I woke up to hearing a loud knock on the door.I hoped Darry or Soda would get it cause I was too tired to get up.
After several minutes of laying down waiting for the knocking to stop.
I sat up and the early morning sunrise hit me in the eyes.
I rubbed the back of my head and looked at the clock in my bedside table,5:00, goes knockin on someones door at five in the morning!
It couldnt be anyone from the gang they just walked in whenever they felt like.

"Hold up!Im coming."I hollered at whoever was at the door.

The knocking stopped when I opened the door I saw..a girl?
She had long black hair,and big black eyes..her skin was a fair tan but she looked really pale and she was skinny as if she hasnt eaten in days.
I sware I must have looked like an Idiot with my jaw hangning down so low that if i didnt slap myself out of it that it might have it the floor.
She looked ay me shyly.

"um...Hello...do you know where Johnny is or is he here?"

I tilted my did she know about Johnny?

"What?" I asked,confused.

"Johnny Cade....you know him?...."She asked.

"I know who he is"-someone who should be alive not me-"how do you?" I said.

"Im his name is Angel....so is Johnny here or not?...."

This was hitting me hard....Johnnys cousin....his cousin....

She didnt kno-"Glory Ponyboy,what ya doing?Makeing so much noise"Sodapop yawned as he came out of the room.

"Whoes this"He asked as he walked over by me.

"Her name is Angel,shes looking for Johnny..."

Soda looked at her sadly

"Come on in,its pretty cold outside"Soda said softly .

She was about to say something when Soda cut her off.

"I'll answer your question inside,just get in here"

She nodded hesidenty wraped her arms around herself and followed me and Soda inside......

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