A/N: The song Du Reischt so Gut by Rammstein is, in my opinion, the ultimate vampire/werewolf song. Look up the English translation if you don't believe me. It is the song that inspired this story.

PITITCHU is Quileute for Moon. Apparently. Sorry if I'm wrong.

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Pairing: JacobJames! mentions of the usual pairings.

Rating: T to M.

Chapters: 1/3

Summary: James is a man obsessed. He had been distracted ever since leaving Forks. All because of a wonderful scent he had caught lingering on one Bella Swan. Now he's back in Forks, and intent on finding the owner of such a wonderful scent. JBJames

Warning: AU- James left shortly after running into the Cullens. He reacted differently to Bella 'scent', and has been obsessed with it ever since. Jacob views Bella as a sister at most. He has already turned into his shape-shifter self, thus looks 20-ish. He has yet to imprint.

SLASH aka Male on Male love. In the words of Dee from FAKE vol. 7 "Mano-a-mano, man-on-man, homofucking-sex galore."

OOC-ness. James isn't obsessed with killing humans, Victoria isn't psychotic, and Jacob is slightly different.



Chapter One- The Big Bad Wolf

If anyone were to have ever told James that he would find himself in this situation one day, he would have stared at them, killed them for even thinking of it, and then gotten on with his undead life. But here he was, living like a Cullen, like a human, surviving off of animals and living deep in the forests surrounding the small town of Forks. How low the mighty had fallen.

James sighed, resting his back against the tree he was currently perched up in, gazing down at the family of vampires playing baseball in the open field below (and boy, was he ever having a sense of déja-vu). His golden eyes, once red but now only holding specks of said colour due to his current diet, rested heavily on the human female currently draping herself over the 'youngest' Cullen male. He sniffed, closing his eyes as he reverently breathed in the smell that was attached to the human; the smell that was the sole reason why he was currently surviving off of animals, living like a hermit, and avoiding all contact with the living: human and preternatural combined.

Rain, dirt, and the smell of the wild; the feral. He could not think of any other way to describe the incredible scent that clung to the female, the scent that he wished would cling to him.

When he had first arrived in Forks with his coven, he had smelled it, become obsessed with it. It was due to the scent that he had abandoned his coven, sneaked out of the farm house they had taken over (after killing the previous occupants of course), and ran all the way back to this backwater town. He had tried holding out, to resist it, for two months before he cracked and found himself stalking the Cullen coven as they went off to play. James figured that if he followed the human (Swan?) home, than he could find out who it was that she knew that smelled so delicious. And when he found that person....

Eventually the vampires finished their game and headed back to their home, the bronze haired youth taking the Swan girl to her house, James following at a steady distance from them. The Cullen left her at her home and she headed inside. After a few minutes of shuffling about, she headed out the door to the rust bucket she called a car. James following as she drove off.

After a short drive, she pulled up at a movie theater, parked the car and got out. It was then (as James followed her into the theater) that it hit him. The scent.

James felt his eyelashes flutter as his eyes rolled back while he inhaled. If he thought that it was delicious before, than it had nothing on the pure, unadulterated scent clinging to the figure currently standing beside the Swan girl in line. His eyes racked over the figure.

Tall (taller than James' own 6'2"), short cut black hair, dark eyes, and muscled. Oh, and male. Definitely male. Not that I protest much at that. With a scent like that, he could be a leprechaun for all I care.

He grinned, amused at the thought of the tall native male before him as a small pale leprechaun. It was inconceivable! He stalked after the male and Swan girl, bought a ticket to the movie they were seeing (oh the shame. A few weeks ago he would have just killed someone and took their ticket, but now...), and sat down in the back row. As the lights dimmed, he saw the male casually put his arm around the Swan girls shoulders, lean his head in and say something to her. As she giggled in reply, James choked back a mouthful of venom as the urge to drain her dry came over him. She was too close to the male, her body becoming even more covered with the delectable scent.

Suddenly the male tensed up, his head jerking as he looked around the room. James quickly sank back into the shadows surrounding him (thankful that the lights had already gone down), the others gaze passing over him. Good senses for a human. Good senses for a potential mate. James grinned. This was turning out better than he expected.

He paid no attention to the movie, although the amount of blood and gore was interesting and the lead male actor was extremely attractive, his attention stuck on the native man before him. Once the movie was finished, he followed them out of the theatre. Swan girl was talking with his Anti-Leprechaun about the movie, but he couldn't hear what the male was saying, his voice pitched in such a way that James could not hear him over the loud chattering of the crowds of people around them. Following them back to the parking lot, he watched as they said good bye (again, Swan girl hugged his Anti-Leprechaun, grr) and went their separate ways.

The native male walked off down the road, seeming to not notice the damp cold of Forks, but then again, James did not notice either. He walked for a few miles down the road until he reached a strip of road that was surrounded by forests. James cocked his head as Anti-Leprechaun walked off the road into the woods. Following him, the vampire climbed into a tree and watched as the other male stripped himself of his shirt and pants. Oh, there is a God.

James's reverent moment was broken as the native male tied his clothing to his leg and fucking shifted into a wolf. James blinked.


Well. Shit.