StarTheHedgeCat's POV: Okay, so I was epically right! lol. This chapter kicks us right into the actual book! This is where it gets good, all!! :D

Chapter Three

When Dementors Attack

On impulse, we decided to visit the only people we knew in Britain: The Dursleys and Harry Potter. But after a quick investigation of Number 4 we learned that Harry wasn't there. So we set off to explore, Amy down Magnolia Road and me down Wisteria Walk.

I found nothing, which was rather depressing. Just as I was about to turn up Privet Drive, I heard a loud hiss. The deadly-looking green and black snake hissed again when I glanced at it, the snale raised its head, and gestured towards a dark alleyway.

When I looked there, I heard a harsh bark of laughter then a high-pitched, whimpering voice say, "'Don't kill Cedric! Don't kill Cedric!'" I'm sure the person – who I assumed was Dudley Dursley – said something else, but I couldn't hear.

As the snake and I moved closer, yellow fur sprang over my body, my ears changed shape and went to the top of my head, and I grew a slinky tail. In two steps time, I was pounding the pavement on four cat paws, the snake slithering right next to me.

We turned down the alleyway and slunk against the fence, inching closer.

"'Dad!'" Dudley was saying in that annoyingly high voice. "'Help me, Dad! He's going to kill me, Dad! Boo-hoo!'"

"Shut-up," said Harry quietly. "Shut-up, Dudley, I'm warning you!"

Now I realized that Dudley was taunting Harry about something, but what? Had something terrible happened to him?

"'Come and help me, Dad! Mum, come and help me! He's killed Cedric! Dad, help me! He's going to-' Don't you point that thing at me!"

Dudley backed into the alley wall. Harry was pointing a wooden stick directly at Dudley's heart. My fur stood on end as I gave the snake a shocked look. Harry's got a wand! Harry Potter is a wizard! my mind shouted, but I couldn't quite believe it.

Then I recalled everyone's reaction to Amy's "wand" comment. The Dursleys were obviously Muggles and ashamed that Harry was different.

My thoughts were broken when Harry snarled, "Don't ever talk about that again. D'you understand me?"

"Point that thing somewhere else!"

"I said, do you understand me?"

"Point it somewhere else!"

Silently, I cheered Harry on. Whatever Dudley Dursley had been teasing Harry about had obviously been traumatic for the boy. People getting killed, Harry begging his dead parents for help. Why, I was tempted to reveal myself and curse the arrogant ass good and proper.

"DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!" Harry shouted.


Dudley gave an odd, shuddering gasp, as though he had been doused in icy water.

I flattened to the ground on a low growl. Something had happened to the night and I was almost sure it hadn't been me, Amy, or Harry who had done it.

The star-strewn indigo sky was suddenly pitch-black and lightless – the stars, the moon, the misty streetlamps at either end of the alley had vanished. The distant grumbled of cars and the whisper of trees had gone. The balmy evening was suddenly piercingly, bitingly cold. We were surrounded by total, impenetrable, silent darkness, as though some giant hand had dropped a thick, icy mantle over the entire alleyway, blinding us.

I blinked rapidly and could, after a moment, see everyone clearly. I gently placed a paw on the snake's head, purring to let her know it was just me. I doubted she'd noticed the sudden drop in temperature for more than a second, now that she was cold-blooded and all that. I, however, shivered despite my comfy fur coat.

Dudley's sudden voice had me jolting and hissing in surprise.

"W-what are you d-doing? St-stop it!"

"I'm not doing anything!" Harry stated. "Shut up and don't move!"

"I c-can't see! I've g-gone blind! I-"

"I said shut up!"

Now I stood straight on all four paws, staring around. With Harry's words came a dreaded realization: If it wasn't him, me, or Amy causing this – indeed, we didn't have to power to – then it could only be one, terrible thing.

"I'll t-tell Dad!" Dudley whispered. "W-where are you? What are you d-do-?"

"Will you shut up?" Harry hissed, "I'm trying to lis-"

But he fell silent, having heard just what I had, no doubt. Yet unlike Harry, I could see what else was in the alley, what was drawing long, hoarse, rattling breaths.

