Chapter: 3/3

Warnings: Usual. Slash, mentioning of male love, vampires and shape-shifters.
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Chapter 3- Light of the Moon

For the last week, Jacob had kept himself locked in his room. James had resorted to spying on him from the tree nearby his window, and learning as much as possible about Jacob from listening in on the people on the res. But even then, he was going steadily insane without being able to smell the shape-shifters scent.

James sighed, leaning against the tree trunk as he watched Jacob move about his room. This was getting ridiculous. Something had obviously happened when Jacob saw him on the cliff, for the wolf had bolted after seeing him. If James didn't know any better, he would say that Jacob had... What was the word... He had overheard some of the other shape-shifters talking about a phenomenon that happens to some of them. Kind of like when a vampire finds a mate.

Imprinting! That was it. If James didn't know better (or more likely, hoped so, but did not want to get his hopes up) then he would say that Jacob had imprinted on him. That would certainly have explained the look Jacob had given him before he bolted. Like James was the centre of his universe.

Lost in his thoughts, James almost missed the sound of the Black's back door opening. Peering out of the tree, he spotted Jacob (finally) leaving the house. Smirking, he slunk down the tree after his shape-shifter.

Here Jakie Jakie Jakie....

Once he hit the woods, Jacob stripped down again and shifted into his wolf self. James sighed. He loved it when Jakie stripped. The wolf ran off, James close behind him.


After The Incident, as Jacob had come to call it, he had holed himself in his room, freaking out. But after a week of contemplating the fact that he had imprinted on a leech, he had come to a conclusion. Imprinting happened for a reason. There had to be some reason why he imprinted on the le- James.

Jacob had been sitting at his desk when he had sensed the vampires heavy gaze on his back. So here he was, sneaking out the back door of the house, intent on talking to the vamp about why he was so interested in Jacob.

Running through the wood with James close on his heels, a sense of excitement coursing through his veins. The Pack was trying to communicate with him, worried about why Jacob had locked himself in his bedroom for so long. But, stubbornly, he shoved their thoughts away, concentrating on the vampire.

Charging out from the tree line, Jacob skidded to a stop at the top of the cliff where he first met the vampire. Twisting, he shifted and quickly tugged on his sweat pants, facing the trees, and waited. Moments later, James calmly walked out from the forest.


The man smirked, cocking his head to the side and took a deep whiff of Jacobs scent. "Jacob."

Jacob started, "How...? Never mind," he folded his arms over his chest and glared at the vampire. "Why are you following me around?"

"Because." James smirked.

Well, wasn't he just a chatter box. "Care to elaborate?"

James 'Hm-ed' and took a few steps closer. "Care to tell me why you ran away?"

Shit. "I will if you tell me why you have been stalking me for the last while. And why the hell none of the Pack sensed you!"

"Simple," James said, walking even closer. "I'm excellent at concealing my scent. And," he leaned forward, his face dangerously close to Jacobs neck. "I've been stalking you because you are my mate."

Jacob froze, turning his head slightly to stare at James (or to be precise, his hair). "M-mate?"

"M-hm." James nipped at some of Jacobs exposed neck. "Mate. And I am, unless I am much mistaken, your Imprintee."

"Haa..." Jacob tilted his neck, exposing more. This was insane! The man was a vampire, a blood sucker, and yet he did not feel threatened or nervous about having James near his neck. "So what if you are?"

James pulled back, a smirk on his face. "If I am, then you better get used to it, 'cuz I sure as hell ain't leaving."

And that was that. Jacob had his answer. He had imprinted on the vampire because he was James's mate. In a way, he was happy. He finally had a mate, someone who (thanks to their own version of imprinting) would not leave him for someone else. Someone who would love Jacob for Jacob. Oh, sure, he knew there was going to be trouble to come, what with the Pack eventually finding out, and the Cullen's learning about another vampire living in Forks, but he didn't care.

James was his. Plain and simple.

So, as his vampire kissed his on that cliff under the light of the moon, Jacob swore that no matter how twisted and strange this was, he was not going to let anyone destroy what they had.

Whatever it was that they had....


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