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Sookie's voice filled Fangstia. Pam raised an eyebrow to her maker as she stood aside his throne, a silence had fallen over the crowd.

"Why Sookie, why don't you follow me...QUIETLY?"

Pam forced a smile at Sookie as she approached the blonde, leading her towards the back room. As they two women disappeared through a door, Eric stood and waved his hand to the crowd and the music resumed as if it was un-paused.

"I want to speak to Eric, NOW! I know he had something to do with this! I KNOW it!"

Sookie's mascara was smudged down her cheeks, Pam sighed as leaned to a tissue box that was placed on the desk and handed it to Sookie. Sookie hesitated as her anger temporarily subsided.

"Smudged make up doesn't go well with that dress."

"Pam...This is urgent. Please...I need to talk to Eric."

Sookie seemed a bit calmer as she wiped her cheeks clean.

"I'll get him...Just stay put...and quiet."

Her words were both soft and yet strong as she walked out the room, shutting the door behind her. Eric stood beside the door glancing at his creation, they spoke in old tongue.

"It seems she's rather upset and I suspect you already know why."

Pam raised an eyebrow at Eric.

"Perhaps, I shall handle this. Keep an eye on the club...This may take a while."

Eric moved past Pam but stopped as she blocked the door. Eric looked at Pam sternly which caused her to roll her eyes and disappear back into the club. Eric grabbed the door knob and smirk for a moment before entering the room. Sookie was standing in front of a mirror hung on the wall, something Pam insisted on having, he shut the door behind him.

"It's very un-lady like bursting into a place and causing a scene such as you did."

Eric walked into the room and stood at the center of it, his hands in his pocket. Sookie turned to him still dressed in her lilac gown Bill had picked out her her that evening, Eric was dressed much more devilishly; black slacks and a red button up shirt, his hair slicked back.

"What happened to him?"

her voice contained a sort of growl to it that caused Eric to smile.

"ERIC! Where's Bill?!"

"How should I know? I am not his keeper."

"We were having dinner and I went into the bathroom and when I come out..He's gone!"

Eric raised his eyebrow.

"And might I ask as to why you would assume I'd know of his whereabouts?"

"Because...Bill wouldn't just leave!"

"Well...Might I ask what happened prior to his disappearance?"

He leaned onto his desk as he crossed his arms.

"Well...He had rented out a french restaurant...ya know, something real romantic and well, everything was fine and then he proposed an-"

"and what did you say?"

Eric felt a hint of anger rise in him but he swallowed it down.

"Well...I told him no...well..I don't know and then I excused myself to the bathroom and when I came out he was gone! The chair was thrown and it just looked like a mess."

"So...Your first thought was that I knew what occurred? Not that perhaps he was angered and hurt by your refusal to marry him and left in a haste?"

Sookie looked at Eric for a moment realizing that he might be right, She took a few steps back to the couch and sat down, tears were forming in her eyes and her voice became shaky.

"Oh god...You're probably right. He's probably so mad and hurt..and...Oh gosh."

Eric looked at her as she buried her face into her hands, he suddenly felt her sadness and he knew it was their bond. He longed to reach out to her and to comfort her but he did not allow himself.

"Oh come now, I'm sure he's just taking a walk and you'll see him by tomorrow night the very latest."

"But what if I don't? What if he never comes back?"

"Then..Perhaps it is best that way."

Sookie suddenly felt anger raise in her as she stood up.

"I bet that's what you want! Isn't it? Bill out the picture so that I can be ALL yours!! All you've ever cared about was yourself! You stupid cold-hearted son of a bitch!"

Sookie stormed out the room, all Eric could do was sit there stunned. A part of him was hurt at her anger toward him but a stronger part of him was glad that Sookie believed Bill disappeared on his own. Pam walked into the room.

"Well, that seemed to have went well, does she suspect you?"

"No...Not at all...My timing was perfect."

"Well then, what now?"

Eric grinned at her which caused Pam to roll her eyes and shake her head.