E/O Drabble Challenge word: brand

Happy Birthday to Yohko Bennington! I heard the word, and Castiel, and funny … and boy did this pop right out, hope you enjoy it.
Spoilers/Notes: No spoilers. Just amusement.


Caveat Emptor

Castiel cocked his head as he wandered over to Dean.

"Dean, am I soft?"


"Am I soft? You can touch me to determine if I am." Castiel stuck his hands in Dean's face.

"Cas! Personal space. No, you are not soft. What are you talking about?"

"If I am not soft, then the package in the bathroom lies."


"Yes, it says that it is 'Angel soft' so I wondered if angels were softer than humans."

Dean smacked his forehead into his palm and shouted.

"Bobby! You are going to need to buy a new brand of toilet paper!"