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It had been a week since Eric and Sookie returned, both went back to their schedules as before. Sookie spent less nights in the basement of Fangstia and Eric began spending more nights at Sookie's house. Eric seemed to possess a different personality when he was alone with her; he was almost...human. Sookie's found herself lost in her plans for tonight but was brought back to reality by Sam's voice.


Sookie shook her head and smiled at Sam who cocked a half grin at her.

"Do I want to know what it is you're day dreaming about?"

Sam picked up a mug and began pouring beer into it, Sookie's cheeks flushed as she went to open her mouth to bore Sam with all the things she kept inside, sometimes she felt like a school girl who was in need of a diary if only to justify herself explaining Eric as 'dreamy' or as 'a stud', but Sookie quickly noticed Sam's eyes harden as his gaze followed something behind her. Sookie turned her head to glance over her shoulder at the object of Sam's attention only to see Bill entering Merlotte's. Sookie felt her smile fade and her teeth clench as Bill purposely sat at a table in Sookie's area.

"Sook, I can have Arlene serve him."

Sookie looked at Sam and smiled gingerly but Sam knew that there was anger or perhaps hurt behind it but he knew better than to press the issue with Sookie. She collected the beers and brought them to the table behind Bill. She walked over towards Bill, smiling.

"What'll it be tonight, ?"

"Sookie. I wish to speak with you." Bill's voice was soft yet it held some sternness.

"Well, I'm sorry but I have nothing to say to you so either you can order a Tru Blood or I'll have to ask you to leave."

Bill sighed heavily, a hint of a growl mixed in. His head hung slightly.

"The usual, please."

Sookie nodded and proceeded towards the counter where Sam already had the Tru Blood waiting, as Sookie grabbed it Sam reached out and gripped her arm softly.

"Sookie. He's been in here every night, it shouldn't be any different. He just wants to talk, why don't you take a break and speak to him out back?"

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were defending him."

Sam narrowed his eyes, he wasn't ever very fond of Bill but Bill had always set aside personal feeling when push came to shove, he even saved his ass with Maryanne.

"All I'm saying is the sooner you find out what he wants the better."

Sam's voice was soft, pleading almost. Sookie looked at him a moment and sighed as she removed her apron and set it on the bar, she turned on her heel and walked to Bill grabbing his hand in hers and pulling him toward the back exit. Bill followed, a small warmness embracing him as her grip dominated his hand. When they reached outside she let his hand go.

"What is all this about, Bill? You've been here for the past 4 nights, what is it you want?"

"Sookie, you must understand that none of this is exactly...easy for me to come to terms with."

"What isn't easy for you Bill? Me not being in the dark? Me knowing about you, the real you."

"Sookie. I was wrong, it was foolish of me to think you were unable to handle my world but you must understand that everything I have done as to protect you."

"So, Lorena? Exactly how did that protect me again?"

"I wish I could explain it to you but it is not easy. Lorena truly..loves me, despite that a courtship between two vampires rarely ever work. She is too prideful to admit defeat, even to herself. She wants to kill you because you have—had me. She only lets her guard down for me, please understand that I seduced her to weaken her."

Sookie looked at him for a moment and scoffed, her arms folded at her chest.

"So you expect me to honestly believe that? And why should I believe you anyway? You've never been straight forward with me."

"That is true but have I not always confessed to my wrong doings after I've committed them?"

Sookie thought about it for a moment and she knew he was right, even though he always messed up, he admitted it. She felt her face soften as she let her arms slowly hang to her side.

"Bill, I appreciate that you are protecting me but it isn't your place to anymore."

"Sookie, please. I love you. Truly. I love you much more deeply than Eric could ever."

Hearing Eric's name caused Sookie to relive the past month, Eric was no longer the unbearable asshole she once thought he was—well, almost. Eric, of course, would always be cruel and vicious but not with her—not anymore.

"Bill, I love Eric. I'm sorry."

Bill began to walk closer to her but stopped after a step, Sookie quickly knew why—she could feel him; Eric. Eric walked up from behind Sookie, his hands clasped behind his back. Sookie looked at him, he was wearing black jeans with a black tank top and his leather jacket.

"Good evening, Mr. Compton. Thank you for entertaining my muse while I was busy."

Eric grinned at Bill who growled slightly.

"I am permitted to be here." Bill's voice was strong, much like his stance.

"I am aware as you already know, the Queen informed me that she required you in my arena and overrode my ruling but with the exception that she would speak to you about disturbing Miss Stackhouse and myself. Am I correct?"

Bill's muscles tensed, he knew Eric was toying with the moment, playing the scolding teacher.

"Yes and I am following her orders. I do not believe I was disturbing Sookie at all, was I?"

Sookie could feel the tension but worse of all, she could feel Eric's intolerance for the situation tonight. She decided it was time to call it a night.

"You were no bother at all, Mr. Compton but if you will excuse us; Eric and I have plans."

Sookie's eyes seemed to widened with a hint of "please don't" in which Bill nodded and turned and began to walk away. Sookie turned to Eric and threw her arm around his neck, tippy toeing to kiss him. He kissed her back as he placed his hands on her hips.

"Mmm, Miss Stackhouse have I told you how simply ravishing you look in those poor excuse for shorts?"

Sookie pouted slightly as she hit Eric's arm while laughing.

"I like my shorts just fine, thank you very much. Now what say we head to my place?"

"Are you done with work?"

"Sam doesn't have to know, come on!"

Sookie grabbed his hand and dragged him towards her car that she kept parked in the back. For a moment Eric grinned as he knew she chose her parking spot ahead of time just to execute this. He appreciated her rebelliousness, although it was nothing compared to his.

