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Date the Girl in Your Dreams!

By: Yuki-chan

Chapter 1: Start the Elimination!

The sun shone brightly in the sky. Its rays passed by the window, finding its way inside the room through a space between the curtains.

A figure sat in the bed, stretching his arms with a yawn. He sleepily walked to his closet to grab his uniform and set off to take a shower.

It had been 9 months since he returned from that portal. He didn't know how, he didn't know why. What was important for him is that he was given the chance to straighten his life.

His life was still the same: popular among girls. Everybody seemed to forget all about what he's done. Well, do they care? No, they don't. Everyone was satisfied with the peace and they didn't want any more trouble. Everyone, except for one, one whose mind is still stained with the memory of her past: her past pains… and her past love. Even though she remained quiet, everyone fully understands that she can't easily forget what happened. They are all kind enough to still treat her as a friend after what she's done. And so they say, everybody makes mistakes.

Kageyama set off to walk to school. It was Thursday, the 13th day of February. By now, it's almost 9 in the morning.

February, considered as a month of love. By now, couples, young or old, must be planning on a date for the next day.

"Date, huh?" Kageyama whispered to himself. He sure is gonna have a date. For sure. He was just asked to be the guest of their school's new event, called 'Date the Girl in Your Dreams.' He probably thought that girls would be waiting up at the front of the campus for the elimination that was going to be held this morning.

Ding dong, he was right.

Girls I mean so many girls ^_~ are packed in groups, chattering through the morning breeze. Wow, there are so many girls in here.

"Oh! Mr. Kageyama!" Shouted a female voice. All the girls then turned their heads to Kageyama.

"Oh it's Mr. Kageyama!"

"Yes, indeed!"

"He's so cute!"

Kageyama continued walking, waving his hand along the way. The girls gave way to him, even if they are pushing each other just to have a closer view of him. He seemed to be like a very popular actor.

Kageyama continued walking. At the top of the stairs before the school's entrance, there was a computer, with Ruriko Ikusawa seated in front of it, talking with a short but pretty purple-haired girl.

"Yes, Ms. Ikusawa. I understand very well. Thanks." Kageyama heard the girl said. She was about to go inside when she noticed him.

"Kageyama Reiji, sir?" The girl asked with a smile on her young face. She wouldn't probably make a mistake, for all the boys are out of school except for those who wanted to watch the elimination, and most especially, except for Kageyama.

"Yes, indeed." Kageyama replied. "May I know your name?"

"Certainly, sir." The girl then bowed her head. "Good morning, Kageyama sir. My name is Ayami Horokawa. I am in charge of the elimination today. I'm so pleased to meet you." Ayami introduced herself. "If you wouldn't mind, I will accompany you to a room for a while and explain everything for you."

"Okay, thanks." Kageyama thanked Ayami. The girl nodded her head and led him inside the campus.

As they walked, Kageyama looked at Ayami. She was short, probably 150 centimeters in height. She seems to be very good in handling things like this even if she looks so young, because she doesn't even stutter the first time she saw him. She isn't also bashful for she could say things immediately as if she practiced it for a hundred times. But still, she can manage to control her mouth.

"Here, sir." Ayami said as she stopped walking. She opened the door in front of her to reveal a very clean and neat room with a very pleasant smell. She walked inside and said, "Come in sir, and have a seat."

"Thanks." Kageyama walked inside and sat on a couch in front of Ayami, closing the door behind him.

"First of all sir, I just want you to have further knowledge about me. I am in class 2-A, and am currently 15 years old. I'm just a transferee and I've been in school for just a week. I'm not so much intelligent, but you can expect passing grades for me. I am also the type of person who isn't bashful… but… I'm the type of person who usually makes a mistake. But don't you worry, sir, I'll make sure that the elimination will be just a piece of cake: no tripping because of wires which will cause to lost of electricity in the whole campus and no dropping the microphone and causing a loud deafening noise just like what I did in my previous school." Ayami finished her introduction.

"I'm looking forward to a nice program." Kageyama replied in between his giggles.

"So sir, any question is welcome. But please keep in mind that it will have something to do with today's event. Maybe other facts can wait until this afternoon, hmm, I suppose?"

"Okay. First of all, I want to know how the game works." Kageyama set off his first question.

"Okay. You know, all the girls in Tategami are in this contest. Each and everyone have a record in the computer that you just saw outside. I'm gonna ask you some facts about the girl that you like and you'll choose between the two options that I give. For example, sir, if I ask you if the girl that you like is fat or slim and you answer slim, all the fat girls will be out of the game. We'll use the computer to record who's been out and who's still in the game. So, any more questions, sir?"

"Hmm, who's in charge of the computer?" Kageyama asked next.

"Of course the one to do the job is supposed to have an intelligent mind. That person should also have the ability to use the computer well and fast. Any guess, sir?" Ayami asked.

