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Date the Girl in Your Dreams!

By: Yuki

He sat alone at a table, staring blankly at his wristwatch. The watch continued to tick, each tick clearly caught by his ears, each tick drowning him in his thoughts. Tick…Tick…Tick…

Without boldly turning his head, he could see that the rich people on the nearby table were mockingly looking at him, laughing at his back. He recognized one of them as the girl who welcomed him before, and whom he'd neglected because he said he had a date. It was a shame, because he has been sitting alone for two long hours, and there was no one with him, except for a young girl who talked with him for a moment. But, the rest of the time, he was alone, all alone.

His cheeks flushed as he heard the rich girl's words, as she endlessly looked at him with a mocking and prideful expression. "Maybe…" She began in a high tone. "… his date tricked him. She just wanted him to wait for her all night. And then, he would never go after her again, since because it was such a shameful experience waiting for no one all night." She laughed after her sentence, her narration sounding like she knew what was happening very well.

The girl's words sank into the blonde lad. Finally, he had decided to do what he thought was the right thing to do. And after a very long waiting, his hope was gone. He slowly stood up, his chair making a soft screeching noise as his strong legs pushed them lightly backwards. He picked up the bouquet of roses on the table before him without minding if the arrangement would be ruined because of his tight grip. Besides, he had decided to throw them away; they were of no use now.

After a sigh, he turned around, ready to leave. He could hear the rich girl's giggles from the nearby table, but he didn't mind them. He walked on; forcing his heavy legs to continue on, continue until he reaches the privacy of his apartment.

His mind totally blank, he didn't notice a lass walking towards his direction, not until he bumped into her small figure.

His vision was swirling, and he blinked his eyes until they were clear again. He could see the girl's polished toenails, and her feet covered by a simple, yet beautiful, pair of sandals.

Slowly, he moved his gaze upwards, to the girl's knees where her baby pink dress ended and up to her dress' Venus cut top.

After an intake of breath, he strolled his eyes up, his attention caught by the girl's smooth black hair, which were covering her silver earrings. The silver strings sparkled like stars in the dark sky, a rhythmic trail of stars hanging down from her ears.

Lastly, the lad straightened his posture and looked down at her hypnotizing maroon eyes, which were deeply staring back at him…

Chapter 6: One Unforgettable Night…

"Sorry I was late." The girl said without breaking their eye contact, breaking the deafening silence. "I needed to close the noodle shop…" Her voice was calm and soft, yet fluent. Well, what would someone expect of a girl who ranked second in her batch?

He gulped, although his mouth was dry. But still, he could hear the sound it made. In confusion with what to do, he wiped the sweat from his forehead in a swift movement of his hand, speechless. His feet were frozen and his eyes were the same: frozen on her remarkable beauty.

And so, the seconds ticked by again, without any greeting thrown to or fro.

/Darn, she so beautiful! I couldn't have recognized her if I hadn't known her voice so well. / The lad thought to himself, admiring the truly remarkable beauty of the lady who stood in front of him. Indeed, she looked more beautiful than she already was. Maybe it was because of her new hairstyle, or maybe her whole new look.

And so, silence remained, and it was truly deafening.

But that was not for long.

He let out a sudden yell when he felt something hit his head from nearby. Eventually, all eyes were on him at the moment, but he didn't care. He picked up what had hit him on the head: a red shiny sandal. He turned to face who his assaulter was and found her standing by a nearby table, holding her other sandal in her hand.

She opened her mouth, ready to shout. "Now Kageyama Reiji, are you just gonna stand there and stare at her all night? This restaurant is not open for 24-hours, duh!" She screamed with her screechy voice, the complete opposite of Kageyama's date's serene one. She rolled her eyes and, without much hesitation, she threw her other sandal at the poor guy, snapping him out of his shock.

"Yeowch!" He screamed, rubbing his head where the object had hit him. "Are you really a girl or what? You're even worse than Bancho!" Kageyama shouted, staring disgustingly at the brown-haired girl. He raised his chin in an if-you-wanna-fight-then-come-here manner and rolled up his sleeves.

"Why you?! Come here and I'll give you what you're looking for! I was just concerned and now you're asking me for a fight?!" Kaoru shouted, arranging her hair and walking towards him with heavy feet, the force of her every step making a sound so loud that it seemed it was possible for her feet to bury holes on the restaurant's floor.

