My name is Alice Cullen, when I was a human I had visions and my birth parents thought I was insane. I was sent to a mental asylum when I was 12. There it was where I received shock treatments and many painful shots I found a friend in all the terror. His name was Jeremy Williams. He was a vampire. One day he came and took me out of my cell. I hadn't been outside in over 2 years. The sun was beautiful! I felt alive again. Then everything happened quickly. A man jumped on top of my beloved Jeremy! He was vicious! With blood-red eyes. Jeremy pushed him off and then turned to my and said" Alice I'm sorry but you will forgive me someday." Then next thing I knew I was on fire! The burning in my neck was almost unbearable! ………………. Three days later I awoke. I could see everything clearly! I was a vampire. Then I had another vision """" a gorgeous man walking into a diner. He was rough looking and needed a good bath but he was still beautiful!"""""" I had to find this man! I went to the diner with the exact same sign in the window but he wasn't there. I went everyday awaiting the arrival of my prince. One day I had a vision of a family…..but I was in the family…and so was my prince! A man with blonde hair, a woman with caramel hair, a gorgeous blonde woman, a HUGE man who looked like a muscle builder, a bronze haired boy and a brunette with a blushing face. The family was beautiful with golden eyes and ate only animals. ….. I started my diet of animal blood and prayed that my prince would come soon …we had to find this family!........... I was at the diner as usual and then the bell ringed and my prince walked into the diner I jumped out to greet him but he looked nervously at me and sat down In a booth. I scooted into the seat across from him and said " Hi my name is Mary Alice Brandon………but you can call me Alice! It is a pleasure to meet you finally Jasper isn't it?" then I stopped and looked at him and then he said " good ev'n mame! Yes my name Is Jasper, Jasper Whitlock." We sat and talked for a long time. I told him what I was and about the family I has seen in my visions. And found out that he can control emotions. Then we left the diner and set out to find this family…………WE FOUND THEM!!!! We walked up to the door and I knocked…the blonde man opened the door and asked who we were and I told him that I was Alice and this is Jasper we are going to be part of your family! Then he looked confused and I walked into the room and asked "which room is mine?" and they all laughed I don't know why though because I was serious! …………………. I found out all their names too! Carlisle (the father) Esme (the mother) Rosalie (the brat) Emmett (the jokester) Edward (the mind-reader) ….but some one was missing……the brunette….hmmmm well maybe I will meet her later!

Time passed by and then one day I met Bella! At Forks High School where mommy and daddy made us go…grrrrr….

Now Bella is part of our family…she is a vampire too!

This has been the story of:

Mary Alice Brandon Whitlock Hale Cullen