"C-cut it out! Stop doing it! I'll h-hit you, I swear I will!" I rolled my eyes. It would be hard to hit what he couldn't-


Dudley's fist made contact with the side of Harry's head while he was telling the stupid Muggle to shut up again. The force of the punch lifted Harry off the ground and sent his wand soaring from his hand.

Okay, maybe not so hard…

Dudley had blundered away, hit the fence, and was stumbling around.


Once again, I rolled my eyes. Harry couldn't know that as it was still impossible for him to see. Then I latched onto Dudley's leg, claws out, and he let out a horrible squealing yell, stopping dead in his tracks.

I turned my head to see a towering, hooded figure gliding smoothly toward Harry, hovering over the ground, no feet or face visible beneath its robes, sucking on the night as it drew closer.

"DUDLEY, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! WHATEVER YOU DO, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!" I would have applauded, had I had hands at the moment. It seemed as though Harry had dealt with these creatures – Dementors – before and was actually trying to help his worthless cousin. "Wand!" Harry muttered frantically, his hands flying over the ground like spiders.

Releasing Dudley, I darted over, batting the wand closer to the boy. "Where's- wand- come on- Lumos!"

I don't know what had caused him to use that particular spell, but luckily I had kicked the wand close enough so that the tip lit. Harry snatched up the stick, scrambled to his feet, and turned around.

I knew the moment his mind put what he was seeing into an understandable sense, because Harry stumbled backwards, raising his wand. I scampered towards the snake, hoping he knew the proper spell to get rid of Dementors.

"Expecto Patronum!"

Only a silvery wisp of vapor shot from the tip of the wand, barely slowing the creature down. Maybe Harry can't produce a full Patronus! I thought, horribly afraid.

I watched Harry trip over his own foot, retreating. A pair of gray, slimy, scabbed hands slid from inside the dementor's robes, reaching for him.

"Expecto Patronum!"

Another wisp of silvery smoke, feebler than the last, drifted from the wand.

Amy and I exchanged glances. If the boy couldn't pull off the spell, one of us would have to reveal ourselves and do it. Since I was the registered, I was the logical choice.

And just as I was about to return to human, Harry shouted, "EXPECTO PATRONUM!"

An enormous silver stag erupted from the tip of Harry's wand; its antlers caught the dementor in the place where the heart should have been; it was thrown backward, weightless as darkness, and as the stag charged, the dementor swooped away, batlike and defeated.

I wanted to scream and shout with joy, but settled on a delighted purr.

"THIS WAY!" Harry shouted at the stag. Wheeling around, he sprinted down the alleyway, holding the lit wand aloft. Amy and I scrambled after him as he shouted for his cousin, but when Harry started down the stairs after his cousin, we stood at the top so as not to be seen.

I paced, observing the scene. Dudley was curled on the ground, his arms clamped over his face; a second dementor was crouching, low over him, gripping his wrists in its slimy hands, prizing them slowly, almost lovingly apart, lowering its hooded head toward Dudley's face as though about to kiss him…

"GET IT!" Harry bellowed, and with a rushing, roaring sound, the silver stag he had conjured came galloping past him. The dementor's eyeless face was barely an inch from Dudley's when the silver antlers caught it; the thing was thrown up into the air and, like its fellow, it soared away and was absorbed into the darkness. The stag cantered to the end of the alleyway and dissolved into silver mist.

Moon, stars, and streetlamps burst back into life. A warm breeze swept the alleyway. Trees rustled in neighboring gardens and the mundane rumble of cars in Magnolia Crescent filled the air again. I stood still but for trembles I could not control as my senses vibrated, taking in the abrupt life that had returned once the dementors had left.

I shook myself roughly enough to get my mind on track. What are dementors doing in a little place like this? Shouldn't they be at Azkaban?

I spun around when I heard loud, running footsteps behind me. While Harry turned, wand raised to face the new comer, Amy and I found a hiding spot in nearby bushes.

Just as I was settled, an old, panting woman came into view. Her grizzled hair was escaping from its hairnet – who wore those anymore? – a clanking string shopping bag was swinging from her wrist, and her feet were halfway out of her tartan carpet slips. I saw Harry quickly hiding his wand away, but-

"Don't put it away, idiot boy!" she shrieked. "What if there are more of them around? Oh, I'm going to kill Mundungus Fletcher!"