By that time, everyone was staring at them with shock; it was a very embarrassing scene.

"Now now, Ms. Kurogane, don't you think we should go to another restaurant now?" Came a small voice from behind Megumi, a familiar childish voice. "Well, we don't wanna waste all those grooming we've done to you, right?"

Megumi just looked at her and smiled. "You have a point there. And we don't want to be thrown out, hmm?" She let out a sigh, and slowly, but elegantly, walked to the two who just dared each other to strike first.

"Now, stop it you two." Megumi started, her words like a magnet that attracted everyone's eyes.  "This place is not apt for juvenile arguments. This is a place where the elegant and prideful side of a person blooms out from its skulking place in our intellects. We must operate like everyone does, and in the event that all that we've done are just so humiliating, I suggest that we just dismiss ourselves from this serene place and progress to another place where we can regain our equanimity and act more gorgeously and accurately. So ladies and gent, I advocate we make tracks now." Megumi voiced out, calling everyone's attention. She turned to leave, taking light footsteps towards the cool breeze of the outside world.

"Uh, in short: Let's go!" Ayami added, childishly strolling towards the restaurant's door. Eventually, a tall man opened the door for her and politely bid farewell. "Thank you for coming Ma'am"

Kaoru and Kageyama picked their jaws up from the floor, which have fallen because of the "speech" that Megumi had just given them. After saying "wow" in unison, they followed suit, trying their best not to make anymore embarrassing scene like tripping over or something like that.


"Uhh, sorry for spoiling the fun. I really didn't mean it, really." She apologized once again, trying to bow her head even though she wasn't really used to doing so. A couple then passed by, sharing a sweet conversation that they didn't even take a look at them.

A soft breeze passed by, so cold and sweet. It brought a different aroma, not like the one inside the restaurant, which smelled mostly like dollars and expensive perfumes.

"I told you it's okay, Kaoru. I guess it's just meant that we stay out of that restaurant." The black-haired girl in the group said, slightly brushing off the strands of hair, which flew to her face because of the breeze. With her soft voice, she added, "Besides, I don't really like the way the people in the restaurant looked at us."

"Yeah!" Ayami agreed, with her usual childish expression. A lad who was riding a bicycle passed by, almost bumping into Ayami. He immediately asked for forgiveness and rode away. Ayami's eyes followed the lad with a quizzical twinkle in them. "Hey, don't you agree that he looks like the leading man of one of the latest movies so far?" She asked, her eyes still fixed on the shrinking figure.

"Huh? I never got the chance to see his face clearly." Kaoru stated, and the other two agreed. A smile then crossed her face as a thought came into her mind. "Hey, I have an idea!" Kaoru exclaimed, clapping her hands together. "Why don't we go and watch a movie instead?" She suggested.

"Hmmm… you're right, as to not waste the night." Megumi agreed with a sweet smile. As expected, Kageyama agreed immediately. He didn't want to disappoint Megumi. And so, he placed his arm around Megumi's back, and started to walk. But they have just taken a few steps when Megumi shoved her elbow into Kageyama's side. Well, he knew what she meant, and quickly withdrew his arm.

They started to walk on, with Kaoru snickering behind Kageyama, mocking him for making a wrong move.


"I wanna watch this animated film, please????" Ayami pleaded once again, pointing to a poster, which displayed the main characters of an animated film, which was showing that night. They have been arguing for almost ten minutes as to what film to watch. Ayami wanted to watch the animated film that she had been pointing since minutes ago; well, you can't expect something else from her. Meanwhile, Kaoru insisted on watching an action movie; she said it would wake them up for the whole night. Megumi preferred to watch a romantic movie, but of course she never let a word about it slip through her lips. Lastly, Kageyama wanted to watch a horror one, thinking that this would be his chance. You know, Megumi might get scared and hug him or something like that, although the possibility was really low. Anyway, snickering in his thoughts, Kageyama continued to argue on with the two younger girls in the group.

People who were passing by were throwing glances at them, especially when they started to play "Jack n Poy". A/N: Hey, you know that, right? But still, only Megumi cared. She wanted to finish their arguments, but she had no idea on how to do so. So, she just kept quiet; she's used to them, somehow.

