was why he continued writing. He was frequently haunted in his dreams by Anne Wilkes and despite paying for therapy they were little changes in his dark dreams. One time when he woke up it took him ten minutes for him to realize that it had been a dream. Paul became afraid of sleep and stayed up all night, writing to take his mind off his evil dreams.

Paul also lacked love in his life and was distant from his family and the few friends that he had. For the first few months of his life Paul lied to himself and claimed that everything would go back to normal but his encounter with Anne seemed too had shaped his life forever. His physical appearance had hardly changed which fooled people into believing that he was okay, but they secretly knew under the surface that he had never recovered. He wanted to get his fans back but at the same time loathed the idea of doing another Misery novel. For a brief time he attempted to write another romance book called Eve's Paradise but it never saw the light of day, and the early drafts of it were mocked as being predictable and stupid.

Ever since Misery's Death Paul's life had been miserable.