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As her head bopped side to side in time with Christina Aguilera's music, her mechanical pencil flitted across the page while no hand touched it. A slim, wooden stick was held loosely in her right. Her thick, wavy blonde hair rained down her back, flicking with each movement.

An elderly woman plucked the stick from the teen's fingers and the music stopped. "Hey!" she squealed, then blinked. "Hey, there, Mrs. Brown. What's up?"

The woman sighed, shaking her head. "How many times to I have to tell you, Sylvia, that music spells are not allowed in my class?"

"I was taking notes!" was her defense. "See?"

"Yes, I see. Are you aware that 'you' have written on the same line six separate times?" Mrs. Brown lifted Sylvia's paper off the desk to show her, ignoring the snickers and muffled laughter the way only experienced teachers could.

Sylvia smiled and shrugged, thinking quickly. "I figured I'd just use a spell to split them up later, you know? 'Cause this doesn't waste paper. Save the trees and all that."

"I see. Well, why don't you do that spell tonight in de-"

At that moment she was interrupted by the loudspeaker. "Will Sylvia Walka and Amy Schwartz please report to the principal's office immediately?"

Sylvia snatched her wand, flicked it, and had everything packed in her backpack. "Sorry, Mrs. Brown. Gotta go." She hopped up and ran out of the room.


She was slumped in her chair, bored. She half-wished she had her friends in this class, but she was also glad they weren't around to distract her. She hadn't taken Advanced Herbology to get sidetracked and fail, after all. But having to take notes about a plant before you could even see it was "really friggin' gay," as she liked to say.

When she noticed Michelle Medford whispering to her cronies and giving her dirty looks, she snarled and pinned Michelle with a glare that had her turning to face the teacher.

But the girl kept glaring and sneering, just in case Michelle – She hated that girl's guts! – looked back at her.

Unfortunately, she didn't noticed when the teacher looked at her. "Amy, is there a problem?"

She jolted just enough to rustle her dyed black, short straight hair, which was parted on the left side and flipped over to the right. "No, Ms. McCaine," she droned.

"Then if you simply can't keep your eyes off Michelle's back, perhaps we should move her right behind you."

At that threat, Amy scoffed. "Hell no."

"Excuse me? I suppose you would prefer de-"

At that moment she was interrupted by the loudspeaker. "Will Sylvia Walka and Amy Schwartz please report to the principal's office immediately?"

Rather than hop to it, Amy packed her things the "Muggle" way and sent her teacher a rather sassy salute. "See you later, Ms. McCaine," she said, and sauntered from the room.

By the time she was out, Sylvia, whose Transfiguration class was at the opposite end of the long hall, was just zipping past. "Hey!"

The blonde stopped and turned, beaming. "Hi!" She started to bounce, eager to be off.

For Amy, beaming plus bouncing usually equaled huge annoyance, but Sylvia was an exception. The girl was damned entertaining and knew how to chill when it was required. Amy and Sylvia were, however different, kindred spirits and best friends.

"Why were you running? You hate running."

More beaming. "I was about to get detention, so I bolted."

"So was I, but why let them know you're scared?" They started to walk. "You know why we're going to Mrs. Jones' room?" Mrs. Jones was, of course, the principal.

Sylvia shook her head. "I don't know, but who cares? I got out of detention!" Then she sobered. "My parents would be pissed if I got detention, especially this close to the end of the year."

"Yeah, man, we only have two more weeks left!"

"Yeah… And then we only have two more years of school. I can't wait!" They laughed and chattered about how boring all these notes were. The only class where wands were used daily was their Defense Against the Dark Arts class, and 5th years couldn't take that one. It flat out sucked.

Finally, they arrived at the main office and were led to the principal's room by the dwarf receptionist. Sylvia started to knock, but Amy shoved inside and plopped in one of the chairs. "We're here."

Sylvia smiled and walked in more sedately. Her mother was closely connected with all of the administrators, so she had to really behave herself or she was screwed. "Hello, Mrs. Jones."

"Hello Sylvia, Amy," she said, a nod for each of them. "Please, sit down."

"Thank you," Sylvia replied politely and sat delicately in the chair. Amy only shifted into a more comfortable position, her legs draped over the arm.

"I'm sure you're both wondering why you're here." Sylvia nodded; Amy looked bored. "Well, I just wanted to inform you girls of something very important. I've already spoken to your parents, and they were thrilled that the two of you were chosen out of all the girls here at Opulent: School of Witchcraft."

Now Amy was alert; she sat up straight in her chair, nearly knocking over a pen holder on the principal's desk. "You talked to our parents?!"

Used to hearing that, Sylvia queried, "Chosen for what?"

"A transfer program that Mrs. Wagner has just brought to my attention. If the two of you would simply sign the agreement form I can give you a list of schools to choose from."
"A… a transfer program?" Having spent her entire life moving around due to her father's position with the American Ministry of Magic, Sylvia detested the word "transfer." As Head Muggle-Watcher, her father had to travel the country, seeing how Muggles live in, created, changed, and used their environment. As a result, his family of four had seen nearly all fifty states at some point.

"You mean we get to go to another school?!" Amy, whose father was a beater for the American Quidditch team, had hardly ever left New York her entire life. Her father, however, would occasionally leave the country to play against other teams for up to a week at a time. Amy would kill to get out of the country.

"Yes, that's right. For the entirety of next year you shall become students at a completely new school. And if you enjoy it, you can stay at that school until you complete its curriculum."

"Will the school be out of the state or out of the country?" Sylvia inquired.

"Well, now, that's the surprise. Now, please girls, sign here." After exchanging glances, they took the pens Mrs. Jones sent out and signed the dotted line. The contract rolled up and then unrolled a few seconds later all on its own. "All right, ladies, let's see where you can go."

She looked at the page, her smile dimming somewhat. "It would appear that only two schools are accepting transfer students next year, and the one in Spain is an all-boys school."

"Okay, so what's the other one?" The final bell was about to ring and Amy was ready to go home.

"Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Sylvia forgot all about her calm, polite demeanor and leapt to her feet. "A co-ed school?! Seriously?!" It had been years since she'd been to one!

Amy's jaw dropped. "No way, man! That's friggin' awesome!" She'd never been to one.

They began peppering Mrs. Jones with questions. "Where's Hogwarts? England? Awesome! Are the plane tickets going to cost us? Can we just use magic to get there? Floo powder? Okay! When are we leaving? In July?! That's like, two months away! Where will we stay? A non-Muggle hotel? All right, fine. How will we get our school supplies? They're sent to us?! Frickin' sweet! Can we brag about this? Aww! Why not? Well, duh! They're supposed to be jealous!"

The bell rang and they bolted, crazy with excitement. In two months they were going to England and then to a co-ed magic school! They looked at each other, grinning identical evil grins. "This is so friggin' awesome!"