And so, at the end, all of them agreed to watch the horror movie. Why? Well, Kageyama promised that he would pay for all of them, and so he did.

They were all inside. Almost an hour had passed by, and now the happenings in the big screen in front of them were getting really thrilling. They have found a comfortable seat in the 5th row, no couples doing some malicious things, no gangsters trying to spoil their night. They were sitting beside some children who were enjoying the night as much as they were enjoying it.

Screams erupted in the whole cinema as the happenings became scarier than expected. A/N: Yeah, just like The Ring! Oops, sorry for budging in. ^_^ Finally, Kageyama felt short arms wrap around his neck, her hug so tight that it made him blush. But, it took him minutes to realize that it wasn't Megumi; it was Ayami, and Megumi and Kaoru were hugging each other on his other side. Kageyama let out a sigh; this plan to pay for all of them wasn't good after all.


A car drove by again, this time a white one. Its front lights brought them light for some time, and after some seconds, the light dimmed again. They took another turn around the corner, and spotted a dog digging for food inside a trashcan. It was a cute brown dog with soft fur, but it was definitely thin. Ayami stopped for some time to stare at the poor thing. It looked at her and let out a whimper. Ayami stepped closer, but the dog was frightened and scampered away.

Her friends didn't seem to notice what happened. They just continued walking, and so she decided to leave the dog alone. She caught up with Kageyama and tugged on the sleeve of his polo. "Hey Reiji, I'm hungry!" Ayami exclaimed, and her stomach agreed by letting them hear it grumble.

Kageyama stopped walking and looked around, trying to find a fast food, or maybe a restaurant. But there was none. All that was to be found were cabarets and bars.

Before he could say anything, Ayami spoke up, pointing to a nearby Karaoke Bar. "Let's eat there, okay?" She suggested, her eyes twinkling as if saying 'please'. Kageyama motioned to the other two girls. They nodded, and Kaoru said, "Don't worry, I'll try my best as to not let her drink alcohol." She winked at Kageyama with a smile.

They took quick steps as they crossed the street. A truck drove by after they reached the other side. It eventually blew its horns, even though they were far from being hit. They politely entered the Karaoke Bar, trying their best as to not make any eye contact with anyone.


Ayami mumbled something again, which was truly not understandable. She had fallen asleep, after accidentally drinking a glass full of alcohol. On the same table where she had fallen into a slumber, Kageyama and Megumi sat, exchanging a few words with each other. Kaoru was busy singing some songs with wrong notes at the Karaoke. She promised to take care of Ayami, but now she was the one who drank, even if it was just half a glass.

Megumi drank the last fourth of her drink, emptying the glass completely. "They recorded your voice." She said her response to a question that Kageyama had just asked her. The two of them were talking about what happened that day, and Kageyama asked Megumi how she was convinced to go to the date. And so, she frankly gave him the truth.

"Oh, I see." Kageyama murmured, drinking some of his own drink. "I didn't have the idea that they would record it and let you hear it, really." He added, slightly turning his head to her. Eventually, she avoided his gaze, trying to act as if she was checking out on Kaoru. Kaoru just continued to sing, swaying back and forth every once in a while.

"So.." His voice called Megumi's attention, "What can you say? Liked what I said?" He asked the girl with a sweet smile. Megumi felt the heat rise to her cheeks. She was blushing, she was sure of that. But yet, she tried to act calm.

"I didn't get to hear everything, coz the tape went out on the part when Ayami asked you for your message for me." Megumi half-lied. Yes, it did go out on that part, but not at the beginning.

"Oh," was his only word. Megumi looked at him and saw that he had some kind of sad expression painted on his face. Maybe he really hoped that she heard him say what he had just said. Well, it was really hard to say the same thing again as sweetly as the first time. It wouldn't be so much romantic.

"Uh, well, do you want to hear my message back then?" Kageyama asked Megumi, whose eyes widened in surprise. But Kageyama didn't saw her expression; it wasn't obvious that she was surprised.

Megumi really didn't thought that Kageyama would repeat the same thing just to let her hear it. Well, she had heard it, except for the last part, but she knew the words that were missing. And now, he's going to repeat them again, right in front of her. She knew she'd blush; she knew she'd completely fell for him. But, she had no other choice but to listen.

