A/N: Ah, gotta love pervy Uncle. I like Junroh, it's a cute pairing.


"Don't think you've won, Gramps. I'm only here because free lodgings beats sleeping on the streets." Jun mustered gravely, but she knew it was a lie. This little indiscretion tasted like bitter sweet defeat.

"Yes, yes, dear. Of course." The old man smiled dismissively, as he began to pour them cups of tea without waiting for her answer. He pushed a cream colored porcelain cup across the table. "Tell me, Jun, what are you doing in the fine city of Ba Sing Se?"

Jun inspected the cup dubiously. Tea. Yuck. She preferred something much harder, but somehow doubted she'd get it. Urgh, next time she'd stay in the lower ring with people more her flavor. No more listening to the kind words of some fat old man.

"My poor little snuffly wuffly took a nasty tumble. Work of your kind no doubt. Always is." Jun took a little sip of the tea only to spit it right back out. Damn stuff tasted like grass. "I'm getting her the best treatment available. Unfortunately that only comes in this hell-hole. And spending time with dear old Uncle Fatso is just a bonus."

"I'm glad to see you to! Oh, and please call me Iroh. I'd like to think we know each other well enough to be on a first name basis. Though I'm not opposed to gather you a pet name as well, dear." He smiled with that same toothy smile.

"Hah, cute. Almost brings tears to my eyes. My name is Jun. Call me anything else and it might not work out well for you." She paused to lick at her lips. "Uncle Fatso."

Iroh laughed, "What a dear you are!"

So the old man, got himself a teashop. Surprise, surprise. He must be straight out prespiring tea at this point. Might as well make a business of it. Jun pushed her tea a little further away. As if she needed another reason not to like tea.

It was quite surprising that he'd managed to aquire such a ritzy place. Upper ring, pretty colors, a nice little fountain up front. Really and truly impressive. Who'd of thought being senile would have it's advantages.

She could get used to this.

"So, Iroh," She managed as sweetly as possible. "Nice little set up you've got here. All shiny and everything. How does one manage to appease the tea gods into granting you a little hovel like this one?"

"Hard work and perseverance, of course." Iroh took a long drink of his tea. "Are you interested in being a tea matron, my dear? Because you needn't a tea house for that. I may have a position available."

"Of course you do." Jun spat. Perverted old man. "I'm more of a road type of girl. Living under rooftops makes me anxious. How do know the sky's still there?"

"If you spend all of your time worrying about the things you cannot see, there will never be time to appreciate the things that you can." The old general struck out a hand to gently clasp hers. "Plus the money is ridiculous."

"Oh, really?" Jun grinned carnivorously, leaning into the touch. That sure ignited her attentions. "How much we talking here?"

"Would you like a present?" Iroh asked with his big innocent puppy face. Ah, what a beautiful man. Truly.

"I always knew I liked you, Iroh."