As I walked through the corridors back up to the Library, I noticed there was a heck of a lot more blue dust. Piles of it, in fact. "They must have died with him," I summed up, grinning. "I rid Hogwarts of pansy vampires!!!" I sang as I skipped down the final corridor happily. As I entered the Library, I was met by cheering. The entire cast of Harry Potter characters was there, clapping and cheering. They threw confetti and parted for me as I walked to the center. Neville and Pansy were there, smiling at me. Ron had come back from the dead, and I handed him his wand. "Thanks dude," I said.

"No problem mate," he answered, grinning. I stood on the table, and Neville and Pansy held my hands in the air.

"Lightning! Lightning!" everyone chanted.

"Bently! Bently!" called out a different voice, and the Hogwarts Library vanished.

I opened my eyes to see Half-Blood Prince under my cheek, and slight bit of drool on the page. I wiped it off and looked up. My room was still there. The clock read 7 o'clock. "Finally Bent!" I looked over to my right to see my friend Russell kneeling beside me, grinning. "Dude, you've been yelling in your sleep! Something about the Fairy Lord?"

"Dude!" I exclaimed, sitting up swiftly. "No, you don't get it! I was at Hogwarts, and the Twihards had taken over, and –"

"I'm sure dude. But you still owe me 20 bucks," Russell laughed, and left me. I swore, and looked down at my book. I scanned through it, checking to make sure everything was still the same. It was. I sighed.

"Don't worry guys, I saved you. It'll never come back," I told the book before closing it and jumping up to go get breakfast.

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