Megumi faked a sweet smile. "Okay, I guess it would be nice to hear it." She could feel her heart pounding hard. By the time he told her all those, what would she do? Return his words? Dump him? Walk out? She really didn't know. She saw him smile sweetly and close his eyes. His hands searched for hers, and held them tightly.

"Megumi… " He started. Megumi gulped. "I'm very sorry. I used you for my own purpose, and I didn't even thank you." He paused, his red eyes sinking into hers. She could feel herself blushing. She could have turned her face away, but she didn't, for some reason. She thought she could recite his words together with him; it seemed like she had memorized them after hearing him say them only once. But yet, she kept quiet, looking into his eyes.

But before Kageyama could say another word, a loud crash echoed in the whole bar. Everyone turned to looked at what happened, even Ayami who was awakened instantly. What they saw was a drunken old man who was lying above a broken table, and a girl who was being stopped by some guys from giving the old guy another punch.

Kageyama was shocked that he rose from his seat. "Kaoru!" He quickly ran to the girl and shoved all the guys around her away. "What's happened?" He asked, eyes showing surprise and concern.

Before Kaoru could reply, the old man stood up and readied his fist. "Hey girl, you're not getting away without savoring the taste of my anger!" The man shouted, pointing his finger towards Kaoru. The girl suddenly let out a yawn, as if trying to tell him that he was boring. This made him angrier that he ran and readied to strike.

Kaoru pushed Kageyama aside. He almost lost his balance that he accidentally wrapped his arms around Megumi. She quickly pushed him away and stood up, worrying about Kaoru. Kageyama's head landed on Ayami's lap. The girl smiled at him and brushed his hair, and looked up with concern to see if Kaoru was still alright.

Kaoru easily avoided the man's fist. With speed, she thrust her right knee into the old man's stomach, sending him to crash into another table. Kaoru immediately motioned to her friends and they hurriedly ran out of the bar.


"He kissed me without warning! Eww!!! It was a good thing that it was just on the cheek!" Kaoru exclaimed, explaining what happened. Ayami let out a disgusted exclamation, and Megumi's face showed disgust as well. Well, who wouldn't be disgusted, imagining an old drunken man kissing a very pretty and innocent schoolgirl? A/N: Ewww!!! x_x

"So, I got mad, that's why I punched him hard on the nose and sent him crashing down the nearby table." Kaoru added, although there was no need to say that anymore because they knew that part already. After telling the story, no one else spoke up. It was such a serene moment.

The four of them were then inside a boat. They rode into a river; it was a paid tour at night for lovers. But, they didn't appear to be lovers at all. There were three girls, but only one boy. It was a good thing that Kageyama wasn't mistaken as a gay.

Fishes swam under the water beside their boat. Ayami busied herself into watching them. Kaoru just remained quiet. She was having sort of like a hangover, and she felt really tired. Kageyama and Megumi were quiet as well, but every once in a while, Kaoru would see them sweetly smiling at each other.

A cold breeze passed by, and Megumi felt herself shiver. Kageyama looked at her with concern and offered his jacket. With Kaoru's urge, Megumi accepted and wore the jacket, but still she felt cold, and sleepy. She let out a yawn, without even noticing that she did.

"Here, lean on my shoulder for a while so you can take a nap." Kageyama suddenly offered with a sweet smile on his face. He noticed Kaoru raising her left eyebrow at him with a teasing smile on her face, but he pretended not to notice her.

"Go on." Kaoru urged Megumi with a smile. "You must be really tired after all that happened this afternoon." The brown-haired girl added. Megumi gave her a smile and leaned close to Kageyama, until she felt her head leaning against his shoulder. She felt his arm around her back, but she didn't care to shove it off. She knew she was blushing, but she didn't care. Kaoru wouldn't mock her about it, after all.

Meanwhile, Ayami left the fishes alone and straightened up. But her eyes caught something new. On the riverbank sat Ruriko and Shun, leaning side by side sweetly. They seemed to be stargazing, Ayami couldn't tell. And she didn't seem to care. She quickly stood up and waved her hand, calling out, "Ms. Ruriko! Mr. Shun!"

But right after Shun and Ruriko turned to see who was calling them, the boat in which Ayami and the others were in tripped over. It was due to the sudden standing up of Ayami. The four of them came crashing down the cold water, together with the guy who rowed the boat for them.