The next day during the afternoon, Sookie was sitting in her kitchen drinking a cup of tea. She was wearing a red and white sundress with red heels (reference: /enkj ). She was thinking about the night before, the hurt she saw in Bill and the love. Leaving Bill was one of the hardest things she had done, even if she acted like it wasn't. He had hurt her more than once but a part of her didn't think he had deserved all the drama she brought upon him with Eric, lord knew a part of her still loved him. She focused hard everyday to make sure that she never felt that love—not because she hated him that much but because she didn't know how Eric would react if he felt her emotions. Suddenly Sookie felt herself enraged—how dare Bill have done all this. Why did he have to come into her life? Her world was fine before she met him, met Eric. She missed the days when vampires and werewolves were just creatures from a horror movie. Her life was anything but normal and she blamed Bill. She glanced at the clock in the kitchen; 6:34pm. It would be another 3 hours before Eric woke up, but she knew Bill was awake, she remembered how he'd force himself up everyday at 6pm just to give her some sort of normalcy.

Sookie decided at the moment she was going over to Bill's and without haste, she scurried out the kitchen door. The drive was a mere 10 minutes, the entire ride she was fuming. She slammed her car door behind her as she walked up the steps to his front door and used her key that she never returned to him. She closed the door behind her and looked into the living room, the fire was one but it was clear that it hadn't been lit for very long. Looking up the stairs, she knew Bill was probably still in his master bedroom so she made her way upstairs. As she walked into his bedroom he was standing there in a dark blue robe, he looked at her stunned. Not only was he confused at her presence, he also couldn't help but notice how delicious she looked.

"How dare you come into my life and ruin it! I was perfectly happy with how my life use to be until you had to come in Merlotte's! I hate you! I curse the day you were born!"

Bill looked at her, amused at the cliché that she just used. After a moment he pulled her against his body and into a deep kiss, she didn't know if it was passion for him or just her blood boiling from her anger but she kissed him back roughly. She felt the need to dominate him but failed as he shoved her against the door while her hands untied his robe and shoved it off his shoulders. He pushed up her skirt and yank of panties off her body in one swift motion, he could smell her arousal as their tongue battled one another. He scooped her off the floor and guided her onto his erection, releasing a groan as he slammed into her. His pace was fast and his thrusts were powerful and within moments they were both reaching their climax. He broke the kiss to bare his fangs, Sookie's head was tilted with her eyes closed as he drove his fangs into her neck and with that they both came.

Her heart was racing as Bill slipped out of her and set her on her feet, Sookie opened her eyes to see Bill's face—it showed anger.

"There is barely any trace of you left. He's all I taste."

Sookie blinked a few times as she just realized everything that happened—she just had sex with her boyfriend's enemy—the man that she still very much cared for.

"Oh my stars. Oh my stars." Sookie smoothed her dressed and than she realized Bill had bit her, her hand snapped to her neck.


Bill watched her as she opened the bedroom door and ran down the stairs to her car, after a moment he heard the tired screeching as she drove off. She knew she couldn't go back home—Eric was there and he'd smell Bill on her and the wounds—she knew they'd heal quickly because of Eric's blood in her but she knew it would take at least 6 hours and Eric would be awake by then. She drove to Arlene's house as ran to the door, knocking.

The red head opened the door, smiling.

"Sookie! What are you doing it?"

"Oh, I was around and thought I'd stop by......HI!"

Arlene looked at Sookie for a moment confused but shrugged it off and invited Sookie in.

"Hey Arlene, do you mind if I take a shower here? My gosh darn water is all screwed up. "

"Why sure dalrin', you know where the bathroom is, just go on and help yourself."


Sookie smiled as she began walking to the bathroom, Arlene followed.

"There are fresh towel in there already."

"You are wonderful. Oh, would you happen to have a small scarf I could borrow?"

Arlene laughed and nodded.

"That blonde vampire leaving marks again?"

Sookie laughed nervously and nodded.

"Sure thang darlin', I'll bring it to ya when ya done."

Sookie smiled as she disappeared into the shower.

Sookie walked through the front door of her house, setting the keys on the table.

"Hello? Eric?"

There was no response as Sookie walked upstairs and into her bedroom, it was dark except for her bedside lamp and a folded piece of paper. Sookie picked it up and read it;

Call me.


Sookie reached over to her house phone and sat on her bed as she began dialing Eric's cell phone.

"Sookie. I was worried."

"I'm sorry, Arlene needed help with something. Girl stuff. I'm sorry I didn't leave a note or call."

"It's okay lover as long as you are unharmed. I apologize for not waiting for you but the club is due to open shortly and we are having auditions tonight in which Pam insists I be here because I'm the owner and such."

Sookie laughed.

"I may stay here tonight, would you care to join me?"

"Nah, I'm tired. I think I may just go to sleep early tonight. If that's okay with you."

"Oh, I'm sure I can manage without my succulent other half for one dreadful evening but you will have to make it up to me tomorrow evening. More than once."

Sookie felt her face flush as she Eric's voice became huskier at that last part.

"Oh how I plan on rav--*background* Eric, we need to talk."

Sookie's eyes widened—she knew that voice and she knew it well.

"Lover, I'll have to speak to you later as it seems wishes to interrupt."

Sookie began stammering but but was cut off by Eric.

"Don't worry, I will behave myself. I shall call you back."

And with that he hung up, Sookie slowly placed the receiver on the phone biting her lower lip. Why was Bill there and what could he need to talk to Eric about? But Sookie already knew as she swallowed hard—Bill was going to Eric everything.