"Hmm… Ms. Ruriko Ikusawa?" Kageyama guessed.

"You bet. I knew she was popular. She was supposed to be the one in my place, but no one is as good as her in using the computer. And so, she's given that job." Ayami explained.

"I see. Then how are you picked to take charge in the elimination?"

"I volunteered."

"But why?"

"You see, it seems like everyone wanted to have a chance to join the contest. And… I didn't thought that you were more handsome that I've imagined. Ha ha."

"Oh really? You have a smooth tongue, girl. Well maybe now you know who Kageyama Reiji is, eh?" Kageyama asked.

"Yes sir. Actually, I wasn't kidding when I said that you were handsome. That's definitely true, Kageyama sir."

"I see. Anyway, stop calling me sir. It makes me feel old."

"Oh sorry Kageyama sir. Then I'll be calling you………… Reiji! Yes, that'll be so cute!" Ayami exclaimed.

"Reiji?" Kageyama blushed. He thought that Ayami would call him Kageyama like the others do. Even Isogai didn't have the nerve to call him Reiji. It seems so… new to his ears.

"Is there a problem, Reiji?" Ayami asked Kageyama, noticing his flushed face.

"No. It's nothing, really." Kageyama replied. "So are we going out now?" He asked, changing the topic.

"Okay. If you wish." Ayami said, rising from her seat. Kageyama stood up too and left his bag on the couch. They then went outside.

Soon enough, everything was set. Ayami cleared her throat and opened the elimination.

"Good morning everyone! Hi, I'm Ayami Horokawa, and I'll be your host for today's elimination for tomorrow's event, 'Date the Girl in Your Dreams'! First of all, as an appetizer to make everyone more enthusiastic, let's hear some words from our dear Mr. Kageyama Reiji!"

"Thanks, Ayami. Good morning! How are all these fine girls doing?"


"It's good to hear that all of you are doing fine. Hmm, let me guess, all of you knows how the elimination works, right?"


"I knew it. Well anyway, I hope that everyone will have a good time even if they are picked or not. Just always remember that all of you will have a nice place in my heart. Now, let us start the elimination!" Kageyama finished his speech, causing a loud round of applause form the ladies.

"Thank you, Mr. Kageyama sir. Okay, everybody ready?"


"Okay! Time to start! First question, wow it's making their hearts beat. Okay, Mr. Kageyama sir, how old is your dream girl, 17 and older or 16 and younger?"

"Hmm, tough question eh? Hmm, the girl would be… 16 and younger." Kageyama answered. Ruriko then quickly removed the girls who are 17 years and above.

"Wow, so Mr. Kageyama wants a young girl. Okay, many are still in the game! Next heart-pounding question! Mr. Kageyama sir, how tall is your girl, 156 centimeters and taller or 155 centimeters and shorter?" Ayami asked next.

"Whoa, hard pick. Hmm, maybe I'll pick 155 centimeter and shorter." Kageyama answered.

"Okay, sorry for the tall girls. So, dozens of girls are still in the game. Hmm, let's think of a hard one." Ayami then started to think. "Okay, here goes. Okay Mr. Kageyama sir, what is your girl, a very die-hard fan of you or a girl who isn't pushing their way to catch your attention? Girls, even this information is recorded in the computer, remember?"

The girls went wild. Right, when Ruriko is recording information, she asked them if they would consider themselves a die-hard fan of Kageyama or a person who doesn't care about his popularity or anything about him. Most of the girls considered themselves as die-hard fans of him.

"Actually," Kageyama called everyone's attention. "I would like someone who isn't a die-hard fan of me. Sorry to disappoint you girls." Kageyama said. The girls then said that it's okay for them, as long as they remain in his heart.

"Ayami," Ruriko called out. "The elimination is finished."

"Whoa, everybody, even if I can't believe it, the game ended with only three picks! Now, three girls are in tomorrow's game! Thank you everyone for your cooperation. I think this is where the game ends. Thank you very much." Ayami said. "See you in tomorrow's game and I hope everyone gets home safe and sound. Bye!" Ayami ended the program. The girls then started to decrease in number.

"Good job, Ayami. Everything went well." Ruriko said as she stood up. "You can go home now and we'll take care of everything for tomorrow. Rest well."

"Thanks Ms. Ikusawa. Umm, Reiji!" Ayami called out. "I'm sorry we can't chat for now. Tomorrow, maybe. OK?"

"Sure. Bye Ayami!" Kageyama replied. Ayami then waved her hand and ran off.

"Umm, Kageyama." Ruriko called out. "Do you know that it's her birthday tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow? No, she never told me about that." Kageyama replied.

"I see. You can go home and rest now for tomorrow. Bye." Ruriko said as she went inside and headed for the canteen. Kageyama then set off to go home.

To be continued…

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