Kageyama could have cursed if only he could shout underwater.


Ayami said sorry again, and a sneeze followed after her sentence. Megumi smiled at her and said it was okay, but Kageyama looked like he wanted to scold her. Anyway, Ayami just stuck her tongue out at him and he did the same to her.

They were wet by that moment, spare Shun and Ruriko. The man who owned the tour boat just left them. He had received their payments anyway.

"So, what are you planning to do now?" Shun asked Kageyama, but Kaoru was the one who answered.

"Guess we'll be going home. We can't go around in these wet clothes. We might catch some cold." Kaoru replied, and her companions nodded. After some chat, Shun and Ruriko said goodbye to them and left.

They all decided to go home; it was already late. Kaoru and Ayami decided to walk together, while Kageyama offered to walk Megumi home.

"See you at school!" Kaoru shouted as they walked, waving her hand. Ayami said goodbye, too, and after seconds, the two have turned around a corner and was out of Kageyama's sight.

"So, shall I walk you home?" Kageyama asked Megumi, and she gave him an approving smile.


The two have been walking for a while, and Kageyama was feeling cold already. He knew Megumi felt the same, but he couldn't offer her his jacket. It was still wet because of what had happened.

The streets were empty; only a few cars drove by. Whenever a car passed by, its front lights made the surroundings really bright. One time, Kageyama looked at Megumi and then a car passed by. The light made her more beautiful, it enhanced her features. Her jewelry sparkled, and most especially, her eyes twinkled too. Kageyama just couldn't help but admire her. But, he couldn't tell it in front of her. He admired her beauty secretly.

They hadn't talked since they started to walk home, Kageyama noticed. Maybe Megumi was getting really tired. Eventually, they passed by an ice cream store. Jokingly, Kageyama offered Megumi an ice cream. His treat.

To Kageyama's surprise, Megumi agreed, and both of them were then eating ice cream as they walked. Kageyama regretted he ever asked her; he was getting really cold! But they were almost at Megumi's house, and by some time, he'd be home. He could throw the ice cream at the trashcan, Kageyama decided.


A dog was barking as it ran by, chasing after a cat. But, its barks were not enough to destroy this wonderful moment.

Kageyama and Megumi just stood in front of a noodle shop. Neither was talking, and neither was moving. It was till then that one of them spoke up.

"So… goodbye." Megumi said, smiling at Kageyama. He bid farewell, too, but neither moved.

"So, I'm going." Kageyama told her. Megumi nodded and said she'd go inside. But still, for some seconds, neither of them moved.

"Uh, goodbye." Kageyama said again, smiling at the girl in front of him. Megumi nodded and smiled back, but still she didn't move to go inside.

For some minutes, they stood there, saying goodbye to each other. But, none of them left. Soon, droplets of water started to fall from the sky. It felt cold, yet refreshing. It seemed to wash away Kageyama's weariness, he thought.

"So, it's raining. I guess you'll better leave." Megumi said, but she didn't run inside for shelter. She just simply looked at him with a smile, not minding the rain as it soaked her black hair.

"You're right. You should go inside, too." Kageyama agreed, but still he didn't walk away. He just stared at her, as if waiting for her to move first. But he knew that she was waiting for him to move first, too.

Kageyama couldn't stop his feelings anymore; he couldn't wait. He didn't want her to leave him alone; this was his only chance. And it was a perfect one, indeed.

Without warning, Kageyama ran to Megumi. It happened so quickly that Megumi couldn't figure out what had really happened. She felt him wrap his left arm around her waist. His right hand reached up and lifted her chin, but she didn't protest. She felt the cold droplets of water as they washed her face, closing her eyes. She felt his hot breath as he leaned closer to her, closer and closer until finally, their lips met. Megumi gently wrapped her arms around his neck, completely forgetting the fact that they were in front of her house and her father could come out all of a sudden and catch her kissing a guy that she hadn't even introduced to him. But, the thoughts didn't even make Megumi's heart pound harder than it was already doing. They just shared a kiss, a kiss so sweet that they didn't mind the rain as it poured over them. They didn't care, as long as they could share this wonderful moment with each other. It was a truly unforgettable night.

To be Continued…

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